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Best Gift for Foodies – Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company

Taking the recipe back to the 1950’s from Brooklyn, NY the Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Co. crumb cakes are amazingly fresh and delivered to your door. My entire house has sampled and everyone’s first comment is how moist they are and only after 1 bite! They are the perfect gift for any foodie or to order in time for company over for the Holidays.

You can order an 8×8 Crumb Cake or a 12 pack of Crumbkins. The flavors are all delicious and the topping is the perfect mouthful of crunch.

They have classic, blueberry, raspberry, salted caramel and more. Just refrigerate after you open. All of the cakes are made with natural ingredients and are preservative free. They even have a gluten free version.

The orders shipped on 12/17 will arrive in time! After that the next orders ship Jan 6, 2020. Hurry and get your order in. Free shipping on order over $35. You will not be disappointed! Makes the perfect gift for Foodies!

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