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Beanitos White Bean Mac N’ Cheese Crunch Snacks

Post is sponsored by Beanitos and sample sent for feature

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On our last trip to Costco we went to get some more lunch and breakfast meats. However, we ended up browsing because that’s what you do when you go to Costco. As you know, sticking to the shopping list is impossible. We were pushing the cart down the snack aisle and our son ran ahead of us and came back with this large yellow bag. I saw the words Mac N’ Cheese and that immediately caught my attention as I am sure it did his. They were Beanitos White Bean Mac N’ Cheese Crunch snacks. I have had Beanitos chips before and love them and we had to try these.

Beanitos-White-Bean-Mac n Cheese | Parenting Healthy |

Later I was contacted by Beanitos-what are the odds? When asked if I would feature these I was already familiar and didn’t hesitate. Not only are the ingredients what I look for in snacks for my family, but they taste great too. They are a bit heavy and I like that or else I could possibly devour the entire bag in no time at all.

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When shopping for snacks I look at ingredients because I am a label reader. The day I gave my son the OK to take these home from Costco it was after I read the label. I saw the white bean base and that they are baked and not fried. There are no artificial ingredients and no trans fats. Plus a little protein and fiber doesn’t hurt.

Beanitos-White Bean-Snack | Parenting Healthy |

If you really want to dig deep into the ingredients of Beanitos you’ll learn that they use USA farmed whole beans that are washed and cooked in small batches. They are combined with Non-GMO long grain white rice for the dough and seasoned with sea salt and seasonings. Beans are a SUPERFOOD so why not bake them into a chip as a healthier option than fried varieties loaded with artificial flavors?

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Keep an eye out for these Beanitos Mac N’ Crunch snacks at most Costco stores. Bring home a white bean snack with a crunch and flavor your family will love. The 21oz Mac N’ Cheese Crunch product is only available in the NW and Texas regions  Follow Beanitos –> Website _ Facebook _ Twitter _ Instagram

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I know what I am adding to my shopping list for our next Costco trip. I like that these are a much healthier snack option over regular greasy chips!

Elizabeth O.

Mac n cheese is a staple and it’s always going to be a dish that everyone will love! I would love to try this bag of chips, I’m sure my kids will love this too!

Nicole Escat

I haven’t tried this product, sounds a nice one. We just have mac and cheese last weekend and my son loves it!

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

I’ve never tried this before, but it looks like something my son would enjoy munching on as well. Oh, and about sticking to the shopping list – I know exactly what you mean! More often than not, I’d rather do the groceries on my own than have my kid in tow. Haha! 🙂


The Beanitos Mac N’ Crunch snacks sounds like a delicious snack!