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Kickstarter staff pick: Capture the Flag Redux

This game is a hit for outdoor, night time play! The classic game goes dark and with glow bands, barriers and balls, playing a glow game of Capture the Flag will keep kids and adults off the couch and outside. This is Capture the Flag Reflux.

Your box arrives with all lights ready to activate so you can play right away. You get:

  • 2 Orbs
  • 8 Jail Markers
  • 16 glow bracelets
  • 7 Territory Lights
  • 12 Game Variation Cards

This glow version of Capture the Flag was a Kickstarter staff pick and is a lot of fun for all ages. It is a fantastic game for Youth Groups, Neighborhood block parties, camping trips, town park competition and so many more chances to run around outdoors in a fun glow game.

You can purchase yours at Starlux Games today!

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