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Back To School Guide 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Back to School Guide

Back to School Guide 2018

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest” – Benjamin Franklin

They are heading back to school! Fun in the sun and vacations are coming to an end! Are you prepared? Do you have a buy list to complete still? Have the kids style and sizes changed? Is one off to college and you have no clue what you may be forgetting to buy or discuss with them? I hope I can help you out with topics, reviews and some fun below!

*If you are a brand, contact Erin at erinnsluka(at)gmail(dot)com to get your product featured!

Keep checking back as there are more posts added several days a week through summer and fall!


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Debbie Welchert

I am so not ready for my grandchildren to go back to school. But here we are again, it’s that time of year and they look forward to going back to school. I love the LampyPets lamp. My youngest grandson would love it. What a great list you put together… Thanks so much!

Molli Taylor

luckily we dont have to buy “supplies” for back to school, but i just want my kids to stay home with me!

Betsy Pauzauskie

My Grandchildren go back to school soon. With our 3 daughters’ families living in Texas, Missouri and Spain I feel lucky to have all 7 Grandchildren to be with beginning Tuesday and lasting through August 16th! They are of diverse ages (4 months through 16 years) and live in different states &/or countries AND they are such a JOY to be with! I like to help purchase their school clothes (some of which are uniforms and some of which are regular clothing items depending on each child.) Their parents take care of buying their classroom supplies, as well as sports/cheer/orchestra/dance… Read more »

Betsy Pauzauskie (@BetsyPauzauskie)

As a Grandparent I enjoy buying back to school clothing for our 7 growing Grandchildren! I also am on the look out for special items they might want. Supplies are gotten by their parents, as are orchestra/sport/cheer/dance/etc. items. It’s exciting supporting their educational goals and activities as they grow!

Lusine Naljayan

It’s that time of the year again back to school. My son going to be in kindergarten and I’m very excited to see him learn more.

Brittany Routhier

Lucky I’ve got a long while before baby girl starts school

Machell Duke

I only have one kid left at home and luckily she will be homeschooling this year so not much to buy.

Robin Wright

I’m hoping to homeschool my littles since I’ll be a sahm, so maybe I’ll get to bypass all of the school shopping frustration. Haha.

Jillian Burton

Back to school shopping is so stressful! It’s my least favorite part of back to school! But I have a 1st grader this year and he’s so excited!

Denise Low

Thank you for sharing. My grandkids go back to school next week. They can hardly wait to get to see their friends again. They are all set with all of their supplies.

Donna L Holder

There are so many great products here

Donna L Holder

It’s gone to fast. Winter is just around the corner .Iam not looking forward to it. Poor kids.

Sue E

My grandkids go back to school next week and I am definitely apprehensive about it! When I went to school, we were taught about Stranger Danger! But kids nowadays have to not only worry about Stranger Danger, but of their fellow classmates packing weapons!! Something has to be done so a kid can be a kid and not worry about stuff like this!!