K’lani Hair Tie Bracelets will be your traveling must-have in 2024

If you are like me, you carry hair ties in the car, purse, travel bags, backpack and even around my wrist. They never quite fit right around my wrist, but it would be handy if they did! When I discovered these hair tie bracelets from K’lani I knew I needed to try them. The colors are so pretty and they look great around the wrist and hold my hair back when I need.

I typically wear my hair down, but when hiking or traveling, pulling it back is sometimes best. I either have dozens of hair ties all over the place or none the moment I need one. These fit great around my wrist and come in sizes from smaller girls to medium and large sizes. They make great stocking stuffers or to stock up this winter as we near travel season.

Choose from the thin hair tie design or thicker wrist band designs. Born in 2021 from the need to have hair ties handy and to fit the wrist better, K’Lani Hair-tie Bracelets are sold in hundreds of retail stores nationwide. Shop now and stock up!


Stay warm this winter with gifts from Heat Holders

As someone who suffers from the deep itchy hives of cold urticaria, warm clothing is a life saver! With this condition, any cold that hits my exposed skin begins to swell and itch. It becomes worse as I thaw out when warming up, so staying as warm as possible at all times is how to handle it, as well as having an antihistamine on hand. Heat Holders allows me to sit in a cold office or wrap in in a cold room with comfort.

Heat Holders was originally created to be the warmest sock, then added other products to their line. Heat Holders uses a specially developed thermal yarn that provides high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture breathing abilities. Their innovative knitting technology produces unique, extra long looped cushion pile to hold in more warm air, increasing the TOG rating. Last of the process is the expert brushing process that maximizes the amount of warm air held inside each sock for total warmth and all-day comfort.

To stay comfortable in winter, Heat Holders is so fantastic to have on hand for outdoor sporting events, cold camping nights, outdoor work and more! Find at retailers such as Amazon and at


Shop Kids basic Styles for the Holidays at Kidpik

When you need the basics- bright colors, tees, hoodies and soft sweats, Kidpik has the styles to stock your children wardrobes back up. At Kidpik you can shop by piece, an entire outfit or even a styled Pik box. Let Kidpik send you the basics for the sizes you desire. It brings convenience to shopping for kids clothes delivered to your door at great prices.

When you are done choosing an outfit from chic to casual, finish off your style with shoes and accessories. I stocked my nephew up on clothes for his 4th birthday with the styles in this post. The pants I ordered will be easy on and off for him and the tops are so soft!

Kidpik has clothing and footwear for boys and girls, sizes from 2T to 16, and shoe sizes from 9 toddler to 6 youth. With the holidays approaching, and show up to the Holiday events in style.


The New Comfy Splash Hooded Water-Resistant Wearable Blanket

The New Comfy Splash Hooded Water-Resistant Wearable Blanket

The new Comfy Splash is going to be a game changer for outdoor sport games! Living in Wa. state means outdoor sports in the fall, winter and spring are typically wet and cold as a spectator or game helper. I work at our local high school and sometimes work the games. Football season can be wet and cold and this wearable and waterproof Comfy Splash will be a hit!

There are so many features inside and out of the Comfy Splash wearable blanket!

  • There are zippered waterproof pockets so items you need on you stay dry
  • The coat is extra long! The 2” on the front, 4” on the back keep you entirely dry even when sitting
  • The collar and longer cuffs keep your neck and hands dry
  • Inside is a soft silken fleece to keep you warm

You see the warmth in this wearable blanket before you even feel it. The packaging it arrives in is 100% recyclable as well! This makes a great gift for athletes or those that spectate. They are great after a day of snow skiing or just outdoor chores in the winter.

Consider a Comfy Splash or any wearable blanket from Comfy! You can enter your email on their website and get early access to Black Friday deals. Visit