BeanVIVO offers tasteful blends of healthy and sustainable bean-based meals

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With a teen in the home, I have seen many phases of meals from him since summer began. He started with anything microwavable and then I taught him how to make Mac n Cheese and he began making that a lot. Then he learned how to make a grilled cheese and from there he is becoming more confident making lunches and snacks for himself.

A favorite for him and I are bean and cheese burritos. They are very quick to make and it is simple to make these healthy (or at least healthier than low quality beans in unhealthy oils and high carb tortillas). I grab some BeanVIVO Organics Refried Pinto Beans, low carb tortillas (like Coyotas or whatever I have on hand), some shredded cheese and sour cream.

I use BeanVIVO beans because the ingredient list is legit, see it below. Each of the pouches features a QR code so you can trace exactly where the beans were harvested! The beans have the amount of protein and fiber I want ion my meal and the pouches are very convenient.

BeanVIVO has dips and snacks and 4 bean options – the refried pinto beans, baja black beans, coconut curry chickpeas and three-bean vegan chili. These make great mini meals or side dishes. The ingredients are so fresh and certified organic for your bean-based recipes. Visit BeanVIVO’s website or their Amazon store to order today. Even the teens, can easily heat and eat from these pouches!

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