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YA Book Review – Free Throws, Friendship, and Other Things We Fouled Up

YA Book Review - Free Throws, Friendship, and Other Things We Fouled Up

New with Chronicle Books Publishing is Free Throws, Friendship, and Other Things We Fouled Up by Jenn Bishop. This is a great book for young athletes or all tween/teen readers. Young readers will get real emotions, family struggles, and insecurities driven by the tension of middle school sports in this book



Cincinnati, Ohio, lives and dies by college basketball, with two elite Division I rivals separated by a mere three miles. Rory’s dad just secured a new coaching gig at the University of Cincinnati, so it means yet another school and move for her, only this time to her dad’s hometown. Rory’s life revolves around basketball; she’s never had a close friend outside of it. Could this be a chance for a fresh start?

Abby has always lived in Cincinnati, where her dad grew up playing ball and now coaches at Xavier University. But Abby has recently retreated from basketball after a frustrating season that left her confidence in shambles. This year, she finds herself on the outside looking in when it comes to her former teammates, and she could seriously use a new friend.    

The coaches’ daughters connect over their shared love of the game when Abby chaperones Rory on her first day of school. But when Abby’s dad practically forbids their friendship because of something that happened between him and Rory’s dad when they were younger, Abby and Rory have no choice but to move their budding friendship underground.

Can the two of them get to the bottom of what went down between their dads in the 1990s before history repeats itself?

Available for pre-order today on Amazon! Release date is October 24, 2023.

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Running Past Dark YA Book Review – when a teen loses her twin and needs to move forward

What happens to the twi left behind? Book synopsis:

Scottie O’Doul isn’t looking forward to starting her senior year. Last May, her identical twin sister, Cait, died in a car crash involving the school’s beloved football coach. Scottie knows her twin would never take her own life, or someone else’s, but how can she prove it? As she faces bullying and hostility at school, she starts to wonder if what Cait said was even true. Turning to running to break through her grief, Scottie finds a new world and a new sense of self outside her twinness. She also reconnects with her old boyfriend, who had a terrible accident of his own the same day Cait died. Could there be a connection As she runs mile after mile, Scottie keeps trying to fit the jigsaw pieces together and find the true picture of what happened to Cait and what was really going on at school before the crash.

You don’t have to be a runner to feel Scottie’s energy in this book and the soul searching that happens when a twin is left behind at a young age. It is a bit of mystery with plenty of energy and you won’t want it to end. The book is available on Amazon and other favorite bookstore.

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Sky Ropes book review | A girl’s journey to overcome trauma

Sky Ropes book follows one girl's journey to overcome trauma

Sky Ropes is a book for ages 10 and up from Chronicle Publishing. It comes in Hardback or Kindle and is a story about a girl’s journey to overcome trauma and her bravery. The girl is Breanna and she is attending her school’s teambuilding camp. The major exercise will be ascending Sky Ropes—the highest ropes course in the state. She has zero plans to accomplish this.

Breanna’s trauma is her Father’s abuse. Somehow, the fear from her past is colliding with her fear of that Sky Ropes at the end of camp week. She makes the most of camp with friends. You will get to know her prankster and fun personality, you will feel her trauma and the tense moments she is feeling as the Sky Ropes challenge nears. You will cheer for her and go along the journey of all her internal struggles and realizations in the end. This book is great for those struggling with anxiety, fear and who love adventure stories.

Sky Ropes is written by Sondra Soderborg, a former practicing attorney, child advocate, and teacher at both a high school and a prison. But now on Amazon.

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Two Books for Tweens for their summer reading

Two Books for Tweens for their summer reading

2 new release books for tweens sure to keep them reading this summer are available from Simon & Schuster Publishing. One is a sequel for ages 8-12 and the other explores the perils of youths and gang violence for ages 14 and older.

The One And Only Ruby by Katherine Applegate

The original book The One And Only Ivan stole and even broke our hearts about a silverback gorilla. Then came The One And Only Bob where we followed this dog’s survival story. Now we meet Ruby, the Elephant and not only do we get some elephant facts and glossary but a story about ecological devastation of the ivory trade, circus and zoo life woes. This book is for animal lovers with a heart big enough to break a little as they move through the pages. But, Ruby tells her horror story in a playful way to show how she has overcome. Buy The One And Only Ruby on Amazon!

Borderless by Jennifer De Leon

Synopsis: For seventeen-year-old Maya, trashion is her passion, and her talent for making clothing out of unusual objects landed her a scholarship to Guatemala City’s most prestigious art school and a finalist spot in the school’s fashion show. Mamá is her biggest supporter, taking on extra jobs to pay for what the scholarship doesn’t cover, and she might be even more excited than Maya about what the fashion show could do for her future career.

So when Mamá doesn’t come to the show, Maya doesn’t know what to think. But the truth is worse than she could have imagined. The gang threats in their neighborhood have walked in their front door—with a boy Maya considered a friend, or maybe more, among them. After barely making their escape, Maya and her mom have no choice but to continue their desperate flight all the way through Guatemala and Mexico in hopes of crossing the US border. Buy Borderless on Amazon.