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High Camp Flask is a Thermos Flask with 2 Magnetic Tumblers

High Camp Flask is a Thermos Flask with 2 Magnetic Tumblers

Living in Washington State we get some fantastic snow in our ski resorts in the Cascade Mountain Range. There are several resorts, but the one I have been to most often is Mt. Baker.

I went to college in Bellingham, Wa and Mount Baker was not a far drive. With snowboards in tow and friends from school we spent much time on the mountain. What made the trip more bearable on cold, winter days was a thermos flask and some Amaretto and Port. That sounds a bit off to me in my older days now, but being young and on a cold mountain that combination warms you from the inside out. No one ever really overdid it by drinking this. We would all just put a bit in our flask and take a drink on the lift chair when we needed to warm up.

Having a flask when hiking, skiing or working in the cold can be the difference from calling it a day or stopping only to warm up and keep going. Maybe you are more of a hot cocoa or coffee drinker, but no matter what beverage you take along this High Camp Firelight Flask keeps liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours!

The Firelight Flask holds 750ml, the perfect size for an entire bottle of spirit or wine. The magnetic tumblers and flask are forged from BPA- and phthalate-free 18/8 stainless steel.They are built like your favorite bar glass with 6-Shooter designed grooves for a no-slip grip!

Visit High Camp Flasks to order yours today and get outside for the day (or night)!

Comment: I was sent a flask for original review. All opinions are my own

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Storyteller’s Hollywood-Illustrated Dictionary

Storyteller's Hollywood-Illustrated Dictionary

Storyteller’s Hollywood-Illustrated Dictionary

by: Mrs Wordsmith

On January 28, the Storyteller’s Hollywood-Illustrated Dictionary was released in the US.  The book is currently #1 on Amazon UK. Parents love this book for a few reasons.

You get a 50% improvement in vocabulary proven by the National Literacy Trust. The book contains 4000 key storytelling words and hundreds of illustrations. In fact, the illustrations are from Craig Kellman, the Hollywood artist behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania’s unforgettable characters, come hundreds of hilarious illustrations.

Illustrated Dictionary

Once you purchase the Storytellers Illustrated Dictionary, look for a daily text message from their Word of the Day service. This book encourages independent readers as it boosts reading confidence.

I love how organized it is with words cleverly fitting into 6 categories – Action, Character, Emotion, Setting, Taste & Smell and Weather. Each section ends with illustrated noun sets. If they need help finding a related word, it is in the book on these topics.

Get your copy ordered today for Valentine’s or Easter gifts from MrsWordsmith.com

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3 Adult Games to Play with Friends and Family

3 Adult Games to Play with Friends and Family

3 Adult Games to Play with Friends and Family

The Holidays are over, a new semester is beginning at school, spring will be here soon and we will have Easter baskets to fill, school, gifts and kids! Sometimes we need adult time. Whether you invite friends over or get a sitter and meet at a friends home for some adult socializing, games always add an extra element of fun. Card games, especially, create laughs and weirdness that is so refreshing.

There are several adult games to play by Goliath Games from GAMES ADULTS PLAY (the name is catchy)! I have 3 of them and we first brought these out on Super Bowl Sunday as we had food prepped and were waiting for the game to start.

True Colors

My 10 year old really wanted to play with us and True Colors was the most appropriate so we played this one with him. In True colors you have cards each player reads at their turn. Everyone is voting on who (besides themselves) most relate to that question or comment.

While you are voting for others in the ballot box, you are then trying to guess how many votes were cast for you. Scoring is a tad tricky at first, but once you can focus on a round of two it’s easier. You get scored based on if you were correct about getting any votes or not and then if you actually got the most votes. For 3 to 6 players and the more the better the game!

Friend or Faux

Friend or Faux is strictly adult fun because these questions get personal and intimate at times. I would save this game for friends you know well and are not worried about creating awkward conversations with. It is my duty to give you that bit of a warning.

However, it is a blast! It is very easy to play and you simply are sharing your cards question with a friend to answer. There are Bull Shit cards in play and you can use it at anytime if you think the player is bluffing and want to create an argument you may or may not win. At your turn you start at Pile 1 for round one and read the card. You wait to answer because everyone else is guessing what you might say. Will they be right or wrong? If they were wrong? What was it they thought you’d say? This is why it is so fun.

If you cannot avoid young ears being around, just stick to the lower numbered piles. The higher numbered pile the worse the questions. Pile 1 is kid-friendly with questions like favorite movie, etc..

Shit Happens

This game is a blast! Again, NOT kid-friendly. Each player starts with 3 cards and lays them down in order of less severe to most severe in circumstances. Such as…

Being Stung by a Swarm of Bees and Finding a Dead Hooker in your Bed (like I said, not kid-friendly so I wanted to make that clear).

Every card has a number professionally dictated as its place on pleasant to worst scenario. The player next to you draws a card and reds it to you, without showing you the number place assigned to that scenario. You must decide where it falls in your stack of cards. If you guess right you keep the card. The first to collect 10 cards wins.

Find more games like this at Games Adults Play.

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Exfoliate and Hydrate Your Lips in 2 Steps

Winter! Winter skin! Worse yet, Winter Lips! They are dry, chapped and in desperate need of moisture. I am sure you have a tube of short-fix chapstick in your purse or car, but it takes more than that to truly heal your lips.

Like your skin, exfoliating to remove dead cells is the best regimen to hydrate your lips. Once you get down to the bottom of exfoliating you need to add moisture back in that lasts and keeps hydrating. I use 2 Sara Happ products together and I love my lips this winter.

I use The Lip Scrub – Pink Grapefruit (they also have 5 other lip flavors. The exfoliate scrub eliminates dry, flaky skin, immediately leaving lips soft and supple.

I then follow up with their best-selling Lip Slip Balm. This deeply hydrating lip treatment doesn’t just coat the lips, but brings lips back to life using restorative natural oils in a comfortable cashmere-soft cream. You will see results are immediately.

Sara Happ does no animal testing and uses eco-friendly packaging. They care as much about ho there product is made and distributed as they do about your lip health. Visit Sara Happ to see tips and more products for healthier lips.