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Giani DIY Cabinet Paint to Easily Transform Your Small Spaces

Giani DIY Cabinet Paint to Easily Transform Your Small Spaces

What a year it has been. I can tell you that quarantine brought big changes to our home. It all started in April with a flood we had upstairs that ruined the downstairs dining room floors. Because we have continuous flooring we had to replace all of our floors. I wasn’t terribly upset by that to be honest.

The thing is when we started one project it spiraled into more. The contractor left us an entire weekend with old floors pulled up and the flooring guy coming a few days later. We decided what a better time to repaint the downstairs walls while furniture was moved out and the floors were pulled! Then that meant I needed a new tablecloth and rugs because my color scheme is changing. The paint sale we found was great so on a whim got some paint for my master bathroom (why not)?!

I gave my bathroom a Sky Blue color and repainted the white trim to look fresh. What a difference paint can make to a space. I had a grand idea to repaint all of my cabinets, however we have different plans down the road but I did have older small cabinets and decor that would transform the space if I could change its color.

I got my hands on the Giani Nuvo Cabinet Paint in the color, Titanium Infusion. Taking older wood cabinets and adding color seems small but drastically changes the look when you want to transform your small spaces. It is such an easy weekend project – resurface cabinets, desks, tables, kitchen islands and more in the great colors of Giani Nuvo Cabinet Paint.

I love the color pallet of Giani Granite’s paints for cabinets – see them here. The kits come with all you need to paint including online video tutorials with more tips. I just grabbed some sandpaper I had to prep the surface and Giani Granite provided me the paint, instructions, paint brushes and paint rollers.

In the empty space inside my bathroom I keep a stool. It comes in handy to grab as I have longer hair styling days to sit in front of my mirror. I had some dark pieces, some light pieces, the stool was black and my goal was to brighten all I could up in that space. So, I will be using the Nuvo Cabinet Paint on my stool as well to match.

I have used Giani Granite brand kits before as last year I made myself some tables I pull out when I have guests for added space for desserts or drinks. For these I took some old TV trays that fold and store well and instead of dumping at Goodwill I repurposed with the Giani Butcher Block Paint kit and they came out great! See how those turned out HERE!

Giani also has Granite and Marble Countertops kits and soon will launch these gorgeous Pour and cure-in-place quartz countertops! These will transform countertops beautifully. All of their countertop paints are non porous – mold and bacterial resistant. They have great step-by-step videos so you can’t mess them up. Here is a sneak peek at the new quartz coming soon.

Visit Giani Granite and shop all of their DIY paint kits to transform your space. Makes a great gift idea for new home owners or those who love to keep busy with DIY projects around the home. Also available on Amazon.

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Kid Proof – The Fabric Protectant Every Parent Should Own

Kid proof

Need to Kid-Proof some things around your house? Perhaps we can’t keep glass from breaking or tools from going missing, but Kid Proof Resistant spray can keep your fabric a bit safer from spills and stains. What I love about Kid Proof is that it is not to clean up the messes, but to be used proactively to treat fabrics incase of spills.

Fabric protectant

This means you can go Kid Proof happy around your house with this nano technology fabric protectant spray bottle then have a bit more peace of mind going through your days. This is because when you spray those surfaces you want protected as I did with my dining chairs, you only need to wait about 24 hours so that product can set itself up into protection mode for you. When you protect your surfaces with Kid Proof it will do its job for about 15 washes before you need to retreat.

treat fabric

Kid Proof is non-toxic and safe for kids and pets. See liquid and spills roll right off the treated fabric. Use it on your car upholstery, kids clothing, favorite blankets and stuffies, pet toys…you name it. If it has fabric and is a favorite, spray it down with Kid Proof. It does not stain. Buy Kid Proof now!

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Spring Cleaning Tips: Get your Home ‘Monica Clean’ this Spring

If ever there was a spring where ‘when I have time’ is no longer an excuse. While you are home and with a to-do list that needs tackling I wanted to share these Spring Cleaning Tips from the Queen of Clean (Monica Geller in FRIENDS). Also I have some tips on controlling the dust in your home HERE.

Get your Home 'Monica Clean' this Spring

When you are done cleaning or at break time, catch up on your favorite FRIENDS episodes commercial-free! All individual seasons and compilation sets of Friends are available to purchase here: www.OwnFriendsTV.com. All seasons are also available to own at all major digital retailers; including iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Prime, and Google. DVD and Blu-ray sets can be purchased from all major retailers – including Amazon, Target and Walmart.

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Minimalist Transit Maps Framed Poster Review

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Minimalist Transit Maps

Years ago I started collecting wall art from places we have traveled to. I love having memories on the wall and when they look better than a photo I took on my phone they become wall worthy. I have a landscape canvas I made at an AR Workshop of the Las Vegas strip line. I have a large panoramic print of the Seattle skyline. I have the Golden Gate Bridge. We have visited NYC twice in the past 4 years and now I have this Minimalist Metro Rail Poster of the NYC transit maps from The Camera Graphic.


It arrived very well packaged. If you love minimalist art, you’ll love the modern metro lines of these map prints. With thehe primary colors on a white background and if you did what I did and have the poster matted into a black frame after it arrives it can fit in with almost any decor around the home.

framed art

My Father-in-law was born in Massapequa, NY so he would also appreciate this as a gift! You’ll find metro lines from around the world from busier areas like Tokyo to minor lines of the Bay Area (California). Know anyone in these metro areas they offer? Order them a gift of these prints! They make excellent gifts.

metro art print

We can’t stop admiring our print and as enamored as our 11 year old was with our trips to NYC he now loves this print and anything New York branded. Head over to The Camera Graphic and see these metro line prints as well as other graphic designs at great prices!