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Tru Earth cleaning products are pre-measured with plastic-free packaging

Tru Earth cleaning products are pre-measured with plastic-free packaging

In a world of so much waste and chemical exposure in food and household products, I try hard to make responsible decisions in the brands I bring into my home. Making eco-friendly choices can sometimes feel expensive and overwhelming. Then I discovered Tru Earth and they pre-measure their cleaning products and these are very affordable per use!

Whether you need to clean the toilet, do a load of laundry or use an eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner, you simple grab a strip and clean! No large plastic jugs to create waste, no harsh chemicals, no measuring, no harmful residue around your home – just true clean! This 100% recyclable packaging of laundry detergent costs under $23 and gives you 32 loads! That is under $1 a load for clean ingredients and less waste. It is a win-win for the home, your wallet and the environment.

I am so grateful for brands that create responsible products and can offer them at affordable prices so I can continue to use products that are safe for my family and pets. Find great deals at Tru Earth for the cleaning products that have no waste left behind as you spring clean this season!

Earth Friendly

Make better choices for our environment with Roll’eat reusable food bags

Make better choices for our environment with Roll'eat reusable food bags

Of all the plastic that’s manufactured in the US, only about 9 percent is recycled. We may use recycle bins at home and work, but are you really focused on what goes in your trash and what gets to the recycle center? Apparently, we are failing by about 91%. If we can make small changes in 2023, we can do our part to leave better footprints. If everyone committed to one small change, imagine the difference we can make. One common task is packing lunches and we have to wrap our food in something, so why not an alternative to plastic bags? Roll’eat reusable food bags and wraps are an easy alternative.

Not only are the designs fun and engaging, especially when trying to get the kids to actually eat what you make, but they are reusable. These eco-friendly and sustainable food bags come in the sizes you need and are made to fit any foods from small snacks to sub sandwiches. There are 3 sizes exactly,

  1. Boc’n’Roll Food/Sandwich Wrapper – has a simple closure that’s customizable to different food shapes and sizes. Wrapping your food then using the closure is easy!
  2. Snack’n’Go Bag – 7″x7″, perfectly sized for a snack.
  3. Snack’n’Go Duo Bag – take a complete meal on the go with our environmentally friendly double snack bag

As we wrap up the Holidays next week and think about making healthier starts to the new year, these simple changes can snowball into bigger and better outcomes. The bags and wraps from Roll’eat are easy to wipe clean while being an alternative reusable product to eliminate the need for disposable, single-use wrappers. Plastic is bad for the air, bad for the oceans and bad for your health and we make it worse by tossing plastic baggies into the trash throughout our day. Make the switch in 2023. Pick your patterns on the Roll’eat online shop.

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Natural and Non-Toxic Cleaners for the Home from Lemi Shine

Natural and Non-Toxic Cleaners for the Home from Lemi Shine

I love nothing more than to relax in a clean, fresh and organized room. With all of the wiping and cleaning I do, it is important I am not leaving harsh chemicals behind. If you have felt even a little bit worried about the ingredients that are in your cleaning supplies, especially bathroom and other surface cleaners, let me introduce you to Lemi Shine natural and non-toxic cleaners.

Lemi Shine has bleach-free, non-toxic and very effective cleaning products, which utilize the natural power of citric acid. I was browsing their products and noticed that many have The Safer Choice label. This means that EPA scientists have evaluated every ingredient in their products to ensure they meet Safer Choice’s stringent criteria for safe products. The natural ingredients such as citric acid and essential oils work to make sure you leave no toxins behind as you clean and disinfect.

Lemi Shine has bundles that are perfect for home and the classroom. Browse single products or these bundles to save and keep your home clean for back to school and also read for the Holidays. Visit Lemi Shine to see more!

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Bare Candle Company uses natural ingredients and premium fragrance oils

Bare Candle Company uses natural ingredients and premium fragrance oils

I am not sure what I am most excited about looking at my Bare Candle Company candles – burning these great scents or finding creative uses for these reusable jars when done. These bare candles are as natural as they look. Each candle is crafted with wax made entirely from soybeans grown in the United States. This reduces its carbon footprint while providing local jobs.

Bare candles are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and made with no paraffins, phthalates, parabens, or prop 65 chemicals. Aside from how sustainably made these are, the scents are fantastic.

Bare candle co

I have 2 scents – Citrus + Fig and Eucalyptus + Spearmint. The scents are made with synthetic fragrance oils which protects natural resources as opposed to purely essential oils that take a lot of plants/earth to create enough scent for a number of candles. Bare Candle Co. scents are sustainable.

Every candle is made with 100% soy wax which offers a cleaner, longer burn. Visit bare Candle Co. to order your favorite scents and feel better about what you burn in you home around your family.