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Brightly Terra Stone Coasters are natural and eco-friendly

Brightly Terra Stone Coasters are natural and eco-friendly

Is your drink coaster made of high-quality diatomaceous earth? Mine are which means they provide maximum moisture absorption and quick-drying action. As it naturally helps condensation buildup from cold drinks, it keeps your table dry.

Not only are coasters made of diatomaceous earth a benefit to your furniture, it is sustainable. When I can add touches of eco-friendly, sustainable products in my home it makes me feel a bit more responsible. I have tossed many plastic and wood finished coasters in the trash and these have no synthetic material.

These make great gifts for Easter baskets, Mother’s Day and even as house-warming and wedding gifts. Order your modern-designed terra stone coasters from Brightly. Also explore many other great eco-friendly products for your home and body on their website.

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