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Speed up recovery with the Ekrin B37 Percussion Massager

Speed up recovery with the Ekrin B37 Massager

If you are not experienced with using a message gun then there are a few benefits you be unaware of in having such a recovery tool. If you have ever been to a Physical Therapist, perhaps they have used a percussive message gun, but do you understand the real benefits? Better than just a head that massages skin for recovery and blood circulation, the right massage gun gets very deep into the tissue and is known as percussion therapy. A therapist can get deep into your tissue with their techniques, but by having a percussion massager, you can take that up a notch and you can continue that therapy at home to speed up your recovery.

Ekrin B37

Percussion and massage guns are not just a tool to use with injuries alongside PT, they can be used as a way to provide stress relief, is know to help release dopamine and serotonin in the body and improve blood circulation once you get the hang of using the gun. The Ekrin B37 is a percussion massage gun.

There are 5 settings and at its highest setting can release up to 56lbs of pressure. The 15 degree ergonomic handle helps you reach more places on your body. This massager is very quiet as well. You get 5 different attachments to really target all the right spots on your body. The flat head is great for anywhere you need to target, the bullet head is for that pinpoint target such as your hands, feet and releasing knots and tension, the round foam head is great for your large muscles and the fork is for your neck and spine.

Percussion Massager

With the 5 settings you get high speeds for your muscle warm up and the lower speeds for recovery. I have seen such a great impact on recovery after high intensity training using the B37. Whether you need stress relief or are an athlete needing to recover better these Ekrin products are at the top of my favorite brand list for such tools. It is available at Amazon for fast delivery. Visit the Ekrin shop for more!

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What a Motorcycle Injury Attorney Can Do for You

Motorcycles are huge fun to ride. They’re exhilarating, can make you feel free, and offer new perspectives on the world. One major downside, though, is that they are more dangerous than cars. If you have been in an accident, you may need a motorcycle injury attorney.

To know for sure, take advantage of free consultations. You can go see the attorneys, or they can visit you in the hospital or at home. To emphasize, these consultations come at no charge to you. You get immediate opinions on whether you need a lawyer and what the nuances of your case might be. Meet with at least three attorneys to get a variety of opinions that reflect the whole picture. Now, here’s what these folks can do for you.

Allow You to Focus On Recovering

Recovering after a motorcycle crash can be difficult, even if your injuries are minor. You are likely dealing with lost income, medical expenses, and stress on many levels. It helps to know that your case is in the hands of someone capable who is taking care of the paperwork, gathering evidence, communicating with insurance companies, and much more.

In fact, once you enlist the aid of an attorney, insurance companies are required to contact that person, not you. That right there is a load of stress off your shoulders.

Advocate for You

Early on, motorcycle accident attorneys evaluate your case, for instance, calculating economic and non-economic damages. Examples of the latter include pain and suffering, while examples of the former include lost wages, future medical treatment, and current medical bills. This is essential so you know if insurance companies are offering you fair settlements.

Your attorneys advocate for you to ensure you are treated fairly, and they take your case all the way to trial if it becomes necessary. This can happen if the insurance company won’t settle or if your case is particularly complex. Most people do not have the legal experience nor the time or knowledge to effectively represent themselves.

Save You Money (and Get You Money!)

Many people don’t get an attorney because they think lawyers are too expensive. They don’t have the financial resources to pay for one, much less in the middle of recovering from an accident.

The good news is that most motorcycle injury attorneys work on contingency. That means they get paid from the settlement, judgment, or verdict. You pay nothing except perhaps filing fees or other types of fees (pay careful attention to the fee structure paperwork attorneys give you). In most cases, though, these fee expenses come later. Working on contingency gives attorneys more motivation to do right by you since they are financially invested as well.

Even if your case does not settle or receive a favorable verdict, attorneys tend to cover expenses themselves. Always clarify these points upfront before hiring someone.

As you can see, motorcycle injury attorneys have the potential to be valuable allies. It’s worth meeting with them to get an idea of the merits of your case.

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Medical Specialists You Should See

A person’s health is a complex and complicated menagerie of systems affected by internal and external factors. This complexity, no doubt, is why there is a need for multiple medical specialists to care for the vast and varied issues that can happen to your body. Because of the complexity of the human body, preventative care is often the best method for maintaining your health. Seeing medical specialists as a routine part of your healthcare can keep you healthy. 

Your Smile

One such specialist that you should see is the Orem dentist. You may think of dental care as only a matter of hygiene, but it is also an important part of maintaining your health. Regular visits to the dentist are not just about keeping your teeth clean, which is undoubtedly important, but it is also about avoiding any health issues that might arise from irregular visits. These visits are about getting your teeth cleaned but also about getting the x-rays and visual examinations that can discover other oral health issues that need to be taken care of. Your oral health must be as much a priority as other aspects of your health. 

