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Evolution Hoodie: Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds


Coffee Grounds to hoodie! Who would have guessed coffee grounds could be so comfortable and look so great? The Coalatree Evolution Hoodie is made from recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles.

How? Simply put, used coffee grounds and plastic bottles are melted down and mixed to create small fibers. This blend of recycled products produces a very soft fabric with a water and odor-repellent coating.

This hoodie is by far, the most comfortable one I own and brings the most compliments. The fit is perfect and very true top size. The features seem endless. There are about 20 features in this one piece. For the sake of post length, I’ll list a few that stand out most to me…stay-put drawstrings, featherweight, moisture wicking and quick-dry material, soft & cozy, hand warming thumbholes and travel pouch.

My favorite feature of all is the kangaroo pocket that allows it to fold into itself and become a soft pillow. Once folded down into this pillow, you get a zipper closure, key and carabiner loop and travel pockets with velcro closures.

This hoodie (and pillow) is the best purchase you will make or gift. Coalatree products are all made with recycled materials and with sustainable products in green facilities. Visit Coalatree’s shop and find what you like best.

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Discover all-day energy with a steady focus and WIN with ZestTea Energy Teas

Discover all-day energy with a steady focus and WIN with ZestTea Energy Teas

Energy, focus and health is what is rolled together in a can of ZestTea EnergyZestTea has about as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. Now you can get your energy in sparkling tea cans in 2 varieties – regular and zero sugars as well as tea or sparkling beverages. All of ZestTea’s blends are gluten free. There is a small amount of natural sugar in some of the the blend ingredients like the fruit pieces, but there is no added sugars!

Energy tea

ZestTea also has other caffeinated tea bags, loose leaf and CBD-infused teas as well as accessories. You can also visit the ZestTea blog to learn so many great facts about tea, such as What Can You Drink on the KETO Diet. They were even named the Best New Product at the World Tea Expo May 2015 and they have been growing and adding more ever since.

One lucky reader will win an assortment of ZestTea Energy Teas. Open to ages 18+ and in the US. This giveaway ends on March 8, 2022. Enter below.

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RareLumiere candles have 100% cotton wicks in glass vessels

RareLumiere candles have 100% cotton wicks in glass vessels

If there is one common item you will find throughout my home, it is candles. My favorite way to clean a room is to light a candle at the very end. It’s my way of feeling complete about the job I’ve done to get that space back in shape then give it a fragrance.

RareLumiere candles have 100% cotton wicks in glass vessels. I love the colors and scents. Choose from 5 scents – Aspen, Florence, Tahiti, Tangler and Notting Hill. These candle fragrances will transfer your senses to locations where you may feel familiar, such as the smoky wood notes of Aspen.

RareLumiere uses raw materials hand pours their candles in the US. Each candle has a 55 hour burn time. I get a slow burn with very little pooling at my wick when I burn these candles. Visit RareLuminiere to learn more and order your candles for the spring cleaning moments you will have real soon.

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Keep your pet and home naturally clean – Skout’s Honor

Keep your pet and home naturally clean - Skout’s Honor​

If you have felt even a little bit worried about the ingredients that are in your cleaning supplies, especially stain removers and carpet products then I want to introduce you to Skout’s Honor.

Let’s face it, there is so much activity happening on our floors – baby crawling, kids playing, pets sleeping and stains growing! Knowing that the products we are using to clean our carpets and floors cannot harm us, our pets and environment is a relief.

Skout’s Honor products for home and pets are made with eco-friendly, plant-derived, sulfate-free, paraben-free ingredients that keep your home naturally clean. Never do they test on animals.

Skout’s Honor has carpet care and pet shampoo products you can trust and they work great! I have had to grab my bottle of Severe Mess a few times. Our dogs love to play outside then they drag that mud back onto the rugs. I confidently clean up there messes with a product that is safe to use in my home. Visit Skout’s Honor to learn more and stock up for spring cleanup.