Colsen eco-friendly fire pits for small and large spaces

Colsen eco-friendly fire pits for small and large spaces

As summer ends, we don’t have to put the fire pits away! In fact, the weather will get cooler and we will want the warmth of a fire. Colsen has indoor and outdoor fire pits that are large and even table top sizes so you can have a warm, clean-burning fire nearby at all times. You just need the right fire pit for your space and 70%+ isopropyl alcohol.

I have the Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Fire Pit. I can use my fire pit inside or outside. These fire pits are easy to use and safe as long as you keep it on a flat surface and light and extinguish correctly. My tabletop fire pit came with its own round extinguisher (you do not blow out these fires, so no mess).

I have used my table top fire pit in a few ways. I can just light at a side table and relax indoors. I can add it as outdoor table ambiance while my large fire pit is also burning nearby. I will use it inside during BBQ’s so the large fire pit can burn outside and the ambiance flows inside. This is great for small apartments or even larger spaces for added fire flair! Even on a stormy day outside, your fire can come inside, safely. Visit Colsen Fire Pit to find the fire pit that is right for you.


Facts You Need to Know About Underpinning Your Home

Facts You Need to Know About Underpinning Your Home
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Consider this option whether your house is experiencing issues that warrant underpinning your home or you want to add more usable space. Underpinning is a great way to boost your property value and increase its resilience to extreme weather conditions and soil erosion.

Some indicators that your home needs underpinning include sagging or bouncy floors, wider gaps around doors and windows, and misalignment of frames. If you notice these signs, contact a professional to assess your foundation.

Cost of Underpinning your Home

The cost of underpinning a home is usually expensive, but it’s worth it to ensure your house’s foundation is secure. It will also increase your property’s value if you sell it later.

Pinning your house is a good idea by looking for signs of movement in the structure’s foundation. Uneven or sagging floors, doors and windows that are misaligned, and cracking in the walls can all indicate foundation problems.

Another benefit of underpinning is that it can increase the height of your property’s ceiling. It can allow you to add more rooms and windows, making it easier for natural light to enter the building. It can increase your property’s overall value and improve its functionality and comfort.


Underpinning involves putting in new footings under your house. It makes your foundations more robust and prevents movement. The process can also improve the soil conditions underneath your foundations. It’s a long-term repair method often coupled with other repairs, such as drainage work, to ensure water moves away from your property.

The process begins with excavations around your home. These are then filled with concrete, which takes time to set. Once the concrete has cured, your house can be jacked up and returned to its original footing. Hiring a contractor with experience in underpinning and safe house jacking techniques is vital.

While you may need to move out of your house during underpinning, it’s less disruptive than other repair methods, such as mud jacking or polyurethane injection. In addition, underpinning your house can make it more stable and increase its value. It is why it’s an excellent investment for homeowners. It can also prevent future damage to your home.


Underpinning your home involves transferring the load from your foundation to soil that can support it. It uses tools called piers, which go deep into the ground past the weak soil until they reach load-bearing strata. This process stops settlement, strengthens the current foundation, and increases your home’s value.

It can also help you avoid moving, which is a costly endeavor. It’s a better alternative to buying a new house and a cheaper way to add more space to your home.

The underpinning process requires careful engineering assessments and permits, as well as the excavation of the foundation, which can impact landscaping and outdoor spaces. It can also be time-consuming, but finding an outstanding contractor will make the process easier and less stressful. The right foundation contractor can also offer warranties and guarantees for their work, making underpinning a worthwhile investment. In addition, underpinning will raise your home’s ceiling height, increasing livable space and decreasing future problems with the foundation.


The underpinning process stabilizes your home and protects against future subsidence problems. However, it is crucial to understand that it will only partially solve the problem and that a property with underpinned foundations still requires specialist insurance coverage.

The best way to determine if underpinning is the right option for your house is to get a qualified structural engineer to inspect it and prepare a design for you. Choose a local engineer and one that specializes in soil testing. It will ensure that the engineer understands the specific soil conditions in your area and can determine the optimum location, spacing, and depth of underpins to stabilize your house.

A house needs underpinning because the original foundation has become insufficient to support the structure.


The Physical and Emotional Toll of Motorcycle Accidents: Coping and Recovery Strategies

The Physical and Emotional Toll of Motorcycle Accidents: Coping and Recovery Strategies
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For those injured in motorcycle accidents, you are likely dealing with not only physical pain but also mental and emotional distress. Learning to cope with what happened while struggling to recover from your injuries is a common challenge faced by accident injury victims. 

