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The Homeschool Awakening is in theaters June 13 and 14 only

Many thanks to TBN & CamFam Studios for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

The Homeschool Awakening is in theaters June 13 and 14 only

Grab the family or just your significant other and head to the theaters July 13 and 14! Kirk Cameron presents The Homeschool Awakening. With the pandemic that shut down schools, families got a taste of teaching from home. The difference between distance learning and homeschooling, as described in this presentation, is that distance learning is still public school structured – their curriculum and schedule only logging in by a certain time to begin the day. Homeschooling is 100% controlled by parents- parents choose the curriculum, schedule and routine.

There are many benefits to public schools, especially for households with parents who work out of the home full time. However, you can still work and homeschool…it is very possible. But, there are so many questions around homeschooling. Do they socialize? Can they get into colleges? What about skills or even scholarships? Homeschooling has zero effect on any of these. In fact, you can give them some fantastic social interaction opportunities.

I work at our local high school and value our teachers and admin and my son enjoys school and the clubs and sports offered. Since we came back after Covid we have many families who teach at home and those kids are on the sports teams and at events. This is going to be such a great film for those on the fence. For kids who are struggling in a classroom or school campus and for those who’s kids or teens spend more time in discipline meetings rather than in the classroom, these kids might need a different way to learn. This is for those families. It is also for families who want to spend more time with their kids and grow with them. You can teach what you want in the guidelines of learning. You can add worship and co-op opportunities. Connecting with other homeschool families is very common and these kids are thriving. There is another way and you learn so much watching The Homeschool Awakening.

All of the answers to your homeschool questions and resources are in the Homeschool Awakening website here!


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Tips When Looking for Real Estate Work

If you’re an experienced real estate agent looking for real estate work, you may be wondering which are the best companies to work for or how you will fit the work into your life. Here are some tips to help you become a successful estate agent.

Read the reviews

Many job sites have reviews of the companies advertised. If you read reviews, you will be able to see if the job is right for you. This will highlight various aspects of the company in question, helping you to make an informed decision by deciding if any of these apply to you. For example, some of the pros of working for Compass include access to their advanced technology and high earnings potential, therefore if you have experience, are willing to put in the hours when needed, and want the support of Compass and their technology, they could be the perfect real estate brokerage to work for.

Think about other commitments

Being a successful real estate agent can mean not always having set work hours. So, if you have other commitments such as a family, or other caring responsibilities, it’s important to find a way to work around these. You might need to organize a rota with your partner, ask friends and family for help, or compromise by agreeing to be home for a set number of evenings per week.

Practice your communication skills

Working in real estate means having great people skills. You will work with many different types of clients. Some will be easier than others, so by practicing your communication skills, you can reduce the number of problems with more difficult clients. Sometimes, clients may not voice their concerns, so if you can read their body language and help solve any issues before they voice them, this will build trust and make them feel understood.

Take further training

As an experienced real estate agent, you can help to set yourself apart from other candidates by taking further training. The market trends change regularly, and it’s important to stay up to date with these and other changes. It’s crucial to take top-up courses if it’s been a while since you qualified or worked as a real estate agent. If you have taken time off to work in another industry or to care for your family, further training can demonstrate you’re up to date with the real estate industry, despite having a break.

As more real estate companies are using technology, it could also be useful to take an I.T course, if you are lacking in this area, or haven’t used technology for work purposes in a while. Just like real estate, technology is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep up to date.


Common Roles of Student Transportation Services

Most students at school take student transportation services from their homes to school. These services also pick students up from the schools and bring them home. These people are lifesavers for those who cannot drive or don’t want to drive themselves. Here are some of the most common roles of student transportation services:

1. Directing Vehicles

One of the roles of student transportation services in directing vehicles. Student transportation services are important in ensuring that students are transported from one place to another, especially if it is a long journey from school to home or vice versa. The student transportation services ensure that the students are transported safely to their destination. This is achieved by ensuring no obstructions along the way and that all the vehicles follow the correct route.

2. Loading and Unloading Students

This is also a very important role of student transportation services. The transport service ensures that the students are loaded safely into the vehicle before setting off for their journey. It prevents accidents because the students may fall over themselves while trying to get onto the bus or other forms of transport. In addition, these people ensure that the students get off of the vehicle safely before they get home. This is an important role because young children have many dangers when getting into or out of vehicles.

3. Ensuring Vehicles Are Safe

Another major role that student transportation services take is ensuring that vehicles are safe for all passengers. They ensure you’re not overloaded with people and that the vehicle is safe to drive. They also ensure that all students obey the rules while riding in these vehicles by giving them appropriate punishments if needed. These transportation services work hard to keep their passengers safe from harm.

4. Picking up and Dropping off Students

Another important role of student transportation services is picking up and dropping off students at school and home. This role is often underestimated because many people do not consider it important. However, without student transportation services, students would have to go to school alone or wait for their parents at home after school leading to an increase in the number of accidents and injuries among students during travel.

5. Monitoring Student Behavior During Transit

Another role of student transportation services such as Zum school transportation is monitoring student behavior during transit. The monitoring of student behavior while being transported from one place to another is a very important role created by the safety and security department. This role enables the safety department to monitor students’ behavior while being transported from one place to another.

6. Transporting Students to School-sponsored Events

Transporting students to school-sponsored events is an important role created by student transportation services because not all parents can afford cars or fuel for their vehicles to transport their children from one place to another during school-sponsored events. This role creates an opportunity for students to participate in school-sponsored events such as sports competitions, presentations, or excursions. The services transport students to these events on time and safely.

7. Conducting After School Activities

Conducting after-school activities is one of the most important roles of student transportation services because it provides students with an opportunity to participate in after-school activities that school administrators often organize. This role enables students to develop talents they did not know they had, especially in sports, drama, art, and music.

8. Conducting School Trips

Another role of student transportation services is conducting school trips. This role is important because it enables students to get an opportunity to visit places of interest outside their local areas. The school trips organized by the respective schools enable students to broaden their minds and knowledge in various topics, aiding themselves in future educational pursuits.

Student transportation services are very important for the education of students because they provide a safe mode of transport that enables students to arrive at their destination safely and on time.


Stay productive in school with the Class Tracker Student Planner

Stay productive in school with the ClassTracker Student Planner

If there was ever a time where being organized is crucial it is in a changing world like today. We were living life day by day as we knew it to be normal and a pandemic hit stopping us in our tracks. Once we were able to begin getting back to work and school we had been away for a while. Now we need to learn or re-learn how to get more organized. We have become planners and organizers. This is why a Class Tracker for any student or working parent is the best gift to give over the Holidays.

I am the ASB Secretary and Bookkeeper at our local high school and I have to stay on top of money and events. I am also a paper and pen organizer so I have 3 planners I work out of at the office. I have my events planner like above so I have quick access to extracurriculars happening day by day so I can get money bags and orders together for successful events and games. I also keep a binder for closing dates for grades and bell schedules and another for billing.

The Founder of Class Tracker has been in education for over 20 years. As a Teacher and academic coach she saw the lack of a student planner that actually works well for a student who needs this organization. You can trust that Class Tracker student planners have all they need to stay organized. In fact, Class Tracker was names Best Academic Planners for 2021 by CNN.

What you can find at Class Tracker is planners for middle schoolers, high schoolers and College students. Find page markers, goal tracking notebooks and more. Shop Class Tracker for the Holidays.