Bento lunch boxes from Good Banana makes lunch fun

Bento lunch boxes from Good Banana makes lunch fun

When lunches get crushed and destroyed in bags and wrap, bento lunch boxes will keep their food in tact. When your child hates their foods touching, bento boxes are also a savior at meal time. These fun and food-safe Bento Lunch Boxes in fun shapes from Good Banana make lunch time fun. Go ahead and make the healthy lunches from home!

Look how adorable this Avocado Bento Lunch Box is. They are available in other shapes such as burger, donut, rainbow, unicorn and strawberry. These bento lunch boxes are BPA-free and food-friendly. There is enough space for larger and smaller food items. The latch on the lid stays in place, yet is easy for small hands to use.

Use them for school lunch or packing snacks for the park. BTW, small pouch foods, fold great into the top slot. The boxes are $15.99 and available at select retailers and online at Good Banana.

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