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Bollie Brand is Clothing for Your Body After Baby

Bollie Brand is Clothing for Your Body After Baby

It was 11 years ago, but ‘after baby’ body goes well beyond the early postpartum. Before getting married and having my son I was athletic and very much in shape. Life happened and I am hardly athletic and less in shape.

I still want to feel good in the clothes I wear even if it is to sit on a soccer field and watch him practice and Bollie Brand was created by sisters who also wanted fashion for Mom’s body after baby.

I had a lot of fun browsing their shop, but 2 pieces stood out most to me. I just love wearing my Bollie Brand top and pants. I went out to dinner this weekend in my new top.

The Perfect White Tee is hardly a tee. It is soft like a tee but the cut and fit makes it much nicer and it can pass for dressing up. Wear over nice pants and adding a necklace quickly uplifts this shirt.

I also love wearing this top with my High Waisted Paper Bag Striped Pants. Aren’t these adorable?

The pants are so comfortable and not restrictive at all. I can wear them to dinner or running errands. You’ll love how you look and most importantly how you will feel in clothing that compliments any body type to keep you feeling confident and less restricted in your day. Shop Bollie Brand.

Comment: Samples were sent for feature. Opinions are my own

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