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How We Helped Our Son’s Dentist Anxiety

Touchpoints has partnered with me on this story

How We Helped Our Son's Dentist Anxiety

Anthony’s Story: How We Helped Our Son’s Dentist Anxiety

Anthony is 9. He hasn’t always had doctor and dentist anxiety until about 3 years ago. He has a very crowded mouth and overbite. One day he came to me saying his tooth hurt and I saw his gums looked angry so I drove him into the Dentist. He hopped up on the table and come to find out the tooth is literally breaking apart and needs to come out due to overcrowding pushing on and destroying the tooth. They sent us home with an Antibiotic and told us to come back in the morning for tooth extraction.

That next morning his cheek was so swollen and that tooth was angry. They gave him novocaine and felt he needed a bit more. Well, let’s just say that tooth had gotten so angry we realized after a blood curling scream that the Novocaine couldn’t make its way past the infection. The tooth was out but he felt that. That was the day he lost trust in Doctors and Dentists and the anxiety over “what if pain” started.

The next month was his flu shot. They announced it was coming like all others in the past he would cringe about only this time he lost it. 3 nurses later, a kick to the Dr’s chest in the struggle and screams that could clear a building we stabbed him and he was vaccinated. Wow! At one point they asked if we should just reschedule but I really felt giving in would not make the ‘next time’ any better. He does not have low pain tolerance, he just has anxiety about the anticipation of pain. Two totally different anxieties. How do We Help Our Son’s Dentist Anxiety?

Over the past year I took a break on Dentist and Doctors and hoped this year would bring an older, changed Anthony. Wrong! This year we started Ortho. He made it through a cleaning, we moved and the Dentist we go to is his Aunt’s office so due to possible embarrassment by his cousins he sucked it up. The referral to the Ortho and the appointment to put on his expander was a whole different story. The 20 minute appointment took 1 hour and 15 minutes. Why?

He refused to lay down. He needed to know the exact plan, touch the device, see the tools they will use, give him a blueprint for this visit, etc. 3 techs later one gal finally did great with him and began asking him questions-like taking the control of asking questions away from him. He began to trust her and it took careful talk but he was finally laying on the chair, hands away from his mouth allowing her to put it in ONLY because he needed her to be precise about her every move. I regretted one thing that day…not charging our Touchpoints!

How Touchpoints reversed his behavior

In NYC this summer I met with the Touchpoints crew and was sent a pair of Touchpoints to try. This was my piece of heaven coming to the rescue. I knew right away this could help Anthony with his dentist anxiety as well as at the Doctors office. Only what I soon realized is it did so much more.

Touchpoints are best explained in the video below:

For Anthony’s follow up visit we had to turn his expander and then after watching them turn we were instructed to do so at home nightly for 21 nights. He was a champ. With Touchpoints charged I sat in the car a moment to get him into the right mindset. He had Touchpoints in his pocket and we practiced some self-talk. I also had a toy prize for him he got to see IF he could make it through. There was no pain involved with this follow up but his anxieties started anyways the night before. The office was almost in tiptoe mode with him yet played it well. I could sense they had that same bit of anxiety I was also having about ‘what if he..”.

He asked if he could ask 1 question-“what will this feel like?” The Orthodontit who came to him first tickled his nose and said “like that”. Then the cutest thing happened…he said “OK!” and lay down. Only his ‘OK’ was a high-pitched squeal, hence his nerves totally showing in his attempt to be cool. He allowed her to show me the turn and expressed he felt it a little but “it feels fine”. We turn it every night without struggle at home. Thank you, Touchpoints!

The funny thing! Anthony recently came to me an said, “Mom, Can I have my Touchpoints to help me fall asleep faster?” Why not! The next morning he told me…”all I could focus on was the Touchpoints, Mom and I fell asleep so much faster”. Honestly my thought was , “really?!” Could it be mind over matter? Every night since if he is still awake after so much time he asks for them. It isn’t every night but when he needs them he knows it and he really is asleep in no time! Now for the stressful video game play he expresses! Touchpoints, can you calm him down with his game play frustrations? There is no doubt these will battle that aggression too!

