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Be prepared for an earthquake disaster

Be prepared for an earthquake disaster

Living in the Pacific NW we are all too often reminded of the ‘Big’ earthquake we anticipate is nearing. We are on a few earthquake faults here in the state and it reminded me of some tips I learned and noted about how to be prepared for an earthquake disaster. We have been educated on the basics, but certainly learned some tips that I never would have thought of in an emergency. Here are those new preparedness tips:
  1. Look up or call your local news stations for a list of what stations are a part of your emergency bands. These stations will broadcast through special bands regardless of downed towers and water failures.
  2. Are all important documents/passports in one location to grab? I have our files in a filing cabinet & can grab them up in a hurry.
  3. Rule of thump for water is 3 gallons a day per person for 3+ days.
  4. Most deaths (over 95% from the 2011 Japan quake) occur from tsunami & fires post quake, NOT from the quake itself.
  5. Do not run to a doorway! Doing so makes you vulnerable to flying debris from two locations. You are to Stop, Cover (under table) and Hold (onto the table). If nothing around to cover under, then find sturdy wall, get low, cover head and count out loud (1 one thousand, 2 one thousand…) This does three very important things: counting reminds you to breath, it allows you to count the time of shaking and if others are around.. they hear you counting and they know to come for you stat if they don’t hear you counting anymore.

We practice the Great Shakeout in our schools and businesses every year and I highly recommend you visit the videos like the one below from The Great California Shakeout. They cover what to do in several situations. It is also important to have a family meeting!

Get informed and be prepared!

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