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Back to School Cleaning with Grandma’s Secret Products

I was sent samples for feature

Back to School Cleaning with Grandma’s Secret Products

Once upon a time, a family was going through Grandma’s attic and uncovered her secret cleaning recipe she used on Grandpa’s cloths and once shared with some friends and neighbors when they caught on to how well her product worked. It remained hidden and now it has been found and bottled back up for all of us to use and safely clean clothing, backpacks, shoes and more! This is Grandma’s Secret Products including her famous spot remover.


These 2 products belong in everyones laundry room! The Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover and Laundry Spray can tackle just about any stain you can think of. The products are environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and contains no chlorine or phosphates.

See how well it cleans my 10 year olds hoes he wore all summer!

For the sneaker cleaner you just give it a few sprays – a few brush strokes and watch your sneakers come back to life. Safe on Rubber, Canvas & Leather!

shoe cleaner

Visit the product page to see all of the available products and where you can purchase your Grandma’s Secret spot removers.

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