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Falling for Baby Infant and Toddler Product Roundup

I have partnered wit the following brands for this feature. This post contains affiliate links. Any opinions are my own

Falling for Baby Infant and Toddler Product Roundup

This season we are Falling for Baby! The following brands have great, new products that help us make parenting your infant and toddler easier. My youngest is 10 and I would be lying if I wasn’t tempted to be a new parent all over again. The new products that keep on coming are so brilliant. I am enamored how much thought and common sense is incorporated into main products like mattresses, diaper bags and toys! Enjoy this Infant and Toddler Product Roundup.

At Parenting Healthy I have featured many of these brands before. I also have some new brands I have partnered up with.

Take a look and leave a comment with any thoughts, tips for new parents and if you have or use any of these items from the baby and toddler product roundup. I’d love to hear about it!

Mam Training Cup

The MAM Trainer Bottle is an easy transition from bottle to cup. The mouth is wide for pouring liquids with ease and the handles are wide and easy to grip. No leaks (I tested it myself) and it comes in blue or pink. Retails $6.99

A word from MAM: MAM combines technological innovation, medical function and contemporary design to develop superior baby care products that support a baby’s development from day one.

MAM Website * Facebook * Amazon

The Traveling Bib + Spoon is great for every diaper bag! Simply feed baby as normal with the bib and spoon and when done you fold the bib into the food catcher wit the spoon and zip up. Washes easily too. Retails for $15

A word from functional everyday baby essentials with a difference Website * Facebook* Amazon

little green baby

The Little Green products are Safe. Gentle. Pure. Hypoallergenic formulas; Allergen, Paraben, Sulfate and Gluten Free; Clinically & Dermatologist Tested. You will find bath and hair products for baby, kids, lice prevention and gift sets.

A word from Little Green: I am thrilled to have brought Little Green to life. Delicate formulas that respect children and the environment they will grow up in. Collections parents can trust.

Little Green Website * Facebook * Amazon


Covered Goods is the original 4-in-1 nursing cover. It not only covers up while nursing, it also can be used as carseat cover, infinity scarf and shopping cart cover. It is the winner of multiple awards and has been seen in many media outlets. I love all the design choices. How fantastic it is to do so much with one product! They retail for $34.99.

Covered Goods has video tutorials that makes using their covers so easy in any way you wish.

Covered Good Website * Facebook * Amazon

Why had no one thought of this sooner? PopYum like a shaker bottle for formula. Like you carry your shakes to-go, you can now fill the bottle with water (or breast milk), add the formula and when ready to feed you press the button to release the plug and the formula drops. Shake it up and you can start feeding. You can do this all with one hand too! No more juggling baby while grabbing powder and mixing! They come in 5oz and 9oz sizes. They start at $12.99 in price.

A word from PopYum: When designing the PopYum bottle we set a number of goals including: it must be made of the safest material, easy to use with a single hand, have a more natural latch, be anti-colic, have a wide mouth design, and have only a few parts to assemble and clean. We are thrilled that we were able to create, what we believe, is a great baby bottle.

Website * Facebook * Buy Now

OK! This one is for Mom and Dad because we need that hot beverage on-the-go to keep up with baby (don’t worry there is more on their site for kids too)! The GoSili Silicone Coffee and Tea To-Go Cup is a favorite of mine and will make getting through cold morning sports games much more delightful. Because everything else thrown into the diaper bag is soft and pliable, so can your coffee cup be soft and silicone as well. It’s a great alternative to plastic to-go cups. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as easy to clean!

A word about gosili/silikids: GoSili combines need-based innovation with the technological advantages of silicone, offering an alternative to plastic tableware found in and out of the kitchen  by creating  products for families that are safe, modern and made entirely out of silicone. The company is dedicated to building a social movement and creating a cultural shift away from toxic and unsustainable plastic wares by providing the alternative to them.

Website * Facebook * Amazon

kTan diaper bag

I first found the BabyK’Tan brand by their swaddle blankets because I loved the fabric and patterns, but did you know they also have diaper and weekender bags? I have the diaper bag and my favorite feature is the antimicrobial pocket. Believe it or not, I haven’t seen this kind of pocket in a diaper bag and it is brilliant for wet clothes to keep separate and it is odor proof too!

A word from BabyK’Tan: A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of every Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is allocated to the American Heart Association and to help fund education, medical research, advocacy programs, and promotion of awareness and inclusion for individuals and families living with Down syndrome.

Website * Facebook * Amazon


When you start packing you start by organizing by family member then utilize the few pockets in the suitcase and travel bags to give everything it’s own spot. Once you arrive to the hotel or sit down on that plane, you unzip that bag and realize that it won’t be but hours until everything is turned upside down. I began using bags to separate items for my 10 year old and even my own self. It makes it so easy to find items and keep them contained when you need to stay organized in small spaces. Easy Baby Travelers has many fun prints in travel bags and diaper bag organizers like these to make packing a breeze.

A word from Easy Baby Travelers: Separate and organize your baby/toddler supplies into their matching Easy Baby Traveler. Place your Easy Baby Travelers in any bag you want to call a diaper bag. Baby just ate? Now going on a quick lunch with your little and your girlfriends? Just take your Easy Baby Change Me Traveler, and leave the bulky diaper bag behind!

Website * Facebook

Newton Mattress pad

What is/was your nightly fear as a new Mom? By far, it was baby sleeping safely! You sleep with one eye and ear open and do your multiple ‘breathing’ checks. You need your sleep and baby needs safe sleep so now we have the Newton Baby crib mattress and pad. You can use the pad on an existing mattress or start fresh with the actual Newton mattress. Not only do you get the Breathe-Thru Spacer Material in 2 layers, it is easy to wash and has a TPU Waterproof Lining also!

A word from Newton Baby: We know that your baby’s safety comes first and we also know how much you want to give them the right start in life. As experts in the area of sleep, we know just how important good sleep is for both of you. This is why we have devoted our time and expertise to creating a crib mattress that is not only safer, but also more comfortable.

Website * Facebook * Buy on Amazon

For some fun movements and sensory play these Fun Z Balls from Edushape are a hit. Each ball has a different shape and feel. They roll plan or funny and they’ll never know they are learning while playing!

A word from Edushape: Edushape playthings have an immediate appeal to the visual, the auditory and the tactile. They encourage creativity and imagination and invite parents to enter their child’s inner world through the memories of their own childhood. It is through play that children learn to explore their feelings and discover their relationship to everything around them. 

Website * BuyBuyBaby * Amazon

On-the-go has never been so easy with this portable high chair from ciao!baby. It comes in a carry bag and there is no assembly needed. This is great for parks, traveling to family dinners and BBQ’ or camping. They come in many fun colors and have umbrella add-ons. So sturdy and brilliant!

A word from ciao!baby: Why ciao! baby?

  • makes a great shower gift
  • unlike any other folding chair
  • convenient to carry, stores in a bag, and an ideal portable highchair for outdoor use
  • ideal for children up to three years old

Website * Facebook * Amazon

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Qhouse kids

Thank you so much for this post! Very helpful for this soon-to-be mama. This is done really well – I appreciate the work you put in, I imagine it wasn’t easy.