Father's Day

2020 Father’s Day Online Shopping Guide – Gifts for Men

Father's Day gifts for men

You might as well start shopping for Dad now! What else are you doing anyway? Once we slowly get back to a new normal everyone will be rushing out so I see us shopping online more than usual for a ling while.

There is something special about walking store aisle as you find something for Dad, so online shopping will feel a bit different. That’s OK! Sometimes you actually get better deals online anyway!

Many small businesses that cannot open store fronts or that have their product in stores that are now closed are relying on us to get online and find them. So, let’s shop the 2020 Father’s Day gifts for men….

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit – 12 premium products

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Crystal Cove Activated Charcoal Pillow – other wedge and yoga pillows availabel

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To Dad, from LEGO-loving kids! Let’s Build together!

Brick Loot

Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent

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Awesome Gifts Men Love!

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NatureBox is a monthly membership that provides members savings of up to 40% on hundreds of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved snacks. 

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Build your better bathroom with Dollar Shave Club’s exclusive products.

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Shop Gift baskets for Dad at GourmetGiftBaskets

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NomadGoods Power Packs, chargers and cases. 

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The Golfer’s Book of Wit & Wisdom: The Complete Collection of Golf Jokes, One-Liners & Witty Sayings

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The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital

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2x the FDA approved sanitizingh effect to sanitize your devices

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Always Eat After 7pm book

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5 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas the Kids Can make

Father’s Day is almost here and we all know Dad does not need another tie or a second pair of slippers (he can only wear 1 pair at a time anyway).

I have been searching some of the best (and most adorable) DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas to share with all of you in one spot.

Handprint Baseball Father’s Day Gift with Free Printable Poem

Photo Source: Sunny Day Family

Seriously, how adorable is this for bay or toddler to Dad?! A trip to Goodwill could even get you a ball and mitt for cheap. Purple Power, magic eraser or a degreaser cleans the ball well.


Craft Stick Flower Pots

Photo Source: Typically Sourced

If Dad has a desk he likes to show off his kids work at, this is a fun way to add color to his workspace.


Tackle Box Candy Craft

Photo Source: Crafty Morning

This is a lot of fun to fill with worms and fish treats. I would supervise the kids on this craft so that enough candy is left over for Dad’s gift!


Superhero DIY LEGO Gift

Photo Source: Celebrating with the Bug

Have a lot of LEGO’s lying around? Have the kids create superheroes while you get this printable ready. You can display in a shadow box frame

www. celebratingwiththebug.com/superhero-diy

Upcycled Nuts and Bolts Heart Craft

Photo Source: Mosswood Connections

This is such a simple project for the kids that requires a bunch of bolts, washers and nuts and glue. I bet you can put an ask out in your community groups an someone may have an old can of these around for you. If you need to polish them up, put them in a plastic bottle with some apple cider vinegar and shake them every once in a while.


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METALLICA | BLACKENED American Whiskey from Cask Cartel

I was sent product for feature. Opinions are my own


Did you know that June 14th is National Bourbon and Scotch Day and then Father’s Day lands on June 16th. Celebrate Dad with a bottle of not-so-average whiskey! The best part is you can order his bottle online right now and know it will arrive fast, packaged well and be a premium liquor and at a great price! Let me give you a suggestion of a bottle that is a hit in my home with guests!

I thought I have had good American whiskey before. I get caught by the locked case at my supermarket that I assume are the best of brands. Or I head to a Wine and Liquor store and see so many options and don’t know where to start. I have tasted some amazing straight whiskey and bourbon blends, but nothing compares to METALLICA | BLACKENED American.

By far, it is the smoothest whiskey I have ever tried. Now when guests come over I immediately have those who I know appreciate a good whisky try a sip and they about melt into their chair!

Take a virtual sip below….

It is a blend of straight whiskeys finished in black brandy casks and a proprietary sonic enhancement process called Black Noise. It uses batch-specific Metallica playlists, selected and arranged by the band, to extract additional flavor and characteristics from the barrels. The low hertz sound waves of the music increases the molecular interaction between the whiskey and wood. It was co-created with (the late) master distiller Dave Pickerell, formerly of Maker’s Mark and WhistlePig.

About Cask Cartel

American-owned and operated online liquor store with thousands of selections, from old favorites to top shelf and collector’s items. Each has a full description and tasting notes. All orders usually ship straight to your door within 24 hours, and with a 100 percent guarantee, thanks to the company’s custom foam-mold injection packaging system.

Choose from whiskeys, vodkas, rums, tequilas and more — including some not available anywhere else in the world. You can even take advantage of Cask Cartel’s bidding system, putting in an offer for a case or extremely rare item and see if the seller accepts.

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Nomad Battery Cable: Lightning Cable and Charger in One

I was provided sample. Opinions are my own

How many cords and chargers are lying around? Funny how 10 years ago we would wonder why I would ask such a question and here we are carrying cords, battery packs and extra car chargers around with us. With a house of boys it is a constant struggle to keep track of cords and battery packs. The Nomad Battery Cable is a game changer in this house and now I need 1-2 more for even more organization. Here is why…

I have a battery pack and so does my husband and son. Each of those bulky packs needs the cord. So, I always keep 2 cords in my car, one for our son in the back and for us in the front seat. Then I do the same in our truck for when we drive that. Those cords never stay put! That is because it gets grabbed to use for a charger and then never put back.

The Battery Cable from Nomad is a lightning cable and charger in one! Better yet, the charger is a small cylinder and not a large ‘brick’. Now, my goal is to just keep one of these in each car and one in the living room. This way plugging the charger back in means the cord is also available with it and that is less of a cord hunt when we need one.

  • New robust aluminum housing
  • 2,800mAh of power storage
  • 1X iPhone charge
  • Apple MFi approved
  • Pass-through charging technology
  • ballistic nylon braided
  • The battery enables one full charge for iPad, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, X, 8, iPhone 6, 6S and 6/6s Plus.
  • charges your phone first before then charging its internal battery

It is compact enough to just slip in my purse and if I need the phone plugged in, I can just reach for the lightning end of the cord and plug it into my phone without taking it fully out of my purse or travel bag.

You will love the convenience of carrying 1 cord that is light and compact! They make great gifts for Mom, Dad and are a game changer for traveling!

Buy on Amazon