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Back to school parents and kids fashion from Little Bipsy

Back to school parents and kids fashion from Little Bipsy

Just north of me in a town called Edmonds, Wa is a brick and mortar shop called Little Bipsy. They started online and eventually opened their storefront and fed into other retailers as well. Little Bipsy is a modern apparel line for children and they also include some adult sizes as well. I am in love with their modern and comfortable designs that are so hard to find elsewhere. My youngest is a teen, but I remember that no matter how hard I tried to find classic, yet modern touches that it was impossible. His clothes were trucks and monsters and they were so thin and basic. I wish Little Bipsy existed when he was younger.

I was able to sample the adult waffle jogger and top line. The feel is a soft, thermal-like knit and the fit is perfect. I would not order a size up at all from your normal size. Right away, I could see and then feel the quality and I want to stay in these all day. I love a good pair of joggers to relax in and that are modern enough to toss on some tennis shoes and run errands in because they look as great as they feel. 

The collections from Little Bipsy include – Core Collection, Black Cherry + Spice Cider Collection, Marble Collection, Kiwi + Strawberry Collection and the Adult + Mini collections. Find great fall colors in modern comfortable knits for baby to Dad and everyone in between.

It gets cold here in the PNW for fall and into winter so having knits that will keep kids warm but still fun to wear should be in every child’s closet. Little Bipsy is your brand for such pieces. Shop their kids fashion for back to school!

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