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Bang Bang Shrimp Easy Recipe

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Let me start by saying that I do not eat shrimp! I am proud of how this recipe turned out despite never having cooked with raw seafood! Because it turned out fantastic and my husband and boys loved it (well, the teenager was sick and took a bite or two then stared at it too sick to eat) I will have to cook this more often. I even plan on being able to taste it myself by using chicken breast one day instead of shrimp. It was so easy and I used the recipe from this Feeding Big post and just added or changed some things a tad.
I advise you get everything ready and prepared because towards the end it all starts to cook fast. Prepare your sauce first and set aside, make your sides or at least get them in the oven cooking away. Have your table set and waiting for this heavenly dish.
Thank you Feeding Big for the inspiration for this recipe!
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