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Best Charging Base for Your Wireless Devices from Nomad

Best Charging Base for Your Wireless Devices from Nomad

When shopping for phone accessories, perhaps a charging station is on your list. With these charging hubs, you can typically charge multiple devices on one base saving table space and outlet space. We have the Nomad Base Station – Apple Watch Edition. My husband and oldest son call it the best charging Base for your wireless devices.

At the end of the day I can set my iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods on this base and they will be charged in the morning as well as where I placed them. With the hub we don’t have multiple cords all over our nightstand and phones falling to the ground.

My husband has currently claimed the base station, so I should rephrase that to be HIS devices are more organized for charging. When Nomad accessories arrive I can hardly get my hands on them before the boys argue over who will claim them.

The size is just right to hold your electronics and not take up too much table top space. There is a USB-C and USB port in the back if your phone or device is not wireless charging. The Apple Watch mount holds the charger.

At Nomad they have a few base stations for your charging needs. You choose which one works best for your set up. I have always been impressed with the quality of the Nomad products. Like their cases and other device accessories, you get that classy design with genuine leather.

The Base Stations are not finicky and you get a charge no matter where on the pad you set your device down. They release periodic firmware updates so it is always getting better with age. They charge fast providing 7.5W of power to your devices.

If you need a better charging set up or need a gift idea, consider Nomad Goods. Visit to see all of their quality and affordable accessories.

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.

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