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New De-Stress Line from Kiss My Face Inspires Calmness

New De-Stress Line from Kiss My Face Inspires Calmness

When you want a body product that not only nourishes your skin without harsh chemicals and also gives your senses a boost with botanical-based ingredients, Kiss My Face has a new line to help. De-Stress is this new line of soaps, washes and lotions meant to do a whole body rejuvenation. Just like my love of naturally scented cleaning products for my home to help me smell and see clean results, I love lotions that do the same for my whole body. I want to moisturize, but also love the scents that remind me of clean, hydrated skin. Kiss My Face has been using clean ingredients long before the boost in consumer demand- since 1980! Adding the benefits of ashwagandha and hemp seed oil is the base for this De-Stress line of products.

Ashwagandah has so many benefits to your skin! It is excellent for acne-prone skin, and the roots have great moisturizing properties to not only moisten skin but retain the moisture as well. It is a great rejuvenator and has calming properties to help induce a peaceful sleep. Hemp Seed Oil has great anti-inflammatory benefits and encourages hydration of the skin without clogging your pores. It also helps to prevent free radical damage with anti-aging properties.

de-stress soap
  • De-Stress 2-in-1 Body Wash and Bath Soak – with soothing rhodiola rosea and hemp seed oil and ashwagandha. It comes in soothing Lavender + Ylang Ylang or Cedarwood + Bergamot.
  • De-Stress Hand and Body Lotion contains the same key ingredients for superior moisture retention and comes in fragrance free, Olive + Aloe or Lavender + Ylang Ylang.
  • De-Stress Bar Soap is also Infused with rhodiola rose and hemp seed oil as well as adaptogenic ashwagandha and marshmallow root for gentle, soothing cleansing. It is available in a refreshing Orange + Grapefruit and calming Neroli + Gardenia.
  • De-Stress Body Butteris the bar soap for excellent moisturization. The ylang ylang oils bring a relaxing aura to the mix and promote restful sleep.

Keep a look out for these De-Stress products or order yours today on Amazon and on the Kiss My Face website.


Add the benefits of moisture in your day with Hey Dewy

Add the benefits of moisture in your day with Hey Dewy

Who would have thought a little water can have so many benefits outside the body? Hey Dewy takes some water and releases it into the atmosphere around you so you can capture the benefits of moisture at the office, during sleep and even when traveling. Whether you have dry air where you are or need sinus relief, this Hey Dewy wireless humidifier comes in beautiful colors to choose from to match your space.

Living in the Pacific Northwest you would think everything, including the air around us is wet. There is a lot of wet in the forecasts, but dryness in the air and indoor spaces. My skin is dry more than not and during fall and spring, our allergies are at their worst. Adding moisture in the air around me makes a huge difference in my skin and sinuses.

Run Hey Dewy at night with its 8-hour run time to sleep near the moisture benefits all night. When you wake up, refill and relax with your face over Hey Dewy for an updated beauty routine. Freshly moist skin is like a natural primer before adding makeup to your face. Then move Hey Dewy to the office so you combat the dry room air while you work. You can do the same in the car during your commute. Before bed, do another Hey Dewy moisture routine to add moisture back onto your face and neck after a long day. You can even pack Hey Dewy with you as you travel – we all know the air in hotels is not moist and healthy.

Choose from one of 5 Hey Dewy colors and start hydrating your skin and sinuses this season. Visit the Hey Dewy online shop or order today on Amazon.


What Ingredients Are Effective When Using A Skin Peel At Home

What Ingredients Are Effective When Using A Skin Peel At Home

Although it sounds as though it would be a somewhat harsh process to put your face through, a chemical skin peel boasts a relatively quick and gentle method for rejuvenating the skin. 

The process works to remove dead skin cells, with the top layer ultimately peeling off to reveal a much softer, renewed surface. You could receive expert results from skin care professionals but usually at a greater expense. 

DIY or at-home options, on the other hand, like the well-received Dr. Jack’s home skin peels, can be effective with affordable price points. The goal is that the process suits your particular needs, whether to address acne scars or dark spots or perhaps level out an uneven skin tone. 