If this story resonates with you, I cannot stress the benefit of Touchpoints enough! From anxieties to sleep and anger it is definitely on for our parenting tool belt that can d wonders for anyone at any age.

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35 Handy Uses For Your Handheld Steamer

I have partnered with Nugeni for feature. Opinions and story are my own

With all the talk about the effects of harsh chemicals can you blame those of us who need alternative cleaning methods? I don’t want to use all of those in my home and I have spent a lot of time mixing essential oils to create my own cleaners when I have those extra messy jobs. Now all I need is my handheld steamer.

When I was sent the nugeni STEAMPAC+ Handheld Steam Cleaner I actually had to research how to use a steamer and what I can use a steamer on. I was a bit ‘steamer’ illiterate and I was amazed at what this lightweight, handheld cleaner can do and without any chemicals!

What can I clean with my Handheld Steamer?

  1. Sanitize Mattress
  2. Clean Draperies
  3. Clean Ceiling Fans
  4. Freshen Clothing
  5. Clean Windows
  6. Clean Tile & Grout
  7. Clean Around Toilets
  8. Shower Doors and Water Spots
  9. Bathtub Scum
  10. Vanity/Mirrors
  11. Toothbrush Holders
  12. Window Screens
  13. Pet Cages
  14. Litter Box
  15. Clogged Drains (Washer/Dryer)
  16. Dirty Desks
  17. Laminate Floors
  18. Disinfect Doorknobs
  19. Sliding Doors
  20. Mirrors & Frames
  21. Mini Blinds
  22. Sealed Hard Flooring
  23. Patio Doors
  24. Pet Stains/Odors
  25. Window Coverings
  26. Coffee Table Stains
  27. Sanitize Toys
  28. Ovens/Cooktops
  29. Stainless Steel
  30. Sinks and Faucets
  31. Backsplash
  32. Baked-On Messes
  33. Car Interior
  34. Window/Slider Door Tracks
  35. RV’s/Boats Interior

Tell me, which of the above surprise you most? Before we moved into our new home this summer I traded mattresses for my son with a neighbor. She had a full and needed a twin for her daughter and I had a twin and wanted to upgrade for my older son. I knew they were clean, didn’t smoke and it was in thee garage for a bit. It still has a musty odor anyway to me.

What a perfect test for the Nugeni Handheld Steamer than to see how well it eliminated that mattress musk. The best part is that I don’t need to use any chemicals or harsh products. I steamed using only the steamer.

contents nugeni handheld

I then went on to attack those hard water spots on my shower. I have been using 2 chemical products to keep these sports and bay. One to eliminate build up and one to clean as no matter how well you spray to protect the build up it happens anyway.

steam clean showers

nugeni steamer handheld

What a great gift! Think of how handy this would be to a family you are shopping for this season or all year long! PS-this steamer also is great to keep in RV’s while traveling away from home! nugeni also has lightweight vacuums too! Visit nugeni to learn more including where you can purchase.

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Fall Seasonal Beer Bucket Gift For Beer Lovers

I have partnered with GourmetGiftBaskets for feature

Fall-Seasonal-Beer-Bucket_large (1)

Need to send a gift? No one sends a tightly wrapped gifts with personalized messages as plentiful and well-received as I have always been impressed with their gifts. I have never had a flaw or even tear in the wrapping and even in baskets like this Fall Seasonal Beer Bucket the glass bottles are packed tightly and protected.

Fall Seasonal Beer Bucket Gift For Beer Lovers

What beer-lover wouldn’t love a bucket of beer and some snacks to go along with it. From meat to popcorn and crackers it’s a little treat in a bucket that is sure to make a great gift this season.

