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Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile – Children’s Book

I was sent a copy of the book for feature

Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile

Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile- Children’s Book

By: Krista Keating-Joseph

This children’s book, Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile, is a true story about young Charlie as he is eager to join the track team despite his small size compared to his peers. The book starts off with a clear focus on his eagerness to run and join the team. He doesn’t win any races at first but with practice he not only starts to win but in his paths of growing up he becomes a true hero as a U.S. Navy SEAL.


Sadly, Charlie would lose his life as a SEAL and this story was hidden for some time until his mother finally became encouraged to finish her book and share a small piece of Charlie’s life events with us all. It is such a sweet read and the illustrations are simple yet full of emotion from characters on every page. Find Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile from Smith Publicity on Amazon.

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