Look at a few ingredients used in at-home chemical skin peels for effective results.

What Ingredients Are Effective When Using A Skin Peel At Home

A vast array of ingredients can be used in a DIY capacity to mimic the effects of professional-grade processes like chemical skin peels. When homemade, the facials consist of naturally derived components meant to renew the skin’s surface. 

Learn how to make a natural skin peel at The idea is to tailor the peel to your specific care needs, whether attempting to reduce the appearance of dark spots or acne scars or merely brighten the overall tone. Certain ingredients will specifically address individual concerns. Check out how these items affect the outcome.

  • Aspirin

One of the effective ingredients added to at-home skin peels is aspirin which is found over the counter at any pharmacy. The benefit is its capacity to offer a salicylic acid boost encouraging the surface layer to peel. The added advantage is its treating effects against many adverse skin disorders like psoriasis and acne. 

The suggestion for those suffering from skin conditions is to add aspirin to their homemade peel. When creating the blend, you would use uncoated tablets crushed in water before adding to the remaining ingredients.

  • Lemon

Lemon is a staple in mixed at-home peels, a natural antioxidant resource, and consists of “lightening” properties capable of reducing the appearance of dark spots. It is used in many beauty products aside from peels, including masks and other items.

A citrus product like lemon is exceptionally acidic, with pH levels that tend to range high. The suggestion is to blend these in with baking soda to serve as a neutralizing agent. That will prevent the citrus from damaging or drying out the new layer of skin.

  • Glycolic acid

Exfoliants are the key part of the chemical skin peel responsible for removing dead skin and helping to initiate the removal of the top layer. Glycolic acid is one ingredient suggested in DIY recipes and can be found in numerous household items like sour cream. Because it’s so readily available, it’s a typical option for homemade peels.

Once the skin has peeled, you should be left with a rejuvenated appearance, refreshed, smooth, and renewed.

Moisturizing and hydrating

Because you’re exfoliating, hydration will be drawn away from the skin. You’ll need to moisturize to ensure the skin doesn’t become dry. 

Natural hydration comes in an array of options, all gentle for the skin, including “egg whites, avocado, and honey,” any of which can be incorporated into the peel to provide the necessary moisture. Click for details on DIY peels.

Final Thought

Some individuals might want a more efficient solution compared to a homemade DIY skin peel. “Ready-made” alternatives are available for use at home. It’s essential to do your research to ensure a high-quality product from a well-established brand for optimum safety. 

It would be best if you also determined first your specific needs, what you’re looking to achieve before shopping for the ideal peel in order to buy a product to meet these goals. Each has an intended purpose, like helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots or acne and giving an overall sense of balance to the skin’s tone. 

Most importantly, if you don’t feel comfortable performing the chemical skin peel process at home, reaching out to a licensed medical professional is wise to ensure an expert and satisfactory outcome plus optimum safety.


Kaenon Venice Polarized Sunglasses Essentials Collection

Kaenon Venice Polarized Sunglasses Essentials Collection

My favorite sunglasses were a cheap $5 pair that really did not do much to protect my eyes, but fit my face so well and I lost them in a lake this summer. I accidentally left them on my head when dropping from a zip line into the water. I am always losing my sunglasses, so I hate paying a fortune for them. When I was shopping for a new pair, I wanted to spend as little as possible, but have good eye protection. Kaenon is exactly this – effective + affordable sunglasses. Kaenon is a Southern California brand and their sunglasses are hand-crafted in Japan.

The Essentials line has 5 styles to choose from: Venice, Avalon, Lido, Sonora and Arroyo.

I own the Venice Polarized Sunglasses and I can see and feel the quality when they arrived. These sunglasses are from their new Essentials line and are made using TR-90, which means they are very lightweight! The Venice style has 10 frame colors to choose from.

Whether you need new sunglasses this time of the year for driving, skiing, riding or just to replace the pair you lost over the summer, you can find a sunglass choice that is right for you by visiting Kaenon’s website.