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Spread A Little Kindness One Cake At A Time with Janie’s Cakes

Spread A Little Kindness One Cake At A Time with Janie's Cakes

This striped box with a blue ribbon holds more than a bunt cake. It is a Mother and Daughters creation so full of flavor in moist cake. We can’t get over these cakes in my home. They are so delicious. I wish I could portray the flavor in a blog post but you will have to order and try these for yourself. You will thank me!

Of all the yummy flavors the Italian Jane stood out first. I love pecans and this buttercream inside is so full of flavor. One small slice goes a long way as there is enough rich and delicious filling for each cake bite.

Made in Tyler, Texas by a Mother and Daughter duo, these cakes use a family recipe developed by the real Janie and her grandmother Papu with pure, quality ingredients. You can taste the quality.

You can order your cake or some of their other treats for the Holidays. Visit Janie’s Cakes and order today.

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Elegear Ultra Soft Flannel Fleece Self-Warming Blanket makes a great gift

Elegear Ultra Soft Flannel Fleece Self-Warming Blanket

I stepped out of my Elegear Ultra Soft Flannel Fleece Self-Warming Blanket to share more about it with you. I may or may not be addicted to staying wrapped up in this large blanket. On Amazon this blanket is described as a Japanese Innovation Soft Thermal Blanket. This means there is a unique 3-layer construction of microfiber flannel that includes hygroscopic heating fiber, anti-static fiber, fuzzy flannel to keep you warm and cozy without sweat because it is also moisture wicking.

Even when the dog wants to watch TV (yes, she watches TV) she steals the warm blanket from us. Beside a fire with a large self-warming blanket is where we all desire to be.

Despite its soft, fleece it will not bring any static on those dry days. This is not just great for comfort to the touch but this means it does not grab and hold animal fur. I luck out in that my dogs breed do not shed fur in my home, but our oldest’s lab does and there is no constant washing to de-shed this blanket like I have to do with other blankets I own.

You can save right now! Not only is there a 10% coupon on Amazon, but you can stack it with my 20% offer I get to share with you: WCO6UQ56 vis this Amazon Buy Link. Head over now and save! Choose blue or grey.

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Kitchen Mama is a bestselling can opener brand

With us being home more often and restaurants closed for dining we are definitely in our kitchen more than usual this year. I still work shifts at the school so my tween is home most days doing online schooling.

I have shown him several cooking lessons so he can fix himself lunches while home more. He does good. We did have a noddles without water – microwave near disaster recently. When he opens a can or grates cheese it scare me because he opens it like a 12 year old with no concern to edges or where his knuckles are rubbing. We now have a Kitchen Mama electric can opener so that worry is no more.

Kitchen Mama is a bestselling can opener brand in the Amazon US and is packaged very well and colorful for gifting. There are a few designs to choose from. The mini, auto stop and standard electric that will need you to shut off. This is the one I use because I like its larger size. It will stop turning on the can, it just stays powered until you click the button to stop it.

I love that it leaves zero sharp edges! It’s the safest way to open a can. It also does not leave any shavings inside the can of food. I have owned some can openers that cut the sides but drop shavings. I have not had that problem with this can opener.

One touch or auto-stop technology makes time in the kitchen more manageable and easier especially for arthritic or painful hands.

You can find all of the Kitchen Mama can openers on Amazon and delivered in time for the Holidays. The mini is a great stocking stuffer size. For larger kitchens the standard electric can opener is a great size for the largest cans. For the busy houses, the auto stop takes care of the can while gathering the rest of the ingredients until you need to come back to that step. Visit Kitchen Mama on Amazon.

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Giani DIY Cabinet Paint to Easily Transform Your Small Spaces

Giani DIY Cabinet Paint to Easily Transform Your Small Spaces

What a year it has been. I can tell you that quarantine brought big changes to our home. It all started in April with a flood we had upstairs that ruined the downstairs dining room floors. Because we have continuous flooring we had to replace all of our floors. I wasn’t terribly upset by that to be honest.

The thing is when we started one project it spiraled into more. The contractor left us an entire weekend with old floors pulled up and the flooring guy coming a few days later. We decided what a better time to repaint the downstairs walls while furniture was moved out and the floors were pulled! Then that meant I needed a new tablecloth and rugs because my color scheme is changing. The paint sale we found was great so on a whim got some paint for my master bathroom (why not)?!

I gave my bathroom a Sky Blue color and repainted the white trim to look fresh. What a difference paint can make to a space. I had a grand idea to repaint all of my cabinets, however we have different plans down the road but I did have older small cabinets and decor that would transform the space if I could change its color.

I got my hands on the Giani Nuvo Cabinet Paint in the color, Titanium Infusion. Taking older wood cabinets and adding color seems small but drastically changes the look when you want to transform your small spaces. It is such an easy weekend project – resurface cabinets, desks, tables, kitchen islands and more in the great colors of Giani Nuvo Cabinet Paint.

I love the color pallet of Giani Granite’s paints for cabinets – see them here. The kits come with all you need to paint including online video tutorials with more tips. I just grabbed some sandpaper I had to prep the surface and Giani Granite provided me the paint, instructions, paint brushes and paint rollers.

In the empty space inside my bathroom I keep a stool. It comes in handy to grab as I have longer hair styling days to sit in front of my mirror. I had some dark pieces, some light pieces, the stool was black and my goal was to brighten all I could up in that space. So, I will be using the Nuvo Cabinet Paint on my stool as well to match.

I have used Giani Granite brand kits before as last year I made myself some tables I pull out when I have guests for added space for desserts or drinks. For these I took some old TV trays that fold and store well and instead of dumping at Goodwill I repurposed with the Giani Butcher Block Paint kit and they came out great! See how those turned out HERE!

Giani also has Granite and Marble Countertops kits and soon will launch these gorgeous Pour and cure-in-place quartz countertops! These will transform countertops beautifully. All of their countertop paints are non porous – mold and bacterial resistant. They have great step-by-step videos so you can’t mess them up. Here is a sneak peek at the new quartz coming soon.

Visit Giani Granite and shop all of their DIY paint kits to transform your space. Makes a great gift idea for new home owners or those who love to keep busy with DIY projects around the home. Also available on Amazon.