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Get outdoors and build balance and accuracy with the Tri-flyer and Lawn Launch

Build balance and core strength with the Tri-flyer scooter at Bolder Play

The weather is warming, the days are longer and the kids can finally go outside for their hours of spring and summer play. Bolder Play has many outdoor adventure toys and games to set your kids up for an active summer and to want to be outdoors. From climbing toys to the tri-flyer, kids can build skills such as ways to build balance and core strength.

Playzone-Fit has the tri-flyer that can be used in 3 different ways:

  • Scoot sitting down and use feet and leg strength to glide around 
  • Scoot on knees and use upper body and core strength to glide 
  • Lay on stomach and use upper body and core strength to glide  

There are three 360-degree swivel wheels mean kids can easily glide side to side or front and back. The non-slip pad is very comfortable to sit or kneel on. It is so safe that it is recommended for as young as 2 years old (with supervision).

Lawn Launch gets the entire family outdoors. This fun game that resembles skeet ball is played by rolling the ball up the ramp, and watch it land in one of the three scoring rings. The first to 100 wins! You can change up game play by using the rings to create different layouts on the ground. The kids will learn cooperative play and set up is very easy.

Get these kids outside and moving and to help, visit Bolder Play to get your yard spring/summer ready for hours of fun!

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