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Evolved By Nature: Soaps and Hand Sanitizer that won’t dry out your skin

Evolved by Nature: Soaps and Hand Sanitizer that won't dry out your skin

Evolved By Nature is not just another ‘natural soap’ product. It is both natural and the first ever company to make safe, green hand sanitizer out of natural silk. The Activated Silk™, is a protein that enhances skin’s barrier function and moisturizes hands with every use. No chemicals necessary! It works!

We finally brought the elementary kids back to school. The High School where I normally work is not open for a few more weeks, so I have been working at the Elementary school for now. We sanitize our hands so many times a day. Like you, my hands would get so dry. All staff seems to complain the same about our dried out hands.

I brought my Evolved By Nature Gel Hand Sanitizer to our staff room and now some girls want me to hide it so it doesn’t disappear so fast. I am not hiding it from anyone, but I use it all day myself and it is a huge difference over using the standard sanitizers I was used to. Finally, hand sanitizer that won’t dry out your skin!

I love that a little goes a long way. About 1/2 a pump is plenty for my hands. The Hand Therapy is a great touch at the end of my shift once I get hone after all that hand washing and sanitizing. I highly recommend having both the Evolved By Nature Hand Sanitizer and Hand Therapy available in your day for hands that do not crack or dry out. Even in this Pacific Northwest winter, my hands are doing very well.

Evolved By Nature products go above and beyond FDA standards and are a Mass. company right here in the US. Their products are great for all skin types and stages of life. Visit the Evolved By Nature website to learn more and shop for your ‘better’ hand sanitizer (my opinion)!

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Lilah In The Land Of The Littles: A Story for Children in the Time of Covid

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Lilah In The Land Of The Littles: A Story for Children in the Time of Covid

In this uniquely illustrated children’s book, the Author guides us in a journey to make sure a=our kids are in the proper mind set through this pandemic. In Lilah in the Land of the Littles: A Story for Children in the Time of Covid, Lilah is struggling with all of the changes in her life brought about by the Coronavirus.

The imaginary journey when having to get creative s=comes into play is so much fun. The kids will be eager to find a way to entertain themselves with the simplest of items, making staying in seem not-so-bad after all.

The Author is Lesley Koplow, a clinical social worker and teacher from New York City. Buy on Amazon.

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PlaneAire® plant-based hygiene products for kids and adults

PlaneAire® plant-based hygiene products for kids and adults

If there is one thing we got to know this past year, it is that hand sanitizers dry out our hands and typically include chemical ingredients to kill the germs we don’t want. Naturally, there are brands that realized that with a bit of science and nature we can kill those germs and still be left with softer hands and better ingredients. PlaneAire® Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of most common germs–they’re made with the healing power of aloe vera and organic essential oils.

These plant-based hygiene products have a few scents to choose from so your hands can smell great, but it is the ingredients that are most impressive. They include a unique selection of premium, nourishing ingredients like moisturizing green tea extract, soothing aloe vera, hydrating glycerin and vibrant essential oils.

Even more impressive than the scents and ingredients is the fact that PlaneAire started in the air. The CDC recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol to kill Coronavirus. PlaneAire Hands contains 70% alcohol. PlaneAire is FDA approved and CDC compliant.

I love the scents and the gel-like texture that softly absorbs into my hands. It will not leak and always smells great. You can find PlaneAire, the responsibly sourced, Hand Sanitizers in gel, lotion or spray at or at Amazon.

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Encourage Kids to Wash Their Hands with Clean With Color

Encourage Kids to Wash Their Hands with Clean With Color

Perhaps it has been a new ‘chore’ to encourage kids to wash their hands properly. Proper hand washing requires soap, duration and frequency. Crazy Aaron’s Fun with Colors is a line of sanitizers and soap that your kids will want to use frequently and the color change tells them they have scrubbed for enough time (from color to white).

There are 3 foaming hand soap types – Berry (blue), Strawberry (pink) and Apple (green). There are 4 hand sanitizer types – space, castle, sea and dinosaur. The colors are crazy and they smell good too.

The hand soaps are safe and natural and the sanitizers have a 68% alcohol Antiseptic. They will get clean and have fun doing so.

Visit Crazy Aaron’s website and order your soaps and sanitizers to make the hand washing chore a bit easier on everyone, including the kids.