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Building Healthy Relationships with Peer Pressure – The Backpack Book

The Backpack – Children’s Book

Peer pressure with kids is a tough thing. Since I was a kid there was always the latest shoes or clothes and even a latest hair style. As a kid, if you had the fads you were cool. I think we have actually come a long way as a society in realizing the toxicity on our kids of the need to fit in superficially. Building healthy relationships is what we want our children to learn.

The Backpack is a book written by Lindsay C. Barry who wrote this after feeling pressured to buy her son a brand-name backpack as he set off for school. Reflecting on that, she realized she wanted to be sure her kids were receiving the right message and were learning the right lessons: that it’s not what we look like on the outside, but how we treat others that really counts.

In this story we follow a young girl as she carefully chooses the perfect backpack for school, while her dad reminds her to stay focused on what really matters: what’s inside – and he doesn’t mean pencils and folders! His words come full circle as she meets and stands up for a boy who appears “different,” and a friendship blooms. Visit the Author page.

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