Being injured and going through the healing and recovery process can be frightening, frustrating, and exhausting.  It can also cause feelings of anger, fear, sadness, isolation, and sadness. Victims can feel overwhelmed by the situation they unexpectedly find themselves in. It is important to address both the physical and emotional toll your accident has caused. 

In this article, we offer some tips on how to cope with – and recover from your motorcycle accident injuries.

Tips to Help with Your Physical Recovery

Seek Immediate Medical Treatment

Many accident victims aren’t immediately aware of the nature and extent of their injuries. Many injuries can have a delayed onset of symptoms, including head, back, and neck injuries and internal bleeding or injuries. That is why it is essential to seek medical attention right away to ensure you receive proper and timely treatment. 

Aside from prioritizing immediate medical attention, it’s of utmost importance to get in touch with a skilled motorcycle injury lawyer at your earliest convenience. A seasoned legal expert in accidents can light your path through the labyrinth of the legal system, assisting in comprehending your legal entitlements and duties. They’re there to steer you smoothly through the intricacies of insurance claims, and to ensure you’re justly compensated for any personal harm and property damage you’ve suffered.


Rest is essential during the healing process. It is critical to give your body a chance to heal, as sufficient rest and sleep stimulate the growth and repair of injured tissue and muscles. If you don’t get sufficient rest, your body will have a harder time bouncing back from an injury. That is why it is critical to make resting a priority after a serious injury.

Eat Right

Proper nutrition is an important component of the healing process. Eating right gives your body the tools to fight inflammation and the building blocks for healing and rebuilding tissue. Consuming the right foods can also minimize muscle atrophy and support muscle growth.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Following your doctor’s orders gives you the best chance of a full recovery because it can help you avoid complications and setbacks during the healing process. Doctors can guide your recovery and change your treatment plan as needed while you heal, increasing the odds of a speedy and full recovery.

Pace Yourself

While you heal, it is important not to push yourself. Avoid doing too much too fast. Taking it slowly can be frustrating, but when you don’t pace yourself, you run the risk of injuring yourself and experiencing a setback. Your doctors and rehabilitation therapists will help you stay on track, ensuring you don’t push your mind or body past the breaking point.

How to Help Cope with the Mental and Emotional Effects of Your Accident

As equally as important as addressing the challenges that come with your physical healing is addressing your mental and emotional needs after an accident. 

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Although you might be primarily focused on your physical recovery, it is critical to acknowledge how you are feeling. After a serious accident, you may experience the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. If you feel you need help working through these emotions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a counselor or therapist. They can help you acknowledge your feelings and offer you ways to keep any negative feelings at bay.

Accept the Support of Your Friends and Family

Many accident victims don’t want to be a burden to those close to them. But family and friends are there to help – and they want to assist you through this difficult time. So it is important to acknowledge their desire to help – and let them. Remember that they are there for you, so you don’t have to go through this process alone.

Control What You Can

After sustaining injuries in a motorcycle accident, your routine and way of life will likely be significantly disrupted. Not being in control of your life can make you feel powerless and frustrated. Although you may be unable to work or do the things you enjoy, try to structure your days as much as possible. Having a routine makes your situation feel a little less out of control and gives you something to focus on while recovering.

Ask for Help

It is virtually impossible to rely solely on yourself after an accident. Although you might be used to being self-reliant and independent, you will likely need assistance from those close to you as well as your nurses, doctors, and therapists. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or hesitant to accept the help that is being offered by those around you.

Focus on the Present

It is not uncommon for injury victims to become impatient during the recovery process. They can quickly get frustrated with a lack of progress or be unhappy with the rate of recovery. But it is important to keep in mind that it takes time for our bodies to heal from a serious injury. Be patient and give your mind and body the time it needs to recover from such a traumatic event. 

Stay Positive

It is easy to be overcome with negative thoughts and moods after a serious injury after motorcycle accidents, especially if you feel you will never return to the life you once lived. But it is important to keep a positive outlook. Take some time each day to think about the good things in your life. Write down things and people you are grateful for, and make a conscious effort to focus on what is right – not wrong. Staying positive will not only improve your mental and emotional state, but a positive outlook has also been shown to greatly aid in your physical recovery.

Set Goals

It is always good to have something to work toward, and working toward your recovery is no different. Having a goal in mind helps to keep you focused and feel in control of your situation. But to avoid the frustration of not hitting your goals, make sure they follow the SMART strategy; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. 

Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys in Ohio

Although you are looking for suggestions on how to cope and heal from your motorcycle accident, you will also need help seeking the financial compensation you need to heal. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, we recommend consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Ohio. They will handle all aspects of the claims process, allowing you to focus solely on your mental, emotional, and physical recovery.


