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Electrolit has Launched a Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar Hydration Beverage

Electrolit has Launched a Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar Hydration Beverage

As you have probably been wanting yourself, many consumers are more demanding lately for lower sugar, lower calorie options for foods and beverages. Just about any food product you want to enjoy has the ability to use better ingredients. Electrolit Hydration Beverage has done what was requested, they have launched their Zero line and it comes with 3 flavors – Berry Blast, Lemon Breeze and Fruit Punch Splash.

Electrolit Zero

Electrolit is known for its pharmaceutical quality grade ingredients that give you proper hydration and helps aid in recovery. They have created an optimal balance of electrolytes to prevent and treat dehydration. It is the Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium that work together to help treat your body and recover faster and packaged in their familiar square bottles.

Electrolit will extend their Zero sugar hydration beverage line to select current retailers, including 7-11, HEB, AMPM, and more. Electrolit can also be purchased at Walmart, Kroger, and more, and through online stores such as Amazon.  Visit to learn more!

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Protein2O plant-based, vegan protein water is my go-to morning beverage

Protein2O plant-based, vegan protein water is my go-to morning beverage

I keep track of my diet in a food app and I struggle to eat enough protein. I have tried many protein shakes and with added sugars and some are too sweet or chalky to want to drink too much of, I could never find one that gives me the added protein I need and enjoy it at the same time. I was introduced to Protein2O waters and now it is my morning go-to beverage. I always grab one on my way out the door to work and either drink in the morning or have it for later in the day to get me through meetings or errands when I need to fill up.

plant protein

Protein2O is plant-based and vegan and very refreshing with 11 fruity flavors. I tend to crave the flavors of bottled protein water most, but love ending my night with canned beverages and the flavors like Key Lime Coconut, so if I have not met my protein intake I can end the day with the Protein2O waters in great flavors by can over ice for a refresher.

protein water

I love that they are available in many grocers and drugstores, but was very excited to find them at a great bulk price at my local Costco. I love these fruit-flavored waters much better over sweet shakes and bars. I am so excited this is a protein option. They take pure whey protein isolate and filter it through reverse osmosis to get rid of impurities and we get 15g of protein that is easily digestible.

protein water

Look for Protein2O as your source of daily protein! Visit Protein2O to learn more and find a retailer near you.

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A Couple of Reasons Why Everyone Loves Chihuahua Coffee Mugs

A Couple of Reasons Why Everyone Loves Chihuahua Coffee Mugs

Everyone has their own way of starting the day. Some like to take a walk outside, others lay in bed for as long as possible, but most people start their day with a favorite beverage in their mug. Why does it feel so good and satisfying to sit in your room, all cozy during winter days, and just watch the snow while drinking your favorite beverage?

Everyone can agree that it is just a universal law that coffee or tea tastes impossibly good in a mug. You can test it and see on your own the difference between, for example, a plastic cup and a mug. If you are so much into coffee mugs, you can always get them as a gift for someone you love. If you want to look more into it, check out this link

Reasons why coffee mugs are a fantastic gift

The aroma you get from the coffee in a mug is unique. A gift to your loved ones without saying, “I love you.” It doesn’t matter what day it is, which holiday it is, is it his/her birthday. There is no need to have an occasion to tell someone special around you that you appreciate them. 

A coffee mug filled with love

All you need in return is that they treasure your gift. You want him/her to enjoy your gift every day and every moment of their life. That is a way of saying thank you for your attention and love. As written above, everyone has a habit of drinking something from their mug during the day, milk, tea, or other beverage by their choice.

Does it feel the same if you drink from a “random” mug or from a mug that was gifted to you? The answer is, of course not. You will feel more appreciated sitting in your comfy zone with your favorite mug, knowing someone appreciates you. Read more on this page.

A special one-of-a-kind coffee mug

A coffee mug can be a really cool gift, and it can be made in unique ways. Companies that create mugs can offer you many options of what you want to be put onto the mug. If you know the person really well and know what they especially love, you can surprise them by telling them you know them really well. Say that your friend has a little buddy who spends most of its time cuddling you.

That little guy is a chihuahua. Suppose you know that the person you are close with has a chihuahua. In that case, gifting them coffee mugs with Chihuahua design might just be the perfect gift.

A great gift for everyone

If you do not know the person really well, and u just want to give them something, a really nice gift can be coffee mugs. They can suit everyone, and u should not worry about whether it is a good gift or not. You can engrave anything on it, and still, it would make a perfect way to come, not empty-handed. 

Coffee mugs are not expensive

If you are worried about whether coffee mugs are expensive, you should be assured that they are not. Hopefully, that makes you feel a bit better. If you think otherwise, that bringing one coffee mug is not enough, you can always get a whole package of mugs so that your friends can pick for themselves. 

Even as a present, you can make their life hard by making them choose which mug should be their favorite. The material it is made from is ceramic, available in every country with huge amounts of it. 


Coffee mugs, as a gift, can never be outdated because you will always need at least one. The products can last a long time and they are probably the most practical items ever. Mugs can come in all sorts of designs, because the people who make them are creative and very talented. Hopefully, you can put Chihuahua coffee mugs into your present basket and surprise everyone around you with your creativity in the future. It is a great way of making someone’s day a whole lot better. 

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Best Birthday Gifts for Men – Grilling, Food, Drinks and more

Best Birthday Gifts for Men - Grilling, Food, Drinks and more

Shopping for the guys is the hardest shopping task. My husband and Dad will just go buy themselves the things they really want. Maybe it’s a pride thing or perhaps they hate shopping so when they need retail therapy they go satisfy their needs by grabbing what they know, leaving us little ideas on what we can gift them. Man Crates has you covered, trust me! They offer some of the best birthday gifts for men.

When you gift Man Crates, it is more than some items in a box. Man Crates are an experience. They have crates for any man or teen. Whether you have a cook, cocktail connoisseur, griller, handyman or sports fan in your home, there is a crate for them.

The box arrives sealed and with a crow bar. Once they find their way in, it is filled with their favorite things. Let’s take a look at my crates, Booze-Infused Jerky Crate and the Cast Iron Cooking Crate.

The Booze-Infused Jerky crate is great for meat lovers and spirit lovers. It brings some bold and some sweet flavors to their favorite meat snack. I love the try-before-you-buy factor in these crates. You will know exactly what is coming in the crate with the product descriptions.

We love to cook and use our smoker. The Cast Iron Cooking Crate is a lot of fun. This pasta and sauce tossed with some smoked meatballs will be a hit. I also love making homemade tortillas and the small cast iron pan works great!

Here are a few things to note as you break down the vast website of Man Crates, because they offer so much. First, you can buy gift sets in these wooden crates you open with the included crow bar. However, you have other options as well, Project boxes come in a package and are great for the DIY guy or handyman. The Ammo Can Gifts come in an air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible ammo case. Find poker, foodie and other gifts available in these cans. They have Man Crates Jerky Grams as well that come boxed and full of surprises.

Man Crates will let you shop by crate-type or by categories – Bestseller, Grill & Cook, Jerky & Snacks, Drink, Maker & DIY, Sports & Gear and Personalized Gifts.

Visit Man Crates to find the perfect gift for all of the special and hard-working men in your life. One way to save is to create a free account and enter birth dates in your reminder account. Man Crates will send you reminders with a 10% savings offer.

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