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Lemon Chicken Edamame Spaghetti Recipe

This post is in partnership with Explore Cuisine. Recipe is my own

Lemon Chicken Edamame Spaghetti Recipe

My husband and I are month 2 into a low carb/low calorie diet. The two things I miss most is steak and pasta. The good thing about changing eating habits is that we are doing it together. I have never been so successful on a healthy change prior to having my husband jump on board. We hold each other accountable and at night discuss what we ate during the day, almost in competition form to who kept closest to the new regimen. Then we allow ourselves a cheat night once a week and look forward to our reward.

Both of us have dropped weight and I reached my goal weight this week. I also learned something else and that is how to get real creative in the kitchen. Ever heard of Edamame Spaghetti? It exists and I am so glad I tried it because I don’t have to crave actual pasta anymore.

Explore Cuisine have taken that popular soybean and created a delicious pasta noodle that I personally love better than actual pasta for more than one reason. First, it cooks in about 4 minutes in boiling water so that saves time. Second, it is delicious and that is an understatement.

When I first served it my husband was a bit skeptical as if we were cheating on our diet. It is so  much like spaghetti but I handed him the box to read and we felt so good about our meal that night because it fits right in with how we are eating. We can have pasta again and not wait until our cheat night run to Italian restaurants.

This Edamame Spaghetti recipe was literally thrown together with leftovers in my kitchen. We are moving next week and living in transition until the home build is complete so I have to use up what we have in the fridge and freezer. It turned out delicious. The house LOVED it. Edamame is loaded with plant-based protein (25 grams per serving), fiber and iron. Explore Cuisine Organic Edamame Spaghetti is made from 100% organic ingredients and is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher. Let’s get to the recipe!

Lemon Chicken Edamame Spaghetti Recipe

I had some green peppers I needed to use up so that is what I added to my recipe. It is nice to have a crunch with this dish so you can use any bell pepper and even some pine nuts or zucchini. I just sauted my peppers in some coconut oil and garlic until cooked down a bit.

Tip: When cooking down spinach remember that spinach holds a lot of water. I used fresh spinach and rinsed. Then I drain and blot as much water out as possible. Cook down in olive oil. It just takes a moment or two so don’t overcook. Then I drizzle with some lemon juice and take it from the pan and lay it out on a paper towel lined cookie sheet and cool a tad before grabbing more paper towels to absorb the water still remaining in the cooked spinach.

The picture above is the final step. Put all of your cooked ingredients back together in a large pan or wok. I have cooked chicken breast, cooked spinach and sauted green peppers and minced garlic. Add the cooked and drained Edamame Spaghetti noodles and toss. Drizzle more lemon as you toss. Plate it and top with grated parmesan cheese.

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5 Tips To Boost Your Immunity

5 Tips To Boost Your Immunity
Photo 156152897 © Stepan

The pandemic has made everyone realize the importance of strong immunity. There are many products and supplements in the market that claim to help enhance your immune system. However, boosting the immune system is much harder than you might think.

The immune system is very complex and it has to be strong so as to fight off several illnesses and infections, but not so strong that it overreacts causing allergies and other disorders to develop. The system has to operate in a delicate balance and it remains controlled by a range of inputs. You must focus on everyday lifestyle habits to build a strong immune system and ensure that it fights off an illness or infection. Here are a few tips to ensure your system has everything it requires to function efficiently. 

1. Hydration

Water plays a crucial role in the body and it supports the immune system. There is a fluid present in the circulatory system known as lymph and it carries the important infection-fighting immune cells around your body. It is largely made up of water. If you do not consume enough after, it will slow down the movement of lymph and lead to an impaired immune system. The body loses water constantly through breath, urine, and bowel movements. Hence, to support the immune system, you need to replace the water you lose and you can start by keeping yourself hydrated at all times. 

2. Diet

A healthy diet is key to a strong immune system. You need to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, healthy fats, and lean protein. Besides providing the immune system the energy it requires, you need to ensure that you take a sufficient amount of micronutrients that play a huge role in maintaining the immune system. This includes Vitamin B6 found in bananas, chicken, green vegetables, salmon, potatoes, and tuna. Vitamin C, present in citrus fruits, spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes, and Vitamin E present in sunflower oil, almonds, safflower oil, peanut butter, spinach, and sunflower seeds. Experts are of the opinion that your body absorbs vitamins more efficiently from the diet instead of supplements. Hence, stick to a healthy diet to support the immune system. 

3. Exercise

It is important to remember that physical activity is not only for building muscles and de-stressing. It is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and it supports a healthy immune system. Exercise can help improve immune function by boosting the overall circulation and making it easier for the immune cells to travel throughout the body. Engaging in 30 minutes of physical activity daily can help stimulate the immune system. 

food and exercise
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4. Sleep

You might not consider sleep as an active process to build immunity but there are many important activities that happen in the body when you are asleep. Infection fighting molecules are created in your body when you are asleep. If you do not get quality sleep, you are more prone to fall sick after exposure to viruses. In order to give your body the best chance to fight off an illness or infection, you need to sleep well and sleep peacefully. Take the right steps if your sleep is suffering. 

5. Stress

It is important to understand how stress affects your health and wellbeing. It has an impact on your immune system as well. If you are stressed, particularly dealing with chronic stress that is long lasting, the body will respond by initiating a stress response. This response can suppress the immune system and increase the chances of an illness or an infection. Each person handles stress differently and if you are aware of how it affects your health, you need to take the right steps. Identify stress and work towards reducing it by deep breathing, exercise, meditation, or seeking therapy.

