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Candle Club Of The Month from Broken Top Brands

Candle Club Of The Month from Broken Top Brands

My favorite time to light a candle in my home is after a deep clean. I like to start my weekend with a clean house and when I am done dusting, wiping and mopping I can light a candle to add fresh aroma and the smell means clean to me! I am a bit of a candle snob in that I use candles that burn clean and that are made with natural ingredients. If the vessels and jars can be reused, then bonus!

Recently I came across a candle club! Broken Top Candles are a monthly candle box that comes to your door with 1-2 candles packaged with a book of matches ready to burn your new seasonal candle of the month! My recent box includes Juniper Smoke and Pumpkin Spice! They smell amazing and these jars will be great to use after my candle is burned down.

All subscriptions come with free shipping plus exclusive Candle Club perks, as in secret scents before they’re officially released! You are not committed to a subscription box at Broken Top Brands, you can buy single candles, linen sprays, diffusers, lotion and more. Shop by product or by scent and find a gift for just about anyone on your list that loves candles, skincare and home products. Visit Broken Top Brands.

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