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Carbonate ANY cold beverage with Drinkmate instaFizz

Carbonate ANY cold beverage with Drinkmate instaFizz

Perhaps you have owned or at least seen the Drinkmate systems before. Most retailers carry flavor solutions because the original concept had you adding flavors to water and sparkling them. Now, Drinkmate instaFizz has a portable water bottle that carbonates any cold beverage from anywhere. Take it camping, to parties and to work. If you are craving carbonated drinks or want your cocktails to sparkle, the instaFizz is your portable beverage companion.

Choose your favorite color to tote around and bring your box of CO2 cartridges. They are just small cartridges that easily fit in a lunch bag and can be safely tossed away when done because they are single use size. You can also use the Drinkmate CO2 recycle buy back for those empty cartridges which is much better for the environment. Now you can carbonate any beverage.

It is as easy to use as twist, swirl and sip! The DrinkMate instaFizz can be used with water, juices, iced tea, coffee, energy drinks, wine, cocktails, and even flat soda. This is perfect to add a small amount of fizz on the go so you can get the fizz in drinks you wish rather than buying sugary sodas. You pick the ingredient and instaFizz does the work for you! You can rad more on the Drinkmate website or find the Drinkmate instaFizz at Amazon and other retailers.

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