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Our Family’s Race Across the U.S.A. Personalized Board Game

I have partnered with I See Me and was sent sample for feature

Our Family's Race Across the U.S.A. Personalized Board Game

New from I See Me is Our Family’s Race Across the U.S.A. Personalized Board Game. Like their personalized books and gifts the images you upload are perfectly placed and look fantastic. I decided to make one for my Brother’s family featuring my nephews, Dad and Mom. How adorable is this?

board game

Each player piece features their name and photo I chose to upload. You can see that one’s that are straight on shots look best but even the one’s I wanted to use like Elliot’s side view is just as fun.

personalized gifts

On the board features the boys names cleverly placed as well as Mom and Dad. The bright colors and easy flow makes it fun even for the 3 year old all the way to 11 year old big brother.

family game gift

Head to the I See Me promotions page and sign up to receive promotions and discounts. Currently you get 25% off site-wide with the code JOLLY until December 5thLetters of LoveI See Me has also partnered with Children’s Cancer Research Fund and every purchase benefits them. Visit as well and send a letter to a child patient spending the Holidays battling cancer.

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3 Meguiar’s Holiday Gift Kits for Cars

I have partnered with Meguiars for this feature

Meguiars Logo

Shopping for the guys? That is such a feat and when they want something they usually get it themselves leaving few ideas. Last year I shopped hard for my husband on several gifts and the most popular was the gift our 9 year old gave him. I let him loose in the store to find his Dad a gift and he ended up in the car aisle and started grabbing cleaners.

My husband loves the Meguiar’s brand and so we grabbed a variety and a bucket and new microfiber towels and made a gift basket. You don’t have to stand in the aisle and guess what makes a complete car care kit because Meguiar’s has several kits already put together and ready to wrap.

3 Meguiar’s Holiday Gift Kits for Cars


  • Meguiar’s® Clean & Shine Car Cleaning Kit, sold exclusively at Kmart and Sears, includes Deep Car Wash, Gold Class™ Quik Wax®, Quik Interior Detailer and Perfect Clarity™ Glass Cleaner.


  • Meguiar’s® Complete Car Care Kit, sold exclusively at Walmart, includes a 16-ounce Gold Class™ Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner, 15.2-ounce Ultimate Quik Wax®, 15-oz Hot Shine Tire Foam, 24-ounce Perfect Clarity™ Glass Cleaner, 16-ounce Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner, 2.5-ounce Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator – Spiced Wood, 16-ounce All Purpose Cleaner Spray, Car Wash Sponge and Microfiber Towel. 


  • Meguiar’s® Essentials Car Care Kit contains a variety of products you’ll find on any auto enthusiast’s wish list. The kit is exclusively available on Amazon and includes a 48-ounce Ultimate Wash & Wax, 15.2-ounce Ultimate Quik Wax, 15-oz Hot Shine Tire Coating, 24-ounce Perfect Clarity™ Glass Cleaner, 25 wipe canister Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner Wipes, Meguiar’s Yellow 3.5 Gallon Bucket, 8” x 10” Microfiber Wash Mitt, full size 22” x 30” Water Magnet® Microfiber Drying Towel and 3 full size 16” x 24” Supreme Shine® Microfiber Towels.

No matter your budget you can find the gift that will get used and a brand very well-known and loved by car enthusiasts. Meguiar’s Ultimate Quick Wax is the only wax my husband uses on all of our cars. I love the using the Hot Shine Tire Foam because spraying a layer on my tires adds that finishing touch to a clean car.

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Atlantic Unite™2 Luggage with Link2Go

I have partnered with Atlantic Luggage for feature

Atlantic Unite™2 Luggage with Link2Go

Where to start? This little carry on piece of luggage is all you would want for a day of travel. While I prefer a 21 inch carry on size, this Atlantic Unite ™2 set comes in 3 sizes and 2 colors – blue or black and in 21″, 25″ and 29″ spinners. Let’s examine this fantastic piece of luggage. I am so excited about this. It arrived even better than I anticipated. I can’t wait to travel with mine.

Like all luggage, the first thing I do is grab the handle to tote around. The grip is cushioned and there is a handle on the side as well as a bottom handle cup for that extra grip when lifting onto the security belt or overhead. This leaves a few carry options. For me, I like to extend the handle and the wheels are a spinner style so they spin freely to keep up with your twists and turns as you walk through the crowds and plane aisles.

The design is as durable inside as it is on the outside. With my blue luggage I have a grey liner with blue straps inside. There are 2 pockets in the liner on the inside-each across from each other to hold smaller items.

The back makes good sense flat and padded once you link your luggage pieces. This is because the Unite™2 has the Link2Go feature where you can attach 2 pieces very easily. Traveling heavy or have a child who won’t push their own luggage? This is where the feature comes in handy.

Once the 2 luggage pieces are back to back you will use these side straps to secure the pieces together then be back on your way.

Oh, and there is a USB charging port too. I know!! That is the greatest right? We have to dig for enough items in the airport from ID, boarding passes, kids snacks and now you don’t have to dig for your charger bank. I always grab our chargers and plug them all in the night before travel on the wall where our luggage is sitting and waiting.

Now I can grab those chargers and unzip the inside pocket to store them and once connected we just plug our devices into the side of the luggage and it is charging when needed again. I don’t know who will love this feature more, me or the boys!

[bctt tweet=”Have you seen the @AtlanticLuggage Unite2 luggage? It has a USB charging pot on the side! #travel ” username=”3sonshavei”]

Did the Atlantic Unite™ 2 luggage piece forget anything? I am not thinking so. Once I attach my neck pillow and fill it with clothes I have all I need to travel. OK….so I bring more than clothes and a pillow. I actually bring a whole lot more so it is a good thing I have enough pockets in this luggage to save room in my lap bag during flight.

Visit Atlantic Luggage to see all of their family-friendly and affordable pieces. It makes a great gift idea for families that travel.

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Pet Me Multiplication and Division Math Board Game for Kids

I have partnered with Logic Roots for samples and feature

Logic Roots Pet Me Multiplication and Division Math Board Game

Anthony is in the 4th grade and knee deep into multiplication and division, They have been working on dividing 2×4 digits and multiplying large numbers as well. Having tools to practice at home is crucial. The first week of class he was so bummed when he kept bringing home homework papers filled with 1×1 multiplication problems. “Mom! This is easy. Why do we do like hundreds of these problems every week?”

Last week as he was doing his multiplication homework I reminded him about how upset he was wit the redundant work he had the beginning of the year. “The reason you did those over and over again was to make multiplying 1 digit at a time easier. Now that you are multiplying 3-4 in one problem it makes it faster and bit easier to learn to solve.” Now he got it.

division practice

It’s a lot of work sorting out those long division and multiplication problems at this age. Pet Me is here to help. It makes it so much more fun to practice math then those boring white sheets of papers with letters in black to solve with a pencil. He still has to do his homework sheets but just before bedtime we do our “fun” learning time.

math game

Pet Wonderland is full of adorable puppies, kittens and parrots. The theme of the game is a walk in the park. You will win many hearts as you feed them and meet them all. The goal of the game is to win the most hearts. It is about dividing food and love up equally.

Other players check the math and make sure each player is distributing evenly to the animals they encounter. Then sometimes you get an uneven equation and have remainders left over. It is all about landing on spots where the animals are not already adopted (fed) and claim them with hearts earned.

Pet Me game

Pet Me is one of several math games by Logic Roots and is great for ages 8+. There are more choices for this age and younger. You can find math sheets too for age-appropriate and subject practice.

You can buy on Amazon too!