Back to school planners for Teachers and Students

Back to school planners for Teachers and Students

We are entering another school year. Last year was the first full year post-COVID and it was a crazy, busy school year! I kept organized and then things would get disorganized so I had to stop and reorganize over and over again. That is the work life of a high school bookkeeper and ASB Secretary. I LIVE out of my planners! I keep an open calendar for district dates but my agenda is for the Athletics and ASB events scheduling. I am using The Happy Planner – 2022 Modern Wild Classic. I loved this quote and design.

The Happy Planner has so many designs and organizational products and planners for teachers, students, employees and parents. For 2022, The Happy Planner is featuring Monday-Friday design dated specifically for the school year, as well as horizontal box spaces and checklists. If your schedule is always different then they have undated planners to create your own day by day scheduling.

Look at these 2022 – 2023 designs below. What a great gift for students and teachers to start their year off right! I love the disc binding in my planner. When my desk gets out of control with forms and other papers and receipts, I can spot my planner easily. On every page, the spaces in the monthly calendar, checklists and notes are always the perfect size for notes and my handwriting.

Get organized in 22/23 with the planners, stickers, boards and more at The Happy Planner online shop and they are also available on Amazon.

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I think the”The Happy Planner” book is important for students and teachers. They both need to make plans fro teaching and learning They can come to by reading it.

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