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Sky Ropes book review | A girl’s journey to overcome trauma

Sky Ropes book follows one girl's journey to overcome trauma

Sky Ropes is a book for ages 10 and up from Chronicle Publishing. It comes in Hardback or Kindle and is a story about a girl’s journey to overcome trauma and her bravery. The girl is Breanna and she is attending her school’s teambuilding camp. The major exercise will be ascending Sky Ropes—the highest ropes course in the state. She has zero plans to accomplish this.

Breanna’s trauma is her Father’s abuse. Somehow, the fear from her past is colliding with her fear of that Sky Ropes at the end of camp week. She makes the most of camp with friends. You will get to know her prankster and fun personality, you will feel her trauma and the tense moments she is feeling as the Sky Ropes challenge nears. You will cheer for her and go along the journey of all her internal struggles and realizations in the end. This book is great for those struggling with anxiety, fear and who love adventure stories.

Sky Ropes is written by Sondra Soderborg, a former practicing attorney, child advocate, and teacher at both a high school and a prison. But now on Amazon.

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A Day With No Words introduces readers to life of nonverbal children

A Day With No Words introduces readers to life of nonverbal children

A Day With No Words is about a family’s life with an autistic boy who does not speak. The story is told in this boy’s first-person perspective. It is clear that even without words, he is as intelligent as any child his age. This book is great for every classroom and library and for all children who can seek to understand the world of autism and nonverbal children through a real lens. You also see the tools he and his family use to communicate with each other.

The illustrations bring you into his world and are beautifully drawn. Author, Tiffany Hammond is the voice behind the Fidgets and Fries platform. She is an Autistic mother, advocate, and storyteller who uses her personal experiences with Autism and parenting two Autistic boys to guide others on their journey. This book is available May 9, 2023. Pre-order today!

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Hooray for DNA: A Children’s Science Book Review

Hooray for DNA! Children's Book Review

Hooray for DNA! introduces the topic of DNA and how many species are more alike than we know. It has the fun science lesson read to the rhythm of Green Eggs & Ham! The illustrations help give a visual as they learn about DNA and what makes us…us!


DNA is the ABC
of what makes you, you
and what makes me, me.
Did you know we share DNA with every living thing? Humans, bugs, bears, even a virus–we all have shared DNA hidden inside us! 

Hooray for DNA! is available April 25, 2023. Pre-order today on Amazon.

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2 Children’s Books about History and Traditions

Ancient Night

Ancient Night

In this children’s book we combine 2 Nahuatl traditional tales into one story about saving light on Earth. In tradition, the rabbit who was placed on the moon by the Feathered Serpent and the Lord Opossum ruled the Earth before humans came. IN this story, Lord Opossum steals the recipe for light and Rabbit has to find out who stole this recipe. The illustrations by Artist, David Alvarez are stunning! Preorder Ancient Night, release date is March 14, 2023.

Last Flight history and traditions

Last Flight

In this book, Kristen Giang is one of the hundreds on the last flight out of Saigin, Vietnam April 24, 1975. Although, as a young girl she had no idea she was on a ‘last flight’, she remembers the journey to the United States as she leaves home behind. The war was getting close and more dangerous and the stress of being able to catch this last flight is told in her family’s story. Kristen is a toddler in the real story, she shares her older sisters point of view in this book as big sister to her scared siblings. Preorder Last Flight, release date is April 4, 2023.

Both of these children books about history and traditions are published by Levine Querido.