You will notice a significant change in your health and immunity by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. You can also take supplements to boost your immunity. However, supplements are not regulated or approved by the FDA which is why it is recommended to seek the advice of a professional and choose in office physician dispensing. This will ensure that you are taking the right supplements in the right dosage. Do not change the dosage without the advice of the medical professional. An expert will be able to identify the deficiency of vitamins in your body and will give you the right supplements for the same.

Even if you choose to take supplements, you need to remember that a healthy lifestyle will go a long way. Make small but consistent changes in your lifestyle and stick to it. It will improve your physical and mental health. A strong immune system will protect you from infections and illnesses throughout the year.

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What They Don’t Tell You About Hand Sanitizer — Benefits and Cons

With the current situation happening in the world, and the Corona virus being present in every corner, people have started to take safety measures and make sure they are avoiding its infection as best as they can. One of the things that have become rather present in our society right now besides face masks and social distancins is, of course, hand sanitizer.

But there are some doubts about it, and people often wonder whether it is actually useful or not. There’s also people who have noticed changes in the skin of their hands after regularly using hand sanitizer, and others claim that soap and water is 100% better. 

In this article I’m going to talk about the things people don’t talk about when it comes to hand sanitizer, and of course, in what way they are beneficial and how they can be an actual disadvantage.

As an Alternative to Deal with Virus and Bacteria

Yes, sanitizers are rather efective when it comes to dealing with bacteria, and Covid-19 is no exception to the rule. But there are certain requirements for a sanitizer to be effective against it, and that is requiring at least 60% of alcohol in its formula.

Still, there are some stuff people need to know: for this formula to be effective, they absolutely need to let it dry by itself, and not clean it off neither with water or with a towel, before it happens. This allows the formula to do its job as well as create a protective layer that might help you against infection for a certain duration, which varies deeply depending on the quality of the product.

Some products can achieve the main objective, which is getting rid of viruses, but others are better at providing more protection, whereas some only are active for short periods of time. A good example of a good product are MOXE, since MOXE Hand sanitizer benefits the user for quite some time after the formula has dried out.

Still Far from Perfect

There are ocassions, though, that a sanitizer formula might not be as effective. A good example of these ocassions are when hands are wet, oily, dirty, or covered in another product.

Ideally, you should apply sanitizer when your hands are completely dry, so the drying effect takes less time and the layer remains for longer in your skin, thus, protecting you with more efficiency. 

But… How often should you apply it? Well, that’s the thing. If you apply it on a daily basis, the drying effect of the formula will end up drying your skin as well, and you might encounter fissures and cracks, or feel itchiness or irritation.

Soap – Sanitizer

hand washing

That is why, as mentioned over here, it is actually recommended to only use sanitizer when water and soap are not available for you at the moment.

You see, people might believe that alcohol inside the formula of sanitizer is much more effective at dealing with bacteria and virus than simple soap, but in truth, is it quite the opposite.

Soap is not only safer to use, but get rids from virus and bacteria in a more practical way: it removes it from your skin, preventing it from infecting you. Alcohol, on the other hand, dissables the virus and bacteria, yet they still remain glued to your skin. And alcohol is not a 100% effective, although the chances are low, there’s a small risk of still catchin the virus because of that.

So it is always better to just use soap and water, that way, you will deal with the virus with more efficiency, and you won’t harm your skin along the way.

The Rubbing Method

Now, to end this article, let’s also mention the proper way of using both soap and sanitizer. You should aim to rub the product in all areas of your hand, that includes the palm and back of your hand, between your fingers, your knuckles, fingertips, back of the nails and below the nails, the side of the fingers, and the wrist. This greatly reduces your chances of catching the virus, and as long as you protect the other rules such as social distancin and quarantine, and try to not touch yourself and public spaces too much, you’ll be fine. 

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Slammers Organic Crushed Superfruit Smoothie Snacks Now with Wellmune

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.

Slammers Organic Crushed Superfruit Smoothie Snacks Now with Wellmune

If your children have discovered the amazing Slammers superfood smoothie snacks I have some new news to share about the brand!  Slammers is introducing a new immunity ingredient – Wellmune®.

Wellmune is a leading science-based natural beta glucan derived from baker’s yeast, clinically shown to help strengthen the immune system. Wellmune is now added to the Slammers blend of nutrient-dense fruits, veg & grains to offer unparalleled nutrition designed to fuel active kids, everywhere. 

The ingredients in Slammers Superfruit Smoothie Snacks come from certified organic farms. There is no added sugars or artificial ingredients. They are packed with superfoods and antioxidants and are a great way to introduce them to superfruit flavors. They have really gone far out and made these pouches for the older child to want for lunches and snacks after practice. I eat them! Seriously! They are delicious!

Slammers has also changed their look making it even more appealing to kids ages 6-12. There are 5 delicious flavors – Awesome (Strawberry & Acai), Burst (Watermelon Kiwi), Chill’n (Banana & Blueberry), Epic (Mango & Orange) and Crush (Pomegranate & Grape). See them all at SlammersSnacks website here.

Find Slammers at Target, Walmart and in the applesauce aisle in Supermarkets across the U.S.