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Proud Grill UltraVersatile Stainless Steel Large Grill Basket

Spring has arrived and the grilling season has begun. With outdoor parties and Father’s Day coming up this is a great time to introduce you to this Amazon product I love, the Proud Grill UltraVersatile Stainless Steel Grill Basket.

Proud Grill UltraVersatile Stainless Steel Large Grill Basket

With a large 12″ by 7.5″ cooking area, you can create an entire meal in one basket! Use the entire space or divide into thirds to separate meats and veggies. I had so many ideas of how I wanted use this on my smoker grill. Before this basket I would lay veggies on small cuts on a foiled sheet pan and it just could not pick up a lot of the smoke.

From a basket of veggies to smoking the onions for burger night, this basket keeps it all contained while getting the smoke flavor throughout. I just cut both ends of an onion, peel and throw it in my pellet smoker on the Proud Grill UltraVersatile Stainless Steel Grill Basket for an hour on 180 degrees.

smoked burger

The features are what makes this basket so versatile and a must have for grillers. It is stainless steel and has a large cooking area. The Proud Grill UltraVersatile Stainless Steel Large Grill Basket comes with 2 moveable dividers and a removable handle. The handle has a rubber grip and can attach to any of the 4 sides so you customize to your space. Quickly unsnap while smoking and then reattach to grab it out when it is done. This grill basket is easy to clean, and the removable parts store very well in my grill storage space. A must-have for summer grilling and Father’s Day!

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Goddess Garden Sport Mineral Sunscreen for sensitive skin

With summer coming, it is time to restock my sun care products. I love finding quality, effective and affordable skin products that are natural and safe for my skin. Goddess Garden has products like sunscreens and perfumes made for all skin types.

I have started restocking with the Goddess Garden Sport Mineral Sunscreen. Their ingredients are made to be reef safe and are made for sensitive skin. Natural minerals reflect the UV rays and aren’t absorbed into the skin, so they are much less likely to cause irritation. This makes them great for those with sensitive skin or anyone who wants to avoid synthetic chemicals. This is why chemicals in most brands of sunscreen do more harm than good. Goddess Garden gave great thought to that in creating their sun care products, including sunscreen for sensitive skin.

You can choose from sprays, lotion or sticks. The sport collection is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and comes in 30-50 SPF varieties. Besides a sport protection, you can find daily, kid and baby protection as well as after-sun products. Stock up in time for summer with Goddess Garden mineral sunscreens that are safe for every age in your family.

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TruEats Gluten-Free and No Sugar Added Baking Treats

TruEats Gluten-Free and No Sugar Added Baking Treats

The modern baking of today understands what is necessary vs what is empty calories and unnecessary sugars to have a dessert or baked goods. TruEats has gluten-free and no sugar added baking treats that taste great with only what it takes to get the great taste without the additives we don’t want.

This is the Dutch Chocolate Muffin & Cake Mix and all I did was add some sugar-free chocolate chips for an even richer and moist bite! My teen requested the side of strawberries and they were a hit.

I love the ingredient list – Erythritol, Chickpea Flour, Dutch Cocoa Powder, Almond Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Moong Dal Flour, Urad Dal Flour, Baking Soda, Cream of Tartar, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavors, Monk Fruit Extract. This adds a bit of protein to these muffins.

TruEats treats muffin & cake, pancake & waffle and brownie mix are perfect for diabetic, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, GMO-free, and plant-based diets. Currently, TruEats is available ate TruEats.com.

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The nylon-free and non-splintering BetterBone for Dogs helps save the planet

The nylon-free and non-splintering BetterBone for Dogs helps save the planet

Our girls may look sweet and medium in strength but give them a chew toy or stuffie (not allowed anymore due to a vet ER scare) and they act like mighty muscle chewers. I cannot leave much out for them unless we supervise because they will chew until their gums overly bleed and destroy anything not well made. BetterBone dog bones are approved in our home for Maya and Leah. We still only give them when we are home and put them up after a some time but have had zero hazards using them.

BetterBone is a Blue Standard product and as a sustainable brand, you know you are giving a safe product to your dog. If BetterBone pieces do flake off, the good news is that it is designed to do this and it’s 100% natural composition and is safe if consumed. Although, my dogs just spit the small flakes out like they do other chews.

Besides it being safe for my dogs, I love the ingredients and care put into creating these fun bones. They are made with sustainably sourced wood fiber and renewable plant-based oil. The shape is designed to be held well by my dogs and because the end product is softer than standard nylon, their teeth can handle the BetterBone very well. No dairy, nuts, meats, wheat, gluten or fish are used and this is great due to Maya’s many food allergies. Order your dogs BetterBone today!