Inside the Fall Seasonal Beer Bucket

  • Oktoberfest by Hacker-Pschorr – A dark copper beer with the underlying flavor of caramel
  • Oktoberfest by Otter Creek – Hops are harvested in the fall at their peak of ripeness
  •  Pumpkinhead by Shipyard – This pumpkin spiced wheat beer is delicious on its own or poured into a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass
  • Oktoberfest Lager by Von Trapp – A full bodied balanced Oktoberfest lager that’s dark copper in color with a caramel finish that’s balanced well with German hops.
  • Harvest Barn Ale by Long Trail – This fall seasonal English Brown Ale is truly a celebration of autumn; maple syrup is added during the brewing process for a lasting yet subtle sweetness.
  • Oktoberfest by Warsteiner– Full bodied Oktoberfest that’s well-balanced with a soft, hoppy aftertaste.
  • Hickory Maple Bacon Kettle Corn by – 1.8 oz.
  • Summer Sausage by Bavaria – 3 oz.
  • Spicy Cheddar & Veggie Cheese by Mountain View Cheese Co. – 2 oz.
  • Deli Style Hors D’Oeuvre Crackers by Partners
  • Chichester Snack Mix by Merrimack Valley Snack Company – 2 oz.
  • Buffalo Popcorn by – 1.1 oz.

Gifts for Beer Lovers

Visit for many more gift sets and packages you can send to a loved one this season or all year long. Have a college student? They have care packages!

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Gift List Organizer – Free Printable

How organized are you right now with your gift giving regimen?

I thought so! Let me help you out and explain how I stay organized as I shop for those on my list. Christmas is a 2 day event for us. Both my husband and I have our families near with both of us within 60 miles of all parents, siblings and some uncles. 

Gift List Organizer - Free Printable

My husbands family hosts Christmas Eve and my family is Christmas Day so that leaves Christmas morning for our boys and us alone for Santa gifts and breakfast.

I need lists! I need ideas too so when I get them I need to keep them in one spot and with me while I shop. I know I can keep notes on my phone but I also use my phone for store apps and coupons so flipping between deals and notes is a pain sometimes.

Now there are a few tips to maximize your organizing when buying multiple gifts……

I kept the spaces wide. You can always print extra copies if you have more names and lines needed, but here is why the space is important. Take a look at my ‘actual’ lit for the kids i shop for (who won’t see this post so no worries about spoiling their gifts they will be getting)

List example

Keep scrolling to print your Gift List Organizer —>

Take Austin, my nephew for example. I sent him a text asking for ideas, he said he wants the game Destiny 2 and after confirming it wasn’t already bought by my SIL I told her he will get it from me. But, then one day I was at Ross and saw some Seahawks PJ pants on clearance and had to get them for him. He is a huge fan so I have 2 gifts to fit into the space. See I am not done with my nieces yet-I still need to pick up gift cards for them.

stay organized

Even your donations can be entered so it stays all together for your budget checks.

Keeping it neat is much batter for your organization so having this much space is just clean and better to look at. I use a binder like the one advertised below to take shopping with me to hold my lists, ads and savings coupons.

You will want these printed out and jot your ideas down as you head shopping. If you purchase, a quick cross out with a pen will keep you from having to remember when your knee deep in gifts days later and shopping that long night is a blur now.

I check the ‘Purchased’ box once I am done with that person. That feeling to see a check mark in every box of your entire list is such a fantastic feeling.

The cost section is for you. To look at and cringe or state your budget in advance. But, hopefully it’s there because you did better than expected and you beat your budget!

*Here it is! Click on the Gift List below and print your copies!*

Happy shopping!***

Shop smart and make sure you visit one of my go-to sites Cuckoo for Coupons. They are on it for on time sales at about every store out there! I always browse her site and take notes on who has the best price on what I need that week! New to couponing or using store apps-she has all your tutorials and info in the website too!