Your Skin

Although the largest organ of the human body, your skin probably does not receive as much attention as it should. Too often the care of skin only comes after an injury or an issue has caused the need for attention. It is vital to your health that your skin be factored into the care of your overall health. This, of course, includes such things as examining your skin for any possible issues and using sunscreen, but it also should include visiting the dermatologist. A dermatologist’s trained eye can prevent future skin issues that have the potential to become more serious in the future. 

Your Sight

As you read this, you may have already thought about the critical role your eye health plays in your life. Although a significant part of your life, your eyes and their health are easy to forget about. But do not let your eye health be an afterthought. Regular visits to the optometrist, or ophthalmologist if you possibly have more significant eye health issues, are critical to the health and function of your eyes. Do not take your sight for granted by forgetting to prioritize your eye health. 

Your Belly

Your gut health is another important health issue. The gastroenterologist is typically not a medical specialist you need to see until a certain age, but if you are a certain age or have a history of gastro issues in your family, be sure that this is not a specialist you forget to see.  

Your overall health is a matter of caring for the assortment of all of the systems that make up your body. If you do not take care of each system your health will eventually suffer. Be wise and keep your regular checkups with these and other specialists who can make sure that each part of your body is as healthy as it can be. Doing your part to take care of your body as best you can is critical but so is the care and expertise of medical professionals. 

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How To Get Kids Enthusiastic About Dental Hygiene

How To Get Kids Enthusiastic About Dental Hygiene

There’s great news in the dental sphere for parents and kids alike: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that fewer kids have cavities! The latest statistics compiled show that around 43% of kids aged two to 19 have cavities, down 50 per cent from four years previously. Of course, as far as kids are concerned, any cavity is superfluous. The pain and anxiety associated with tooth decay can be avoided by ensuring that kids are motivated to stick to their dental routine. Follow these tips and your kids will be flashing their pearly whites for many years to come.

Finding the causes of tooth decay in children

Before building a tooth hygiene strategy, it is vital to be aware of most common culprits, which include consuming a diet that is high in refined sugar (including cookies, pasta, and bread), sharing utensils with others (since bacteria can be passed on), and failing to clean teeth regularly. Getting kids used to a healthy, Mediterranean-style diet comprising lean protein, Omega-3-rich fats, and plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, will seriously reduce the likelihood of decay. Moreover, this type of nutritional regime will help them stay at a healthy weight and hopefully be the start of a healthy relationship with food throughout their lifetime. Get kids excited about nutrition by using informative apps. Teach them to look for ingredients such as fructose, partially hydrogenated oil, or additives when you go shopping, and have fun in the kitchen by encouraging kids to help you prepare meals.

Pre-tooth hygiene

A child’s routine should start early, even before they grow any teeth! Parents should pass a clean, warm, wet cloth over the gum area to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria. You can also use gauze for this purpose, wrapping this material around your pointer finger and rubbing it along the gum at least once a day. If your child is teething, use cold water, which will help soothe the pain. Once your child starts on solid foods, repeat this step after each meal. As teeth begin to come through, you should use a toothpaste made for your children, brushing twice a day. Be particularly thorough with the back molars, which tend to be the first teeth to develop cavities.

Professional dental visits are key

The standard time at which children are advised to see a dentist is six months after the eruption of the first tooth. Dentists will ensure you are cleaning your child’s teeth correctly, and let you know if they have particular fluoride needs. Your dentist will look at your child’s teeth, jaw, bite, and gum health, to identify any potential issues. Sometimes, the removal of tartar or plaque buildup will be required, in which case gentle cleaning will be recommended by your dentist. Parents should also know that emergency dental services are available, should their child need it. In other words, do take your child to the dentist in case of an emergency – don’t put it off, as it will help you avoid future complications. In a normal case scenario however, kids should see the dentist every six months, though more visits may be required if orthodontics or other treatments are required.

Getting children excited about dental hygiene

In order to motivate kids, it is important to get them excited about brushing their teeth. There are electric toothbrushes such as the Philips Sonicare for kids, which come with colorful, fun apps that ‘accompany kids’ during brushing, showing them the angle at which to place their toothbrush and encouraging them to stay on each tooth for the right amount of time. These toothbrushes also have fun features such as stickers, bright colors, and other ways for children to personalize their toothbrush.

Making it a fun experience

The best way to teach children the importance of a healthy diet and dental hygiene is by setting a good example. Add a bit of fun to the process by brushing your teeth alongside your child. Use music or dance to create your own special ‘routine’. Soon, kids will see brushing as a highlight of their day. When they are old enough to use floss, encourage this habit, as a way to keep cavities at bay.

To ensure that kids brush their teeth regularly, ensure they visit a good dentist, adopt a regular brushing routine, and add a few fun ingredients into the equation. Having a beautiful, cavity-free smile is vital when it comes to being self-confident. Empower your kids to smile from ear to ear throughout their lifetime, both at work and in social settings.