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Hubs Power Packs Virginia Peanuts make a great protein snack

Hubs Power Packs Virginia Peanuts make a great protein snack

School may be out for the kids, but I am still in the office through June. The kids leave and many staff are left behind to close school and prepare for next year. It is very mellow right now. The office seems empty and I can actually stay focused on the work I am doing. But, it is too quiet at times. To keep myself motivated, I make sure I have the right meals and snacks at work. I have just a few weeks before I get a break and I have so much to complete. I need to stay focused and having little protein power snacks is a must! I grab a Hubs Power Pack of Virginia Peanuts and toss it into my lunch bag every morning as I leave for work.

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Hubs are not your ordinary peanut. There is something about a peanut that is so fresh, has a bit of moisture and a great taste to every peanut. They are salted just right and 1 pack is hardly enough. I always want more.

What is great is that these peanut packs are packed with 7g of protein, 2g of fiber, B Vitamins,Vitamin E, and are naturally vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO certified. They are home cooked and have been a hit since 1954 from Virginia.

You can stock up on these delicious Virginia peanuts by visiting Hubs online shop. They deliver to your door and the more you buy, the more you save! Shop Hubs today.

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Sweet Chaos Popcorn is the perfect blend os sweet and salty and is gluten-free

Sweet Chaos Popcorn is the perfect blend os sweet and salty and is gluten-free

It is the most addictive popcorn I have ever had. Once I brought the bags to work and shared, I had co-workers looking for more everywhere (found some cat Total Wine near us). Sweet Chaos popcorn has flavors that are so irresistible and it is all non-GMO and gluten-free.

Sweet Chaos has 3 types of popcorn varieties – flavored, drizzled and seasonal flavors. Within all of the varieties you can find the favorite buttered and kettle corn to Cold Stone Cake Batter and Jalapeno Blue Cheese was has been a hit here.

Sweet Chaos non-GMO Drizzled popcorn is popped in coconut oil and flavored with just enough real cane sugar and sea salt. There are no artificial colors or flavors. It is a treat with the right amount of sweet and salty. Visit Sweet Chaos to order!

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Just Like Home Pasta Sauce is unique in its recipe sources

Just Like Home Pasta Sauce is unique in its recipe sources

From many submissions from around America with their personal pasta sauce recipes, comes Just Like Home. Yes, these sauces are all original recipes from real pasta sauce lovers who were selected in a recipe contest. The front of the jar has the name, likeness and signature of the original creators.

Just Like Home Kitchen

The brand is crafted from an Italian-American in Boston and the flavors are unlike any I have tried. It beats a typical jar of marinara by a mile. Everyone in my home, even the teen has made comments about how delicious the sauces are as I have served them over pasta, over meatball subs and more. I don’t ever want to buy another brand again. They are that fresh tasting and amazing!

The flavors? Buttery Marinara, Zesty Tomato Basil and Cheese, N.Y. Lip-Smackin Garlic (my favorite), Chicago-Style Bolognese (my teen’s and husband’s favorite), Mushroom Cabernet, Sweet Potato Pomodoro.

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Where to get these? Most Albertsons, Sprouts, Schnucks and other markets carry Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes sauces. Visit Just Like Home to learn more. Also, .25 cents from every jar sold is donated to local homeless shelters throughout the US. Buy, enjoy and support!


Dinner, Drinks and Snacks for your next movie night!

It’s getting cold and busy and one thing you need to remember to do is to stop and enjoy this season. We like to find a night or 2 a week and make a very easy meal, find a good movie and have the snacks ready for a night in. Clear the calendar and enjoy each other in the middle of the chaotic Holiday season. I have the dinner, drinks and snacks ideas covered for you!

Our favorite quick meals are homemade taquitos. I can use any leftover meats and veggies and use them up in this simple dish. I use low carb tortillas and gather any meat, veggies and beans and heat that up with some melted or nacho cheese and roll up in a tortilla. I place them in a baking dish, brush with olive oil and bake in 425 degrees for about 15 minutes until the top browns and crisps a bit. 

I always keep bean pouches available for this because they are easy to tear open and add to any dish like this. No can opener mess! Fillo’s has great beans full of great flavors. From baked beans to black or pinto beans in a Mexi-night meal, these pouches are fantastic to have on hand. They are non-GMO and made in America, ready to eat or heat.

When it is time to watch your movie, we grab the waters and snacks. ShineWater has great flavors that those who don’t enjoy drinking water can enjoy their flavor burst. There is zero added sugar and no artificial ingredients. This is a guilt-free flavored beverage that comes in a few flavors as well as added Vitamin D and other vitamin boosts.

Our teens favorite snacks are gummy candies. Licorice and Sour Punch are at the top of the favorite list. For the Holidays, Red Vines has their original or flavored licorice twists such as the Gingerbread twists. Sour Punch also has fun Holiday shapes and flavors. 

Grab an easy recipe, your snacks and a little Holiday movie time and enjoy a night in with these American brands.