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Bringing Baby On Vacation: Tips For Successful Holiday Travel

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Led by 44% of millennials, 88 million Americans are planning a family getaway this year. Just like generations before them, more families view vacations as one of the best ways to bond and create memories with their loved ones. In fact, most parents agree that “the earlier, the better” when it comes to bringing babies on holiday.

Does vacationing with your little one sound like an oxymoron? Whether you’re packing up for baby’s first road trip to visit the in-laws or taking a long flight abroad, the notion of traveling with your newest member of the family requires both patience and preparation. But you can do it! There are plenty of tips to make your trip as easy and fun as possible. Don’t believe us? Check out these tips for a successful holiday travel with your newborn.

Start packing ahead of time

While the summer in Washington is slowly passing away, the Caribbean sun is something else altogether. Thus, it is important to pack appropriately with quality sun suits to cover your baby’s arms and legs when sunscreen isn’t enough. You might also want to stock up on regular diapers, swim diapers, wipes, bug spray, bibs, utensils, etc. Opt for travel-size items to keep with you at all times so you won’t have to check in unnecessary bags. Thus, pack at least one week in advance to make those final days of packing less stressful and overwhelming.

Get the most out of your travel budget

Although buying an airline ticket and booking your hotel seems straightforward, you might be missing out on finding the best travel deals. No matter where you plan to visit, getting there can be expensive – forcing you to forego the necessary inclusions such as travel insurance. However, experts say that while you can add travel insurance at any time, some insurance companies will only allow you to book within a certain timeframe. Not to mention, while you think having your baby on your lap can help save money, it might be worth it to purchase a separate seat and bring an FAA-approved car seat with you.

Make sleep as comfortable as possible

Are you worried about sharing a bed with your little one? Not sure if they will be comfortable in a new surrounding? When babies are uncomfortable, it can become difficult for them to relax and calm down. Instead, use a Pack ’n Play or bring their favorite blanket along. Also, be sure to bring a reserve just in case there are any spills or if you plan to lounge by the pool.

With all the preparation of bringing your baby on vacation, it’s easy to forget that it’s your vacation, too! Don’t hesitate to contact the hotel and ask about babysitting services or in-room massage services if you need a bit of R&R. Load up your e-book and sip a glass of wine or two on your next successful holiday with your baby.

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