New Jovē Alkaline Water offers a deep hydration

New Jove Alkaline Water offers a deep hydration
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I am sure you can relate to feeling sluggish, sleep deprived, irritable and even dry and dull skin. If you can rule out other causes, perhaps the main reason for these symptoms is dehydration. Your Doctors (like mine) may have said something like, “…if we can rule out XYZ, we need to then look at your diet and hydration habits”. I have heard this recently at a Doctors appointment. I am normally healthy, but there was more I could do so I am doing those things, including drinking more water! Jove Water is new and such a better choice over standard water. I still try and get my needed 65 ounces a day (right now my Doctor wants me as high as 100 ounces), but about 34 of my ounces are Jovē hydration!

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Why Jovē Deep Hydration Alkaline Water?

But, regular water is so much cheaper? Why Jovē? What your Doctor means by ‘dehydrated’, often means cellular dehydration. More than just, drinking wet stuff, your cells need a healthy hydration to be at their happiest. Just like we may eat healthy, but also take supplements to add the best amounts of nutrients, we can drink water that has added benefits.

Jovē is clinically shown to provide hydration for skin and cellular health. Jovē water gives your cells exactly the added benefits for function such as liquid silica, an essential mineral that increases alkalinity, and charged with electrons, a primary source of energy for our body and cells. Cellular hydration supports our mitochondria (the power plant of our cells), cellular metabolism and the release of cellular waste. This is why you want a deep hydration water like Jovē.

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Up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated and 2/3 of that hydration is cellular hydration and I am one of those. Jovē water is free of BPA and BPS and is sugar free, flouride free and there are no additives. You get zero calories also.

Unless you live under pure springs and the tap water is of an iceberg source (not the case anywhere in the US), perhaps some bottled water is better than the tap. However, pure H2O water is neutral and has a pH of 7 at room temperature. Deep hydrating water, such as Jovē, contains sources of available energy in the form of electrons that effectively make it to the cells, providing cellular hydration. Because our blood is 90% water, if we are dehydrated then our blood has a difficult time pushing nutrients to our organ systems. Cellular hydration is our body detox! Our organ systems gets nutrients while toxins are flushed and that all comes full circle to having happy cells for a happy body.

I drink 1 bottle of Jovē a day (33.8 ounces) and hydrate more with pure-sourced bottled water to get as close to my goal each day. Drinking more than 1 bottle is fine in a day, but for my wallet I feel 1 bottle of Jovē to start the day and then keep drinking my normal water source is still a healthier form of hydration than just pure H2O all day.

Again, why Jovē at about $2.80 a bottle rather than that .50 cent bottle? A body that gets a boost for all of the vital reasons. Buy Jovē by the case at Amazon. Available now!


French Blue Wine puts an American twist on French rosé

French Blue Wine puts an American twist on French rosé

If there is a wine that makes you feel relaxed or refreshed on a hot day or has you flying through hours with friends, it is a good French rosé. A good rosé has just enough grape skin for some color, but it is not a red wine. French rosé is best when chilled and pairs great with your summer favorites – salads, seafoods and great with Spanish dishes (try a rosé with some empanadas or fresh tortillas)! French Blue Wine is not French, however, it is American.

French Rose wine

French Blue Wine 2020 Bordeaux Rosé has an American twist on French rosé. What is American about it? It is in the blend of fresh-cut flavor of watermelon, strawberry, and cherry. It is crisp and so refreshing for a hot summer day or evening or any time of year that you need to feel warm again.

French wine

Stephanie Rivin is the Creator of French Blue Wine. She wanted to bring and keep a piece of France with her in the US. Look for French Blue Wines at Whole Foods, World Markets, Target, Kroger and Visit French Blue Wines to see more.


Glassware and Barware from Well Told Makes Great Gifts for Dad

Glassware and Barware from Well Told Makes Great Gifts for Dad

When it comes to finding gifts for loved ones, such as Dad or your husband, chances are the personalized gifts take the win! When you can gift something meaningful in a useful product, it becomes such a popular gift idea. This one is so simple and will be used a lot. The glassware and barware from Well Told allows you to choose places, interests or quotes etched into the products Dad will use from the bar.

Well Told Gifts

This is the Pint Glass with my husbands home town – Tacoma, Wa. They had this city available to order and this was a tough choice because I had so many options. Well Told offers pint glasses for beer, wine glasses, whiskey rocks glass, champagne flutes, flasks and more!

Well Told Beer Glass

If choosing a city map is not of interest, you can choose from landmarks, adventure routes, academic themes such as popular history or literature quotes or Astronomy, math and science. Chances are, there is something for Dad you can order right now in time for Father’s Day! Shipping is free after $50 and the most popular Dad gifts are listed here!

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Give Your To-Go Coffee Cup an Easy Grip Handle with GoCuff

Give Your To-Go Coffee Cup an Easy Grip Handle with GoCuff

As a Mom, one of my favorite moments is that sit in the coffee drive thru between leaving home and starting my day at work. I am not the best at finishing my coffee as I get to work as I set it down on my table and get distracted. Then it gets too cold and I am less likely to sip on it when it loses heat. At least with my new GoCuff it helps insulate as well as give my coffee cup a handle and gives it a fun look as well. I keep a GoCuff in my car and one for travel.

With designs like my Hustle GoCuff or the many choices they offer I am now asked about this ‘handle’ sleeve at work when I am seen with it on my cup. My weekly treat is the drive thru espresso across the street from the High School I work at and when I have an armload of items to carry in, having the handle is so convenient and lighter than a bulky mug.

On the hot days, when I order iced coffee I get a barrier with my GoCuff to avoid the wet mess from condensation. And when my hot drinks are just too hot for even a double-insulated cup to protect my hands, the GoCuff is also a barrier for the extra heat as well. It acts like a little insulator and even appears that when I ask for a stopper and have my sleeve on, my hot coffees seem to stay hot a bit longer.

Mother’s Day is coming and if Mom is a coffee lover, she will enjoy having a GoCuff to elevate her to-go coffee cup and the designs are so fun. Visit GoCuff and order her a sleeve or two (after 2, shipping is free at $20+)!!