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Back to School Organizing with Sharpie

I have partnered with Sharpie for this feature. Samples were sent and opinions are my own

Back to School Organizing with Sharpie

Chances are you have a drawer in your desk or kitchen with some Sharpie markers. They are like a home staple everyone has laying around. There is no time like Back to School season that my Sharpies get used the most. I have personal items to mark and the kids have backpacks to stuff and I use my Sharpies for so many organizing tasks before that first day.

Sharpie has much more than that standard black pen we all know and love to use. Find highlighters and art cut pens for so much more uses around the home and with schoolwork.

marking lunchbox

Don’t Lose Your Items

Marking your kids jackets, lunchboxes, bags, helmets and supplies saves money and can mean that in the event your child leaves it laying around it will get back to you. I work in the schools and I cannot tell you how out of control the lost and found can get! Using Sharpie pens to mark your child’s items means it will last through the year and weather. I like using the Sharpie Extreme Makers due to their fade-resistance.

school list

Back to School Supply List

Do you have your supply list? I go around the house first and mark off items I already have and that way I do not overbuy at the store. Having the Sharpie Highlighters is great for marking off the items I have. Once I am done shopping I can still see the list as I load it all up into his backpack.


First Day Breakfast

There is a lot to do on that first morning. It is exciting, the kids nerves are on high and you are in a bittersweet moment. Make breakfast special. Decorate a plate, cook their favorite breakfast menu. It takes moments and starts the day off right. It is going to be a big day!


Have the Kids Organize their own subjects

It is tempting to stay up late one night and go down the list and pack the kids items for them. However, for the older child it is important that they find their own way to organize and prep for subjects. They need to find what works for them and motivates them to get their work done on time. Hand them the supplies you bough and some pens and book wraps. Let them organize it themselves.

soccer ball

Fall Sports

Don’t put those Sharpies away yet! Are they starting football, cheer or soccer? Mark that equipment or it is bound to get lost forever on a field or court!

Sharpie markers

So many Sharpies for your ‘so many’ back to school tasks! Find them at retailers near you. For inspiration on Sharpie projects you can have fun with, visit

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Barbecue Boss – BBQ Gift Basket for Dads and Grads

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Barbecue Boss - BBQ Gift Basket for Dads and Grads

Dads and Grads! This is a fantastic last-minute gift idea and let me tell you why! takes premium and unique brands and pulls them all together on boards or baskets tied with a bow and ready to gift saving you time on gift making and finding ideas. Dad’s can have beer, bbq and meat gifts at their door in days and grads can have baskets sent to enjoy. Even High School grads who are heading off on their own in college will enjoy a basket sent to them as they settle in.

2 words about this basket – Rufus Teague. It just happens to be one of our favorite sauce brands and this set also includes their rub. Yum!

BBQ Boss Contents:

  • Steak Rub by Rufus Teague
  • Fajita Seasoning Mix by Backyard Safari Company
  • Touch O’Heat BBQ Sauce by Rufus Teague
  • Mesquite Steak Sauce by Stonewall Kitchen
  • Burger Seasoning Mix by Backyard Safari Company
  • Classic Beer Can Chicken Rub by Gourmet du Village .
  • Athenian Herb Dry Glaze by Urban Accents
  • Bamboo Platter

Not only will you find BBQ baskets, but beer and wine, cookies and even candy baskets for all year gift giving. tends to always be running specials so you can always save.

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MyCharge HubMini Portable Charger – Giveaway

I have partnered with MyCharge for this feature. Product was sent and opinions are my own

Welcome to the MyCharge HubMini Portable Charger Review & Giveaway

About the MyCharge Hub Mini Portable Charger

Here is the best portable charger (in my opinion) that you will want to own. Not only do we love the MyCharge brand, but this charger eliminates a huge pet peeve of mine. No more transporting and losing cords!

Whether you use Apple or other products you are charged on-the-go with the MyCharge Hub line. This is because the charging cords are built-in! That’s right! You do not need to remember your charger AND cords and you will not be untangling cords from your bag anymore. You simply don’t need them with this charger. The MyCharge Hub line has some chargers that recharge via a wall outlet and the mini recharges with its short USB cord. But, it is very short and portable as well.

You get the charge level displayed and with 2 charging cords (one is a lightning cable and the other is micro-USB) you can charge up to 2 devices at once. Ours will last all day charging as needed for smartphones but when my son is charging his tablet watching videos at the same time on it we make sure we recharge when we can about once during the day. However, the MyCharge HubMin recharges very fast. They recharge up to 50% faster than competing portable chargers. The battery is 3300mAh Lithium Ion and charges your device very fast.

Doesn’t the idea of just grabbing your portable charger and go sound awesome? I get compliments all the time. I especially get compliments on plane rides. I have taken my MyCharge HubXtra on many trips and everyone gets so fascinated when they see me pulling out my cord from the charger. I am going to really love this mini version! Besides, my 10 year old has pretty much gained ownership of my other MyCharge Hub charger.

You want your own MyCharge HubMini, right? The mini is fantastic for travel because it is incredibly lightweight and small. Not only are these a great Father’s Day gift, but also for your student’s back to school needs.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win their very ownMyCharge HubXtra Mini. Enter below. Open to US and ens on 6/25/2018. Good luck!

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Back To School Guide 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Back to School Guide

Back to School Guide 2018

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest” – Benjamin Franklin

They are heading back to school! Fun in the sun and vacations are coming to an end! Are you prepared? Do you have a buy list to complete still? Have the kids style and sizes changed? Is one off to college and you have no clue what you may be forgetting to buy or discuss with them? I hope I can help you out with topics, reviews and some fun below!

*If you are a brand, contact Erin at erinnsluka(at)gmail(dot)com to get your product featured!

Keep checking back as there are more posts added several days a week through summer and fall!