Why You Need to Work with Drywall Contractors in Miami, FL

Why You Need to Work with Drywall Contractors in Miami, FL

Do you have a building, renovation or remodeling project that requires some drywall installation? Are you considering handling this yourself? While the DIY approach is encouraged for many tasks, there are those that should be left to professionals. One such example is the installation of drywalls.

You can see other projects that you shouldn’t consider for DIY here: https://www.bobvila.com/.

Drywalls play a very important role in any building project in which it is used. Whether it is a new construction or a replacement job, you want the installation to be perfectly executed. This may not be the outcome should you choose to go the DIY route. To help you understand why you need to work with a drywall contractor, we will list some of the major benefits you stand to gain when you allow professionals handle your project.

These benefits include the following:

Better Workmanship

The quality of work you can expect from a professional drywall contractor will most definitely be better than what you can do as a DIYer. Through years of experience and practice, professional builders have learnt tricks and techniques that help them do their jobs to perfection.

Paying attention to detail is another thing that is associated with good workmanship. This of course, is something that you want for your project and another reason why your project will be better handled by a professional drywall installer.

Needless to say, your project is immensely impacted by the quality of the workmanship. A poor workmanship will result in a poorly executed project that will give you issues immediately or sometime in the future.

Experience and Expertise

There’s a popular saying, “experience is the best teacher.” While some have argued that this is not entirely true, we cannot rule out the fact that most often than not, experience and expertise go hand in hand. The more time you spend working on a given task, the better you’ll get at it.

This holds true in the construction industry as much as any. Getting a contractor who has spent years working at different sites, garnering experience and honing their expertise is surely something to be preferred to the trial-and-error approach that you will get with a DIY approach. This is particularly critical when it involves something that can have a tremendous impact on your life.

Cost Saving

Working with experts will save you money in the short run as well as in the long run. In the short run, you can avoid wastage of material that will usually be associated with inexperience. An error during the installation process can result in the damage of the drywall or a part of it. Either way, you may end up having to purchase additional materials to replace what was damaged. Of course, this will be at an additional cost to you.

A badly installed drywall may not have an obvious effect right away. You may however find them needing replacement long before they should be due for such a change. You may even find that you need to do a complete reinstallation, spending money you could have saved had you just worked with an expert.

Time Saving

If you need your project completed quickly, then you just have to consider contracting it to experts. Speed is one other thing that comes from having performed the same task over and over. This is one of the major advantages that you will enjoy when you work with professionals.


Construction sites can be some of the most dangerous places to be. Inexperienced workers can increase the danger associated with these kinds of work many times over. One of the assurances you can have when working with experienced workers is that they know exactly how to go about securing their work area and how to safely get their jobs done with little to no accidents.

In addition to this, serious contractors, the only kind you should work with, will usually have insurance policies that provide some cover for accidents that occur as they do their job. Working with them therefore provides you with an additional layer of security.

The above are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when you work with professionals.

Choosing the Right Drywall Contractor

All the benefits listed above are only possible when you work with the right contractor. In this section, we will be looking at how you can ensure you make the right choice from the many drywall contractors in Miami, FL and its surroundings. This will be a simple guide that you can easily follow.

Ask for Referrals

To start your search for a drywall contractor you can entrust your project to, start by asking for referrals from your family members, friends and even colleagues at work. Word of mouth recommendation has been listed as one of the most effective forms of advert. More so, your friends will only direct you to someone who they believe can get the job done.

Search Online

For those who find a suitable candidate from referrals, you are in luck. For others who don’t simply go online and search for “drywall contractors in Miami FL” and you will get a list of recommendations. The task for you will now be to sort through all of these names.

Check for Reviews and Ratings

This is the step that will help you sort through the list of recommendations you received from your search above. Check out their website to get as much information as you can from it. Next, look for reviews on them by past clients. This should give you an idea of what to expect from each one.

You can look for their ratings on third-party sites like Trust Pilot and BBB (Better Business Bureau). By combining all the information you get from these different sources, you can narrow down to a more manageable list.

Get and Compare Estimates

This should be your final check before you settle for one. At this point, you want to find out the contractor that can offer you what you want at the best price. Remember that cheap can be risky, so ensure that price is not your only consideration.

There are a few other things you can do during this process. Some of them are enumerated in this article.


We started this article by showing you why you should work with a drywall contractor. We shared some of the benefits you stand to gain and some of the consequences of trying to do it yourself. For those who decided to heed our warning, we went ahead to give a few tips on how to find the right contractor. With the information we’ve shared here, you should be in a good position to take the necessary steps to ensure that your drywall project is successful.