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Bunnies by the Bay Books, Lovies and Gifts for Spring Playtime

Bunnies by the Bay Books, Lovies and Gifts for Spring Playtime

Better than spring and summer family travels, is having a friend to travel with your child. When my son was young, packing special or new toys or books to keep him occupied was a must! Bunnies by the Bay has books, lovies, stuffed animals and other gifts that make great companions for your child. They are timeless gifts and many gift sets come packaged in adorable boxes.

Bunnies by the Bay

This is the Blooms Little Star Gift Set and you can add on a personalization to the bunny’s ear with your child’s name or a message. The gift set comes with a 16″ 100% polyester plush bunny and Little Star Board Book – “Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?”

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This plush is so soft, you have to feel it to believe how snuggly he is. Handcrafted and ready to be your child’s companion and there are more than just bunnies at Bunnies by the Bay. You can find stuffed animal dragon, bee, dino and more. They all have the handcrafted quality. Their books and lovies are just as adorable.

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If you need a gift for a child who loves books, lovies or animal friends, visit Bunnies by the Bay to find great gift ideas.

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