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Be better prepared for the cold and flu season at home

Be better prepared for the cold and flu season

Happy fall, or cold and flu season around here. Are you prepared for the runny nose, high fevers and night coughs? I did my medicine closet clean out. I organized and re-labeled baskets and tossed expired medications. Then I took my restock list and got ourselves prepared.

I have had such problems with our digital thermometer and it was time for a new one. I also restocked on cold medications I needed and I look for the better ingredients. Have you read a label of most cold medicines lately? It isn’t pretty! Dr Talbot’s is a safe brand and I am stocked up on immune support and Mucus + Cold Relief.

cough syrup

Dr. Talbot’s Vital 12 is a homeopathic immunity support quick dissolve tablets for ages 3 months and older (including expectant Mom’s). The ’12’ indicates 12 cell salts – supplement minerals in the body whose deficiency is associated with many common health problems. Non-toxic and non-habit-forming ingredients are what you need over other supplements on store shelves that don’t offer a clean lable.

The Mucus + Cold Relief is also homeopathic and relieves thick mucus, runny nose, cough, nasal & chest congestion and sinus inflammation. Your kids will love the natural grape juice that flavors this cold-relieving syrup. There are no alcohols, dyes or parabens and includes the supportive cell salts and is safe for body weight 6 pounds and higher. Visit Dr Talbot’s for all that they offer to refill your medicine cupboards.

I have replaced my digital thermometer that stopped being consistent. This time I have the Orä: Familly 5-in-1 infrared thermometer. This thermometer does a forehead scan or ear check. You can switch heads according the readings you need from infant to adults. Forehead, ear, axillary, child, adult, ambient air, food, milk, bath water… the Orä measures it all! It holds up to 20 measurements in a reading and it does offer a warning alert that can be silenced with high fevers. I love the silence feature for infants so not to alert them to a beeping. You can see all of its features here!

Now is the time to stock back up if you have not already! Consider these 2 brands for safe and effective additions to your medication cabinets and be as prepared as you can be for common illnesses that may pay your family a visit this year.

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