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A Southern French Martini Recipe with my Well Told Yellowstone Rocks Glass

Southern French Martini

OK, so a martini should be served in a martini glass but when you have a Yellowstone Rocks Glass available and you just want to drink from it, it is perfectly acceptable to make a martini in one. As I feature one of the National Parks Rocks Glasses that Well Told offers, I thought I’d share how I recently learned how to make a Southern French Martini. A southern french martini has a simple syrup in the recipe. To not use a simple syrup would make it a french martini (without the southern title). I use stevia or monkfruit rather than standard sugar for a sugar free simple syrup and I infuse my syrup with pineapple so there is an element of ‘natural sugars’.

Southern French Martini

I got this recipe from a family member. I used a monkfruit sweetner for my infused simple syrup, however this does contain natural sugars within the fruit I use.
Prep Time 1 hr
Cook Time 20 mins
Course Drinks
Servings 1 cocktail


  • 1 Shot Glass
  • 1 Cocktail Shaker


  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Raspberry Liqueur I used Chombord
  • 1 oz Fresh Pineapple Juice I used Dole 100% Fresh juice
  • .5 oz Simple Syrup I used pineapple infused
  • Ice to shake and chill


Pineapple Infused Simple Syrup

  • In a small saucepan ass 1:1 ratio of sugar (I used monkfruit sweetener) and water. I cup each will make several drinks. Add fresh cut pineapple. I buy precut pineapple from my grocers fruit bowl section. Bring to a boil as you stir occasionally. Let simmer for 20 minutes. Cool and transfer to a glass container. It will keep for a week in the fridge.

The Cocktail

  • Add ice to your shaker
  • Add the vodka, liqueur, simple syrup and pineapple juice and shake until blended and chilled. Drain into a glass and enjoy!


You can omit the simple syrup and use the other ingredients. In this case you have a French Martini rather than a Southern French Martini (Southern=Sugar)

Well Told has the best barware and drinkware. I have many Well Told items in my bar and they always bring compliments. Not only am I a Yellowstone (TV series) fan, but we visiting Yellowstone last summer in an RV road trip. I was so excited to find this rocks glass. You can also choose city maps, colleges, literature and more that are etched with the best quality. Shop Well Told for gifts and glasses for you home bar!

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The NOMATIC Toiletry Bag is designed to ensure your toiletries stay protected

The NOMATIC Toiletry Bag is designed to ensure your toiletries stay protected

This is not a general toiletry bag that Dad will enjoy. This is a highly functional bag with purposeful design Dad will love! The NOMATIC Toiletry Wash Bag for travel keeps all of your travel necessities together in a waterproof storage case. You can feel the quality right away!

durable toiletry bag

This bag comes in 2 sizes – small and large (standard). It includes a hanging strap as well. It is very well made to stay compact and even has a dedicated toothbrush compartment. Even when I load essentials, it stays compact for easy packing.

Nomatic travel bags

I also love the visible pockets inside. I can see what I need and get to it easily. You can hang with the bag open or shut. Cleaning is very easy as the material used makes it easy to wipe off residue. All zippers are have a pull string. This would also make a great bag for carrying medical supplies like diabetes supplies, etc. This is because the compartments have great proportions for small items.

travel bag stays dry

Nomatic has many great backpacks and travel accessories. This NOMATIC Toiletry Wash Bag for Travel is available on Amazon. You can head over to the NOMATIC website for great gift ideas!

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2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

2022 Father's Day Gift Guide

Once again, I have partnered with some great brands to bring you many 2022 Father’s Day gift ideas so you can make 2022 and epic Father’s Day after a long year for all of us! If there was ever a year the men in your life deserved a day, it is June 19, 2022!

Keep checking in as I add more…..

Which gift catches your eye?

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SPICE OF LIFE Buddy Beat Neck Speaker Light with Call Answering

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NOMATIC– Toiletry Wash Bag for Travel, Waterproof Storage Case for Shaving Kit, Toiletries

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If a Health Basket is what Dad would love, Viva Naturals has supplements and health food choices made with natural ingredients

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Cushion Lab has this ergonomic travel neck pillow with carry case.

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Pirani is the last party cup you will need! The reusable red (other colors available) cup!

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1st in Coffee has many coffee gifts dad will love

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SPICE OF LIFE Portable Neck Fan – Hands-Free Wireless W Fan 2nd Edition

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Proud Grill UltraVersatile Stainless Steel Grill Basket with adjustable and removable handle

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Seabear Smoked Salmon Gift Sets from Anacortes, Wa

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Naked Nutrition protein products offer the best ingredients for better performance.

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Father's Day

4 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special

4 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special

People are gearing up for Father’s Day with the usual charade of skimming through Target’s shelves for wallets, shaving kits, and travel mugs. This year, go beyond the same expected gifts and celebratory events. Use these four creative suggestions to create an exceptionally special day for your dad on Father’s Day. 

  1. Cast Iron Cookware Gifts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the comeback of cast iron cookware. Heavy-duty skillets, pots, pans, Dutch ovens—you name it—are captivating the interests of dads everywhere. From the seasoned base to the grip of the handle, cast iron tells dads that, yes, they can take their barbeques inside. 

Safety precautions and social restrictions have encouraged people to garden and grow their own food, as well as cook from home more often, and cast iron cookware has made this transition much more manageable. Whether your dad wants to fry fish like a five-star chef, grill beef to charred perfection, or create the perfect ham and cheese omelet, cast iron cookware has your gift covered. 

Dads like tools they can use for the long-haul, and cast iron cookware is made to be long-lasting. He’ll appreciate the longevity of your gift, making his day special. 

man and boy fishing on water
  1. Handmade and Thoughtful Gestures

Maybe you’ve never seen your dad cry, or perhaps he unabashedly sobs at every This Is Us episode. In either case, you know that his inner cry baby exists and that a perfect Father’s Day would include poking the bear. 

Make a day of it and walk down memory lane. Frame the photograph of the two of you on your fishing trip and present it to your dad during a Father’s day dinner. Or, better yet, take him back to the fishing spot and rehash old memories with conversation and laughter. Bring out the grateful, emotional side of your dad and make his day truly special. 

  1. Do That Thing He’s Always Talking About 

You might not like this one, but if you want to make your dad’s Father’s Day special, then put on your selfless hat and do those activities he’s been dying to do with you, no matter how insane they make you feel. 

If your dad wants to show you the entirety of his postage stamp collection, sit there, smile, and nod. It will make him happy, and you’ll survive. Is he a sucker for watching old family videos? Dust off that VCR. 

Consider what would make him happy rather than the things you would like to do with him and give him on Father’s Day. If you want your dad to feel extra special, you’ve got to think about what he wants. 

  1. Go Totally Unconventional

Give your dad the same pampering and care that mom gets on Mother’s Day. Can’t spend a lot? Create a DIY spa day at home. It’s 2021, and we are more woke, so treat dad to everything from a mani-pedi and a massage to Father’s Day flowers

He’ll feel so relaxed, he’ll be kicking himself for not practicing self-care sooner. You can even give him the gift of a charcoal pillow (yup, it’s got charcoal in it) so he’ll still feel manly while he is lulled to sleep by softness. 

The Bottom Line 

The only surefire way to make Father’s Day special it should be is to do all of the things you haven’t done before. By now, dads expect to get ties and funny socks and all the other typical “dad” gifts you’ve sent in previous years. This year, think outside of the box with your gift and how you celebrate the day together.