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Water Bottle Flipping Games and Stunts

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water flipping book

Flippin Awesome: Water Bottle Flip Games, Tricks & Stunts For Everyone

Has you child reached for that bottle of water and caused you panic when they toss it in the air to let it land on the ground. I had never heard of bottle flipping before my 8 year old son and a friend staying the  night started throwing bottles. They were on the floor throwing bottles of water in the air right at my desk. When visions of water exploding all over my computer and electronics I sent them outside. It was raining so they were flipping bottles on the front porch. What is this? Why are they flipping water that my explode everywhere?

Blame You Tube because in a video they like watching the channel introduced them to the craze. I work at the local High School and in the cafeterias I would see kids flipping bottles. They needed somewhere a little more safe and more sensible to do this water bottle flipping stunt and a game board was the ticket.

In the book Flippin Awesome, there are 12 oversized game boards and more. Variations and how-to instructions, a little lesson in physics, bottle bling ideas, trick shots, creative moves, games, challenges and logs with score cards. The book is made available with Skyhorse Publishing and you can order on Amazon as well.

2016 Holidays, Home

Space Heater Safety with Honeywell HeatGenius

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In our family we have had a house fire that resulted in a total loss in a home our oldest son was renting from my husband’s parents. A dog toy had got wedged under an old ceramic space heater and it ignited in the middle of the night and the home caught fire. They made it out in PJ’s and boxers and lost everything else. Space heaters have been notorious for starting fires and this is why brands like Honeywell have included all of the safety features you should look for when buying a space heater. Space heaters have great benefits so you can use them, but buy safe.

I am featuring the Honeywell HeatGenius full of safety and other useful features to heat larger rooms in your home.

  • 6 heat settings to heat you, a whole room, floor and more
  • 1500 watts of heat output (that’s a lot for a space heater)
  • Quiet mode for a white noise
  • Button touch controls
  • Tip over switch
  • Overheat protection
  • Cool touch housing
  • High quality, heat-resistant plastics
  • HeatPhase™ timer 30 min-2 hours


You can set it near a bathroom or kitchen on floor mode and wake up to warm floors in the morning. You can also set it to a mid personal heat so not too hot on floor or up higher-just a nice lap heat when sitting. There is a Hi and Low mode depending on the size of the room.


The HeatPhase timer is fantastic. When set at 2 hours or less it will gradually decrease in heat intensity every 3o minutes until it shuts itself off. This is great for bedtime or in a nurser, etc. You get that initial higher heat but it will decrease so you don’t overheat in time.


You can learn more and purchase directly from their website at Honeywell or you can get it at retailers like Amazon.

2016 Holidays

Num Noms Art Cart Play Set

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Num Noms logo

The popular scented Num Noms are back and in series 2 there is so much more fun. I am featuring the Art Cart Playset. Collecting the Num Noms Light Mystery packs will give you light-up characters to make the Art Cart come to life for playtime.

Num Noms art cart

About the Art Cart Playset

  • ruler/stencil
  • scented ink pad
  • scented stamper Nom
  • scented pencil and eraser Nom
  • 3 scented eraser Noms

Num Noms features

About Lights Mystery Packs

What you find inside is a mystery! Freezie Pops, Snow Cones & Glitter Gummies •1 Scented Num (outer) in a variety of flavors •1 Scented Nom (inner) lights up in 2 colors! •Packaged inside a juice carton.



The newest addition to the Num Noms are: Lights Series 1 Mystery Packs and the Lights Freezie Pop Maker. You can find them at many retailers and on Amazon.

2016 Holidays, Fashion

RefrigiWear Insulated Softshell Jacket Review

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softshell winter coat

For this review of a fantastic gift idea to those in need of a warm coat, I had my sample sent to our son’s dorm room. He is across state at Washington State University and it is cold, ice and snow weather right now. When I showed him some items from RefrigiWear to choose he was pretty excited at the thought of a warmer coat.

winter coat inner

RefrigiWear Insulated Softshell Jacket Review

His comment: the jacket is thick and very warm. His campus is at the bottom of a hill at the University entrance which means it is quite a walk to his classes. Having a warm jacket is imperative for a comfortable walk especially for those 8am classes to night jaunts to the cafe for dinner.

winter coat warm

If you have family living in cold climates or a child living on a cold campus, having a jacket from RefrigiWear is a blessing and will get so much use. You’ll want to see all of the styles as well as accessories for men and women. This one our son is wearing is called the Insulated Softshell Jacket in black/charcoal. It also comes in Navy.

winter coat

So, head on over and take a look so you can finish your holiday shopping. I hope your student can make it home for the Holidays, but if not, ship them some warmth. They will need it! https://www.refrigiwear.com/