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Best Birthday Gifts for Men – Grilling, Food, Drinks and more

Best Birthday Gifts for Men - Grilling, Food, Drinks and more

Shopping for the guys is the hardest shopping task. My husband and Dad will just go buy themselves the things they really want. Maybe it’s a pride thing or perhaps they hate shopping so when they need retail therapy they go satisfy their needs by grabbing what they know, leaving us little ideas on what we can gift them. Man Crates has you covered, trust me! They offer some of the best birthday gifts for men.

When you gift Man Crates, it is more than some items in a box. Man Crates are an experience. They have crates for any man or teen. Whether you have a cook, cocktail connoisseur, griller, handyman or sports fan in your home, there is a crate for them.

The box arrives sealed and with a crow bar. Once they find their way in, it is filled with their favorite things. Let’s take a look at my crates, Booze-Infused Jerky Crate and the Cast Iron Cooking Crate.

The Booze-Infused Jerky crate is great for meat lovers and spirit lovers. It brings some bold and some sweet flavors to their favorite meat snack. I love the try-before-you-buy factor in these crates. You will know exactly what is coming in the crate with the product descriptions.

We love to cook and use our smoker. The Cast Iron Cooking Crate is a lot of fun. This pasta and sauce tossed with some smoked meatballs will be a hit. I also love making homemade tortillas and the small cast iron pan works great!

Here are a few things to note as you break down the vast website of Man Crates, because they offer so much. First, you can buy gift sets in these wooden crates you open with the included crow bar. However, you have other options as well, Project boxes come in a package and are great for the DIY guy or handyman. The Ammo Can Gifts come in an air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible ammo case. Find poker, foodie and other gifts available in these cans. They have Man Crates Jerky Grams as well that come boxed and full of surprises.

Man Crates will let you shop by crate-type or by categories – Bestseller, Grill & Cook, Jerky & Snacks, Drink, Maker & DIY, Sports & Gear and Personalized Gifts.

Visit Man Crates to find the perfect gift for all of the special and hard-working men in your life. One way to save is to create a free account and enter birth dates in your reminder account. Man Crates will send you reminders with a 10% savings offer.

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.

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Soothe Your Stomach and Make cocktails with Better Ingredients | SOOV

Soothe Your Stomach and Make cocktails with Better Ingredients | SOOV

When I was younger and had an upset stomach it was always soup and ginger ale to the rescue. The bubbles and broth did something magical to soothe your stomach and has been a go-to for many households for decades. Now that I am a parent myself I read labels and wonder just how a glass or sugary soda was always the right call? I mean, I felt it worked but was there something better?

Then I discovered SOOV, the stomach calming drink. Now there was an option with a lot less sugar and they actually used REAL ginger along with aloe, lemon, mint and chamomile.

SOOV drinks

This feel good drink in a can is great for kids and adults to soothe an upset stomach. However, as a bonus, it can also make a great alternative to sugary sodas as a mixer. The added benefit of the real ingredients can help your cocktail be a bit easier on the stomach. I just add some to a favorite liquor when I need a nightcap or have company.

SOOV cocktails

SOOV has only 6 grams of sugar and you won’t find artificial ingredients, GMO and it is gluten-free. The label? That’s easy and you will recognize every ingredient – water, ginger juice, aloe vera juice, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, mint extract and chamomile extract. Just about 1 1/2 tsp of sugar per can is much better than the almost 9 tsp of sugar in a can of similar sodas. Also, sodas are not including real ginger in the ingredients.

SOOV stomach soothing

Enjoy SOOV as a gentle mixer, stomach ache soother or as a digestive aid after a big meal. You’ll want to have these on hand, especially if you suffer with digestive disorders. My 12 year old has inflammatory, digestive problems and these are fantastic to have on hand. At under $3.50 a can (in the 12 pack) he can affordably trade out a digestive aid/enzyme drug for a can of SOOV and they taste great to him!

Visit SOOV to order a case and keep on hand in your fridge! Hurry – because right now they are offering 10% off + free shipping. That makes it only about $2.90 a can shipped for the 12 pack-best value! 4-packs also available.

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Management Tips from Reputable Restaurant Management Companies

Management Tips from Reputable Restaurant Management Companies

Initial capital and a good location are significant predispositions for a successful business. But what makes the essence of success in the hospitality industry is the knowledge and love for what you do. Running a restaurant, whether you are an owner or just a manager, is a job that requires hard work. But it can be very satisfying if you follow specific guidelines.

