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Botley the Coding Robot Makes STEM Learning Fun

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Botley the Coding Robot Makes STEM Learning Fun

Toys that teach! Aren’t they the best kind of toys? Botley is new from Learning Resources and he is ready to play with right out of the box. There is no screen, just a remote for some fun STEM learning. It is recommended for ages as young as 5, but with so many ways to learn up and have Botley teach STEM skills for many years as your child grows.


Except for you 5x AAA batteries you’ll need he comes with everything you need to start playing. No downloads to do or screens to boot up. The box contains 77 pieces total from black line cards, to detachable arms, coding cards and much more.

When you open the instruction booklet you get some start-up sets and programming to try in a series that allows you to tap into all Botley can do. I recommend, as I mention in my video below, that you read through and follow the manual instructions to get a feel for this learning robot. Take a look below!

Botley can do so much

  • Deter Objects (also moves around objects as he detects them)
  • Follow looping commands
  • Navigate obstacle courses
  • Follow black lines
  • Unlock more features as you play with him
  • No phone or tablet required- remote controlled

Botley is available at Learning Resources and also on Amazon!

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