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Boys Town Press Books Teach Life Skills Through Stories

Boys Town Press Books Teach Life Skills Through Stories

I love receiving titles from Boys Town Press because their books and resources offer practical, real-world skills you can use to manage behavior, build strong relationships, and teach social skills to children. They are great for parents, educators and other professionals as tools to teach life skills to kids through reading.

The 3 most recent titles I have reviewed are:

1. Freddie and Friends: Bugging Out

Bugging out

Kids tend to overreact to small situations. They feel big feelings and sometimes have a problem dealing with them. This book will help kids keep small problems small. This is Stella Stinkbug’s story and she will tell you all about the drama of her day where bad (little) things keep happening to her causing her to Bug Out! Learn how to weigh problems as huge, meh or no big deal. There are 2 questions kids can ask themselves to sort the big problems from the small and match their reactions to it. Buy on Amazon.

2. How Do I Remember All That

Manage large problems

When school seems to be getting harder, Braden starts to learn and practice strategies for improving his working memory with the help of a caring teacher. Learn that when you break large assignments into smaller, more manageable tasks, it helps the working memory. Not only with schoolwork but at home your child can use the tips to help memory and make large tasks seem smaller. Buy now on Amazon.

3. Practicing Patience

practice patience

It is so hard to wait, ask any child! This book teaches children how to patiently wait when your body doesn’t want to. Gabe learns some techniques to practice when he starts to feel his body get the extra energy when it is hard to wait. Patience is hard, but it is important. Stay calm and wait your turn – it’s hard but it works. Buy on Amazon.

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