Some tips on entering the hospitality industry with your own business are below:


Many times restaurants have a great menu and a great business plan. Still, they are not making the most of their surroundings. For a restaurant to thrive and succeed, it must keep consistency and attract new customers over and over. The best management tips are those that focus on attracting new guests and making successful changes along the way.

Be Proactive

Maybe the best tip you can get when you’re into restaurant management is to be proactive. Most owners and managers don’t have the time to research the market and competition. It means they’re usually catching up with others instead of taking the lead. 

Planning and anticipating are qualities that characterize every successful manager. To do that, you need to know not only the market but also the facility you run and the resources you have. List the things your restaurant needs in the next few months. Determine priorities and start solving them fast. This way, you will avoid backlogs and downtime due to lack of staff, problems with suppliers, etc.

Make Guests Happy

Owners and managers need to think about ways to improve the efficiency of the restaurants. That’s an area where many are lacking. Still, with a more proactive approach, they can develop many great ideas to increase guest satisfaction. 

Some of the things that managers can do include holding frequent customer appreciation events or rearranging the space to be more appealing. That will keep current guests aware of the finer details of their favorite place. Also, new visitors may decide to come in just to experience the atmosphere. 

Sometimes just changing the menu prices can make a huge difference. It’s not a bad idea either to understand the psychology of people coming to your restaurant. This way, you and your staff will cope better with demanding or dissatisfied guests, last-minute cancellations, special requests, etc. See here when the saying ‘customer is always right’ doesn’t have much sense.

Staff Is the Essence


Every seasoned manager knows that good staff plays a huge role in the success of any business. Finding hardworking, productive, and loyal employees is a demanding task. So staff changes should only be made when necessary, as it can be a vast expense in the hospitality industry (especially in the last months).

Many great restaurants have only a few employees in the core team. Guests also feel better when they see familiar faces instead of new ones every once in a while. Instead of hiring new people every so often, you should create a reliable team to move towards success.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is essential when running a restaurant business. It can go a long way towards making the restaurant environment a pleasant one for everyone. Otherwise, you won’t be able to draw in new guests. Word-of-mouth about your or staff’s behavior can be quite harsh.

In order to be successful as a restaurant manager, you will need to instill a positive attitude within employees. Most owners find that they have more success when there are great energy and chemistry among staff. The positivity is spread to the guests who enjoy every moment of the visit.

Invest in Advertising

As for management proactivity, you have to adhere to that approach when it comes to marketing. Many hospitality businesses failed because they didn’t advertise effectively. Sure, word-of-mouth is a great way to get good recommendations. But you can’t rely solely on that.

You should be promoting in areas that show what your restaurant offers. Proper market targeting will help you stick to a budget and achieve great results. A rule of a thumb for good restaurant management is to advertise at all times, including off-peak hours. Also, use every means you can (social media, banners, signs, print ads, etc.).

When you’re trying to increase your customer base, it’s important to be proactive in your market approach and advertising. You should put your guests’ satisfaction first, but don’t ever neglect the importance of your staff.

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Sovány sparkling water is made with organic fruit juice

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.

Sovany image

If a cleaner diet is a goal for you in 2021 then Sovany is a brand I want to introduce you to. I have come to enjoy flavored sparkling waters and it seems like every few months there is a new brand on shelves so I assume I am not the only consumer switching to these beverages over sugary pops and juices. However, some like to share shelf space with better beverage options like sparkling waters but are anything but better! Using sweeteners and not taking care in where they source their ingredients.

Sovany Sparkling Water is everything you want in a clean label and responsible producer of beverages. They use organic, Non-GMO ingredients and have a fair trade and sustainable production method. You get a clean label and they taste much better than most brands I have discovered – because you are tasting fresh organic fruit juices and nothing else.

These kosher and gluten free organic fruit juice flavored sparkling waters come in 4 flavors in a BPA-free can. Simply Sparkling Water is a great plain flavor with zero sugars and the Ingenious Apple, Brilliant Orange and Remarkable Raspberry are only sweetened by the fruits used. The Ingenious Apple is my favorite. They make great low calorie mixers too! You can find Sovany in certain markets nationwide or on the Sovany website.