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Book Review: Running with Roselle

Running with Roselle Book

About The Book

Running with Roselle is written by Michael Hingson with Jeanette Hanscome. It is a story about a puppy who became a Hero on Sept 11, 2001 as he led his blind companion, Author Michael Hingson, out of the World Trade Center from the 78th floor before its collapse. Michael has been blind since birth and the first half of this book tells the story of him growing up blind since birth. His years in College and the story of how his Wife and he met. Roselle had become his guide dog less than 2 years before that fateful day. Together, they inspired others during the escape and their teamwork deemed crucial to their survival that day.   

For her efforts, learn about Roselle receiving the American Hero Dog Award for her efforts that day.  

For ages 8 and up.

About the Author

Michael Hingson is the boy/man in this story. He tells his very own story in Running with Roselle. He is also Author of the New York Times Bestseller, Thunder Dog. Michael never let being blind stop him from living a normal childhood. He rode bikes, drove a campus car and even ran his own business. He will inspire you and teach others about overcoming adversity.

  My Thoughts

The story was so engaging, I was able to read the 21 Chapter book in 2 days! The most significant part was reading of the escape. You can smell what he smelled and hear what he heard. He is blind and being led by Roselle down 78 flights and you can feel him in that moment. You can feel Roselle’s exhaustion and perseverance. Michael is a great story teller, putting you right beside him with every journey he goes through in this book.  

I agree with the age recommendation. What a great book for a teen who learn so much from the Author. Besides overcoming diversity, it is a great story about the bonds between a human and their pet. A great read for all ages. I would definitely put this on your Read list!

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Kris Tucker

This sounds like very good read.


That sounds like such a great read.

Michelle F>

Rambling Momma

Im gonna get this book and read it, it looks and sounds great


What an amazing story! I would love to read it!

Joanna Sormunen

Sounds like a really amazing book! Something I would love to give my son so he could read it.

Jesica H

I bet my kids would like this. I love a book that is an easy read and this sounds like it was!

tara pittman

This sounds like an amazing book. This dog is a very smart dog and I am sure well loved