TruffLuv brings the benefits of black truffles to your hair

TruffLuv brings the benefits of black truffles to your hair

Before I tried TruffLuv, I would tell you that how I decide on a best hair product depends on the ingredient list. I think I have a true second reason now – the scent! I am crazy about the ingredients inside TruffLuv products and how soft my hair is. But, I have to also mention how good these products smell in my hair! I will always need the TruffLuv Argan Style Cream in my life. I rub a bit into my styled hair each morning to get that amazing scent.

TruffLuv uses the powerful benefits of black truffles that are so rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and micronutrients. These pack loads of vitamins that nourish, strengthen and soften my hair…and did I mention it smells amazing?

Of course black truffles is not the only ingredient. TruffLuv has 2 collections, the Nourish and Indulge Collections. The Nourish Collection includes Argan oil to nourish and hydrate. The Indulge Collection is has the best black truffle benefits with olive oil fruit and shea butter to repair damaged or colored hair. I currently use the Truffle Mask from the Indulge collection once a week and daily I use a very small amount (all you need) of the Argan Style Cream from the Nourish collection through my styled hair for a hydrating finish. Shop TruffLuv today and elevate your hair care!

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Reduces plastic waste in your home with Canary Products

This photo above is equivalent to 4 moths of toothpaste and 14 bottles of hand soap! Imagine all the plastic waste any other way?! Canary is the brand for families who want to reduce plastic waste and also want to use natural ingredients from soaps and toothpastes made in the USA.

Canary Toothpaste Tablets come in flavors you love for mouth care. 240 count packs would last about 4 months at 1-2 a day. 1 a day is all that is needed for a clean mouth, but 2 gives you an extra foamy brush if that is your desire. These tablets are easy to use- just chew-brush-rinse out. I like to give a xylitol reminder that you will need to keep these safe from pets so they also come in a glass jar with lid for better storage. Xylitol is the natural sweetener used- great for humans. The bag is compostable so there is zero waste involved.

The Canary Foaming Hand Soap set is my new favorite. The scents are all the ones you want for your bathroom and hands and the waste is so little! You get a glass bottle that is reusable and then just buy the soap bars. All you do is break up a bar a bit, add warm water and walk away. In about an hour, the bar has dissolved and you have foaming hand soap. The soap does not contain any no parabens or sulfates and are free from harmful chemicals.

All Canary products are vegan and cruelty-free. You get to save space in your toiletry cupboard, use a lot less waste and get a naturally clean YOU! Shop Canary and make the better eco-friendly choice for everyday body products. You will love them as much as I do! Sign up for emails on their website and get a 15% off coupon! They ship for free over only $32 and there are subscription options too.


BADESOFA is a luxury bath pillow that makes a great gift

If you need a gift for yourself or perhaps someone who appreciates their bath and beauty time, the Badesofa bath pillows are a hit! These large sofa pillows for your back and feet are the luxury you need in your bathtub to elevate your spa time! I have a deep tub and this pillow fits it so well! It is large and feels so comfortable.

The head and back support that this pillow gives makes sure you don’t end up with strained muscles. The advanced antibacterial treatment, ensuring rapid drying, odor prevention, and constant freshness means no mold growth that many other bath pillows accumulate. It has been holding its shape like new each use!

You can buy the Bath Sofa Pillow like I have and also add the foot pillow and seat cushion for a complete bath sofa for your body. New and expecting Mom’s would highly benefit from this pillow set. It is the best gift idea! Visit Badesofa to shop today! Look for their sale that runs November 20-28

  • 20% for all (auto apply on site – no code necessary)
  • Up to 30% on bundles

Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum Review

Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum

I am in the middle of my forties and my skin and body are showing its age. I try hard to stay healthy and a step ahead of the aging process. I spend much time reading reviews before I try skincare products as well as understanding how they will work. I was provided the chance to try Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum® and I can use this product as I am seeing those tired eyes appear and stick around.

The ingredient list for Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum is fairly short. The 2 main ingredients work together to give the appearance of less lines. It is temporary and lasts several hours for me. The Sodium silicate works as an adhesive persay. By this, it lifts and tightens your skin with its layer. As your skin is in a tightening mode, the magnesium aluminum silicate works by filling in the wrinkle for an even and plump effect. It is applied in a very thin layer in a tapping motion to just coat, but not rub on a layer.

Reviews I have read say it lasts moments to hours. I followed the instructions 100%. It says to wait a bit longer to dry before adding moisturizer and to avoid foundations near where you apply. I followed this advice. Being very minimal around my eyes after applying. It worked well as you can see from photos (blue shirt is before, white is after) and lasted well into the day. Try Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum for yourself as you get your skin summer ready for events and travel.